How to set your budget for Wedding Photography?

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Well, Over the years that we’ve been photographing weddings, what Shan photography has come to realize is that most prospective clients who reach out to us have no idea where to start when it comes to finding the photographer best suited to their wedding or how much it should cost. Shan photography considered the best Indian wedding photography ever.

Thus, some don’t bat an eyelid when they hear approximate budgets from us while others have been astounded. And, what it boils down to is that there is no industry standard or even a right/wrong answer. So, it all depends on two factors – one, how much emphasis as well as a priority you place on wedding photography; and, two, how much you have allocated towards the photography & cinema cost.

Cheap does not mean Value-For-Money

Well, there is no dearth of wedding photographers today. And, a huge variety of services are available at different price points. Thus, if you don’t decide on a budget, then you will be confused with the sheer number of photographers available in the market. And, we’re sure that you can find a photographer for any price range that you set. However, bear in mind that cheap and quantity will not always mean quality.

And, it might be tempting to hire someone who seems to offer a lot in very less, remember that you get what you pay for. Though this is not a guarantee, you can generally assume that a more expensive photographer would have more experience, and be better known (brand name), has a reputation as a professional and be more reliable. Also, those are qualities worth paying for. However, this doesn’t mean that more reasonable photographers lack talent, dedication or professionalism. Therefore, in a roundabout way, we are saying that there are good photographers in every possible budget like us. And, it all depends on how highly you prioritize your wedding photography and cinema.

Moreover, bear in mind that you are not only hiring someone to capture your precious moments however also investing in the expertise and experience they will offer while shooting your wedding story. And, your wedding pictures are kind of a big deal! It is unquestionably important to find a photographer in your budget. However, it is also equally important to finding someone who will capture your wedding day with respect and love. So, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a less experienced photographer, so long as they match your vision for your day. Therefore, choose wisely Indian wedding photographers so that you will hire a professional photographer within your budget.

Before start Indian Wedding Photography take a look at basic tips

If you are a beginner and looking for comprehensive wedding photography tips? Books are useless and personal consultations will cost you more than $400 per day?

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Therefore, Shan Photography the best Indian wedding photographer San Jose offers you useful tips for wedding photography to become a top wedding shooter in your area.

Put mutually a Shot List

Well, every photographer has a set of successful wedding photography poses; however, always ask your clients if they have their own ideas on how they would like to be photographed.

Thus, if the couple wants to have individual pictures with some guests, then you must know about it as well as realize how to organize everything in the best way possible.

Find a Wedding Family Photo Coordinator

Secondly, the most stressful section of the photoshoot is the family photo. And, people are running around, you are not acquainted with anyone, also visitors are in a ‘festive spirit’ often encouraged by a few drinks, for an outsider, so it looks like a chaotic mess.

Hence, ask the couple to name a responsible person from each side who will be helping you organize the merry crowd for a pleasant shot. And, this works great because the couple can enjoy their celebration plus, the assigned person is more familiar with the rest of the invited.

Explore the Location Beforehand

So, if it isn’t familiar to you, go there earlier and try to plan where the light and background will benefit the dress, rings, and newlyweds separately, or with their family members.

Ideal if you do your investigation a few days prior to the event, with a calm mind and plenty of time.

Know Your Gear Inside Out

Next, before the event check wedding photography camera settings, study and test available modes. Make sure that all options and functions work properly.

Always Have a Back-Up Camera

Moreover, you can purchase a cheaper camera model or rent the camera body if buying new is too expensive. And, it may feel like you’re literally chopping off a large part of your profit for no reason until one day this actually saves you.

Change Lenses While Wedding Shooting

Moving further, the biggest section in any wedding photography guide is on natural and real emotional shots. Hence, noticing that the newlyweds look stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera, switch to a longer lens (like 200mm) to move a bit further away.

Also, intimidated in your company, they will feel immediate relief and behave naturally. And, cropping the extra is nothing compared to working around fake smiles.

Hire an Assistant

Further, a great difference between professional and amateur wedding photography is the ability of the former to afford to pay an assistant to arrange the lights, also perform tests and even shoot anything you are missing behind your back.

Work together with a colleague so that he/she helps with your clients and you do the same with his/hers; a great way to share the experience.

Get to Know the Couple

Importantly, the key to the best wedding photoshoots is to get acquainted with the future newlyweds. So, work out some questions for them, the answers may inspire you for certain shots or a photo-story.

Set Expectations

Plus, one of the crucial wedding photography tips is to figure out precisely what your clients want. Thus, show them examples of your portfolio, pinpoint which specific moments are to be covered fully, the picture quantity they expect, how the photos should be delivered (printed or not). And, take time to settle all technical aspects and the total price. 

