Wedding Photography vs. Wedding Photojournalism


During recent years, there are drastically changes noticed in photography. When you`ll select photography for capturing any memorable moment of life like marriage and other parties the, you`ll definitely bewilder which photography is better for capturing your long term moment of life. There are many styles of wedding photography that professionals are shooting in today era. Most of people want to unique style and glamour in their photography which they see in magazines and movies. They often don`t know exactly what is called this style and how can photographer add fascinating in any photo with their adept in photography. Experience and professional photographer can make the attractive and tempt look to your photography like magazines photos. While some other people like traditional style of photography.

Example of Traditional Photography Style

Traditional Photography Style


There are two most common methods of photography like traditional and photojournalism type of photography. While similar equipment’s are used in both type of photography, there are significant change in the technology and approach of photography because there are many high definition cameras are used in photography in which you can use the many lens for getting the sharpness in the photos.

In traditional photography, photographer engages the efforts for making the concentrates on pose portrait and rarely capture the candid moment of object with cameras. The quality of traditional photography is judged and managed by sharpness of photo, skin tone and use the background which will add the fascinating in any photo. Most of traditional photography is recognize due to the standard of photo.

Example of Traditional Indian Wedding Photography Style

Traditional Indian Photography Style


The more glamour’s or modern style of photography is called the photojournalism. This unique style of photography is also called documentary photography. While a similarity exists in the traditional photography and photojournalism among the approaches, the main style of expectation is extremely different in both style of photography. Traditional photography is portrait oriented while photojournalism is a candid oriented process of photography. The main goal of photojournalism is to take the picture while people are not aware about that they are being photographed. By blending with the crowd, a photojournalist is able to capture the action as it unfolds – the true emotions, the real expressions, the happiness and joy. Instead of the traditional formal portraits and posed photos during photography, this approach produces a more intimate, artistic take on a wedding. Photos will reflect a fleeting, imposed moment that conveys the emotions of the day.

Photojournalism means to capture the real and visual image of object. Visual perception of experience and professional will add the unique charm to your photographs andyou will end with up emotional and artistic photos capturing the very essence of your wedding day. The Album will resemble a storybook, rather than just be a series of posed portraits.

Example of Difference Between Photography & Photojournalism

Difference Between Photography & Photojournalism

If you love photojournalism, it is still a good idea to choose the photographer who grasp the value and certain aspects of traditional photography and who have immense years of experience about traditional photography. The photographer will gently coax with situation, and with a little guidance and interaction with their subject, get the shot that has the look and feel of a candid, photojournalistic shot, but the integration beauty of a traditional one. A few familiar poses, mixed in with the glamorous photojournalism, can also satisfy the desire for traditional portrait style poses that many people grew up with without taking away from the overall photojournalist style.

The majority of photographs will also include the portrait and fashion photography. They want a picture with their parents, family, bridal party even though they also want photojournalistic coverage of their day. You're not barred or realistically exempt from getting these posed photos. Photojournalism adds the beauty and fascinating in photos with two DSLR, multiple pro lenses, speed light and power battery and proper memory for covering the large amount of photographs. Wedding photography doesn't require the flagship, but good gear doesn't hurt either. If you can't afford a Canon 5D or Nikon D700, opt for their cheaperbrethren. Whatever DSLR you use and always use the best lenses you can afford. Good glass will seriously improve image quality and enable you to address more situations creatively.

It is common method to all those who want to relish the both method of photography. The reasons are simple: it’s a good time for portraits because everyone is looking their best, and on the other hand the bride and groom want to remember their wedding day the way it really happened.

Photojournalism photography adds the beauty in your photos. I ensure that when you will see the photos of your wedding in further life then you will relish the moments and refresh the memory of the weeding in your mind. So, I personally recommend to my clients about photojournalism because there are new technologies used in photojournalism and you can enhance the personality of yourself with the sharp and glamour’s look of your photographs. Because you should run with the modern era, so you can capture any crucial or funny moment of your weddings.

Picture of Multi-Culture Weddings in Chicago

Picture of Multi-Culture Weddings in Chicago

I have captured many weddings Indian/ Muslims/ Pakistani weddings in my cameras in which there are many funny created in these marriages. Like an Indian marriage, in which many funny moments are created which are difficult to capture these moments with traditional photography because you cannot focus on objects. Ribbon cutting process is main vital ritual and one type of funny moment in which sister in law of groom mock with him. Photojournalism photography can capture this moment with full proficiency and preserve your funny memory of life for the further life. Only professional and expert photographer can click these fabulous moments and add the charm in the photography.

I understand that professional lenses are expensive, but their build, image quality and situational versatility can't be beat. Additionally, they're more of a long-term investment unlike DSLRs because they aren't replaced every 18 months. However, if pro lenses are outside your permanent ownership reach, renting and borrowing are still viable options.

When you will choose any professional cameras for capturing the happy moment of your life it doesn`t mean that it will capture your wedding with proper sharpness because sharpness of your photographs depend upon the experience of your photographer. There are many essential methods have to follow for getting the positive result from your cameras. Initially you should check the experience of your photographer regarding to enhance your experience in photography. After that you can relish the experience of education with sharpness and charm moment.

That`s how I elaborate you the difference between weeding photography and wedding photojournalism and I also share my experience of photography which will definitely learn you about more new things of photography.