What we carry in our bag- Best Camera & Lenses for the Perfect Wedding Shoot

Nowadays, wedding photography is becoming a famous business, and there are numerous professional wedding photographers available in the market that capture the wedding shoot in a different style.

Indian wedding photographer

When talking about Indian weddings, it’s an amazing thing to capture, because Indian weddings are full of emotions, rituals, traditions, and fun moments. Well, if you are looking for a professional Indian wedding photographer in Los Angeles city, then no worry Shan Photography team comes first. We are experienced Indian wedding photographers who have deep knowledge of Indian wedding culture which assists us to have all the traditional moments to be captured and we don’t miss any. 

Indian wedding photography

Also, the famous team of Shan Photography is well-known because of the perfect wedding shoot. Some people ask me what types of cameras we use to have these perfect shots. So, in this article, we will discuss the gears and tools that we most use for the amazing wedding pictures.

Gears, Camera, and tools our Photography team use for wedding shoot:

In the market, there is a wide range of gear & accessories available for photography. Moreover, it becomes very important to recognize the things that assist a wedding photographer to create a good outcome. Shan Photography team members have great skills and make a list of things that every photographer can make use of to do wonderful wedding photography. Following is the list that shows what equipments we use for wedding photography: 

Camera Bags

Shan Photography team always carries a camera bag that assists to protect the camera body, lenses, gears, memory cards, cleaning kit, and other related tools. And, we feel comfortable while carrying the bag as well as that it is not too heavy. The reason behind this is that a heavy bag will become comfortable to carry when full of tools. Also, it might become an obstruction to us while shooting. 

A high-quality camera

In the current scenario, this would have referred to top-end film SLR (Single-lens reflex) cameras. And, there are numerous options in the market that helps you to make a decision that’s the best option for you.

a) The major camera – 

The best quality DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) can create excellent image quality as well as have the capacity of making good shots in a few lights. The prime thing to have a DSLR camera for a wedding is that it has a high ISO (International organization for Standardization) range, high quality of image, stabilization, live-view LCD(Liquid crystal display), and many more benefits. However, a high-quality grade DSLR is capable to bite into the budget, while will return its ultimate quality of pictures if you use it well.

b) Having an extra camera – 

It is a reality that numerous experienced wedding photographers guarantee on the requirements for a back-up camera. Well, there are several reasons for this. The prime one is that sometimes your major camera might not work properly, or all batteries going on dead, therefore at that situation it becomes too uncomfortable to handle thus you might even necessitate an extra body for an additional lens that you wish to use often.

Also, the extra camera can be a film camera, or an ultimate digital camera, a DSLR, or a mirrorless compressed structure. Shan photography team uses the mirrorless compacts because it delivers DSLR-like quality as well as handbook functions with point-and-shoot portability.


The next thing after the camera for a wedding is lenses, they are just as important as the cameras themselves. Well, numerous photographers favor their own choices of lenses. However, the most generally used kinds of lenses are:

a) Average to long zoom, AF (Auto Focus), stabilized lenses with speedy apertures: 

Well, these categories of lenses are considered the number one usage of lenses and also as the prime source to have wages for a wedding photographer. However, these are kind of heavy on the wallet, though the amazing thing is that it is well significant to take the quality image. 

b) Rigid focal length fast prime lenses: 

These types of lenses are very quick in aperture & AF, deliver an outstanding low-light presentation as well as provide a good background blur & depth of field. Though, they cannot go fast & hence incomplete in the application. These lenses have high grades, and inexpensive 35mm & 50mm f/1.8 primes are well-known in Canon, Nikon & many third-party line-ups.

Vertical Grips & Battery Grips: 

Vertical Grips are generally used for capturing portraits and also another vertical shot. Whereas, battery grips are also extended the camera up-time with extra batteries.

Extra batteries: 

Shan Photography’s professional wedding photographers always have extra batteries at hand. The reason behind this is that numerous wedding shoots are likely to last for more than 10 hours at an Indian wedding. Also, the number of shots can exceed approximately 1000. Wedding shoots with flash as well as live-view can put even more force on the battery. Thus, it is optimum that there are some extra batteries in case the prime one doesn’t work. 

To sum up, there are numerous wedding photographers available in the market who buys numerous expensive cameras and lenses without knowing its functionality. Therefore, we at Shan Photography do not mainly focus on buying expensive gears but we believe to perform better and deliver the ultimate wedding shoot as per the customers’ choices.

If you have any queries you can contact us at any time. And, for the ultimate Indian wedding shoot. Hire our professional wedding photographers.