Chicago Indian Wedding Photographer


Chicago Indian Wedding Photographer

Indian Wedding Photography is not an easy subject and interviewing Indian wedding photographer in Chicago can be a tough task. Regardless of if you are hiring Shan Photography or another studio, you should check these questions for perfect Indian wedding photographer for your precious day.

1.How many Indian weddings have you shot? 

This is a great question to get an idea of how much experience your photographer has in Indian wedding Photography. Shooting for 20 Years are not a good gauge of experience because some Chicago Indian wedding photographers may work part time, and they don’t have experience with Indian wedding photography in Chicago. Shan photography is shooting Indian wedding photography for last 20 years and specialized in Indian weddings only.

 2.How many Indian Weddings will you photograph that weekend? 

Some Photographers take multiple assignments and they don’t have proper resources to cover it. One Master wedding photographer shooting 2-3 weddings on a same weekend, can’t cover in detail and hence you will not get good service.

 3.Style & Personality 

First and foremost question is the style of photography that you like. If you are seeking photojournalism Shan Photography is the best Indian Wedding Photography in Chicago with blend of fashion and fine arts. Hiring an Indian wedding photographer Chicago who has knowledge of Indian traditions will be more appropriate choice.

 4.Business insurance?  

All Professional wedding photographers should have the proper insurance for their business. So if his equipment stolen or something happened at the event liability protection will cover up. Most of the part time Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago don’t have business insurance, so you have to be very careful because most of the hotels need insurance.

5.Number of Photographers & Assistants

Indian Weddings are generally larger in Guests so it’s better to have two Photographers or assistant with proper knowledge of traditions and skill. One Main photographer cannot cover completely Indian wedding photography.

6.What happens if the photographer is ill?

While it is unlikely that the photographer happens to get ill on your wedding day, there is still a chance. Shan Photography has multiple trained photographers who can cover in case someone is sick.

7.Editing & color corrections?

Is the Studio is giving you unedited images straight from the camera or they are providing you edited images with color correction, brightness and contract. Lot of Chicago Indian Wedding Photographers generally don’t color correct image, or will only color correct selected photos from your Event. They will give you thousands of images but not corrected. Shan Photography has their own Photoshop designers in house. We select 500- 700 & color corrects & edit them.

8.Camera, Lenses, lighting equipment & backups?

We uses canon 5D Mark III & all prime lenses (L series) from Canon. Make sure your Chicago Indian wedding photographer has at least the following items along with backups

9.Engagement Session Photography Chicago

It’s Better If you do Chicago Engagement Session Photography that way couple can get some nice shots and get some time to have fun. That way you can get nice pictures in Chicago City with different outfits and locations. Generally Wedding day is very hectic and you don’t get enough time to shoot images and different locations.You are dealing with so many guests and vendors on the wedding day so in that stressful atmosphere it’s very hard to for Chicago Indian wedding photographer to get Good photographs with your emotions.

10.When will the proofs, album, Deliver?

Every Indian Wedding Photographer studio takes their own time to deliver Edited and color correction. Some wedding photographer tell that they will deliver in 2 weeks but they don’t edit the images. Shan Photography generally takes 4-6 weeks to deliver proofs and albums.


Your Wedding day and memories are very important in your life and cannot be retake. Price is always an important factor while selecting your Indian wedding photographer Chicago. Sometime bride do make a selection based on price instead of quality which turns out to be bad decision at the end.

Shan Photography is based in Chicago offering Indian wedding photography in Chicago and nationwide.

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