Hiring a professional photographer for a wedding is the most common thing that everyone does in order to store and save the candid moments and memories, keeping it close to your heart. But have you ever given a thought on why only photographers and why not videographers? Wouldn’t it be great to watch your wedding film with some special effects, making it look even more romantic and heart melting, with the whole family, after years? Have you ever looked out for a Chicago’s best Indian wedding videographer? Have you ever come across the Chicago best Indian wedding video films?  Have you watched the bride and the groom kiss for the first time? Have you watched the bride walking down the aisle with her father? Though there must be years that would have passed by but the special effects printed on the blu ray disc gives a magic look to the videos that touches your heart. So why not give it a shot for the next wedding event of your sister or anyone in your family?

Capturing images can be done by anyone anytime. But for a professional and Chicago’s best Indian wedding videography, you should probably hire a professional videographer.  Though the videography and filming might add up to the budget list of the wedding, you will surely be happy with the results in the end. There are various numerous reasons on why you should probably hire a wedding videographer and why not a photographer. Following are some of the simplest one for making it easier for you to decide while utilizing the services of the videographers and photographers.

Capturing candid and special moments: there must be some moments that would be so candid and heart touching that it will pass in just a few seconds. The photographers are not that expert in capturing moments that passes by in just a fraction of seconds. You can always rely on the videographers for such moments and you can be assuring of everything getting recorded, for you to cherish the moments in the future even after ages. The high definition and stunning film that are recorded by the videographers will make you live the moment all again every time you watch the movie or the video.

There might be moments that must have been really special but that due to so many things happening around, you must have missed it or it would have just got erased temporarily from your mind. Having a wedding videographer in the wedding for shooting and recording all the moments will only make you sit back and hold the memories close to your heart even after decades have passed. The subtle, candid, lovely, cherish able moments will all be captured live in the videos. You will never forget each and every moment of your wedding and even if you think you have forgotten the minute details from your wedding, you can come back and play the video to watch and live the moment all again.

Live sound effects in the videos: this is one of the best things in the videos you will ever have. Watching a movie is different and watching a live video is entirely different. When the video is about the wedding, the wedding videographers ensure that you re-live the moments every time you play it with the same sound effects. You will not be hearing any artificial or pre-set music while the wedding I son. You will probably be able to list to your ‘I do’s” by playing the video. Wouldn’t it give you a butterfly feel every time you hear it? The laughs of the family members, the cries of the bride, the happy and assuring “I do” of the bride and the groom, everything will be heard as such in the videos. Though there are editing’s that are done for making the video look interesting, the background music is also added and whenever necessary the live sound is recorded and played on the scenes. Living the wedding vows all again every time you listen to it. Isn’t it interesting?

Have the memories close to your heart: the photographs are sometimes torn and they also get lost sometimes. The memories fade and you tend to forget things with each passing day. But the wedding films shot and recorded by the wedding videographers are all candid and you will cherish them till the end of your life or until you have the disc for playing it. You can have the memories close to your heart and you can watch it with your husband or family and relive the moment every time you miss those days. Not just for you, it will also be a cherishable memory or a treasure for watching the wedding all live even after ages have passed. You can also make your children watch it and thus build a bond connecting the past and the present taking it all together to the future.

No regrets and no hard feelings: you will really be happy with the results and you will ever cherish those moments ever in their lives. You will never regret having this in your wedding and when you walk down the memory lane after a decade or so, you can watch it, cherish the joy and the splendid moments that you lived with your love during the wedding.