In a short limited time, tips to take Bridal Portraits

Well, if you’ve shot even one Indian wedding and you know how chaotic and unpredictable they are. Also, if there’s anything we have learned in a decade of shooting weddings, it’s that anything can happen on a wedding day. However, even the best-planned timelines can run late. 

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Importantly, the sweet one hour that your bride promised you for her portraits could very well change to only 5 minutes. Then you can complain and blame the next person you see for putting a dent in your plans, and you can buck up and plan so that you deliver the amazing bridal portraits you promised your bride. So, after all, that’s what we’re here for right? Capturing beautiful images from the wedding that our couples and their families will cherish years from now, no matter what happens.

 Therefore, if you are working as Indian wedding photographer Huston, and want to become professional then, Shan Photography has broken down our game plan into simple tips to follow. Please, follow them calmly and we promise you will nail those portraits even if you have five minutes to get it done!

1 Get ready beforehand and recce the location thoroughly

Firstly, this one has a lot of moving parts, so we’ll get right to it. And, the basic is of course; while you’re waiting for the bride to get ready and you know this is a LOT of time so move around and recce the location for good spots. Also, keep in mind that the location you finalize should NOT be too far from where the bride is the reason is that if you have just five minutes, and then you don’t want to spend all of them walking over to the location and then getting only a minute for one shot.

2 Keep a few go-to poses in your mind

Whenever you know you don’t have much time in hand, you know it’s also definitely not the time to experiment with poses. So, don’t waste the time you do have to get your bride into some complicated set-up. Well, with time running out and stress levels running high, your job is to keep things simple and worry-free for your bride. Also, you don’t want to draw up a blank on directing her when she’s ready for her portraits. However, do get your basics done first.

3 Be clear and direct with your instructions

Next, if you only have a few minutes, know that the bride will also be in a hurry. Thus, be clear and precise with your instructions. And, tell your bride exactly how to want her to stand, where to place her hand, which direction to look in and what facial expression to go for. Also, be direct, but keep your tone relaxed and friendly. Importantly, your bride will be stressed enough as it is, and you don’t want to add to her tension. 

4 When in trouble, keep your bag of tricks handy

Next, see if there are any of the usual techniques that you can use for a portrait. So, are there any trees, tall plants or flowers around for a shoot-through image? And, have you been lucky with time and there’s an amazing sunset you can use for a silhouette shot? So, if it’s the middle of the day and the light is harsh, can you think of an interesting contrast image, plus or how about playing with shadows, or planning high-key shots with a large blank wall? 

Well, if nothing in your surroundings inspires you, then fall back on your bag of trinkets. And, we have always suggested that photographers keep a few things handy to add an element into a photograph if the location is not encouraging. Moreover, anything from battery powered fairy lights and shiny pom-poms to mirrors, lens balls, and prisms can do the trick. And, our bag of these little devices has always saved the day in a hot spot.

To sum up, if you want professional Indian wedding Photographer Huston city, then you must take a look at our tips for a bridal awesome shoot, we are pretty much sure you will get more help with these tips. 

Incredible difference between prior and current Indian Weddings

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Nowadays, Indian wedding photo has changed dramatically. Well, Shy brides and impassive grooms have all but vanished. And, in their place are beaming posers oblivious to what has become a daily accessory: the camera. 

Also, wedding photography is no longer just a photograph. And, it’s an intimate chronicle of the loud, colorful Indian wedding: from the poignant to the embarrassing, as of the ephemeral to the staged. Plus, the proliferation of the camera has turned stiff, dazed, even indifferent newly-weds into born posers who don’t hesitate to drape themselves over each other. However, this is the work of a decade; not 70 or 25 years. But, technology, not time, has been the catalyst: from Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook. 

If you doing work as a professional Indian wedding photographer San Francisco City, then you should be aware of the nowadays wedding photography trends and the photo poses of the bride and groom so that the couple should be liked by others on the Internet.

Numerous actions reveal the difference between the past and current wedding changes in India. Nowadays, no one needs to be asked to smile for the camera anymore. Well, so much so that Pavan Mahatta, a professional photographer, believes people are “more conscious” now than ever before. 

Moreover, in the technical era, people are more comfortable with the camera now, he agrees, but they are also always prepared for it. So, Cameras, after all, are a daily accessory now; and everyday moments (and meals) are already scattered across phones, laptops, and the cloud. Thus, this is the reason why weddings need special effort. Importantly, Instagrammed life has turned them into an opportunity for dramatic, stylized photography.

For the current wedding, photographers used to be thrifty because a roll of film was precious. And, the rest is attitude — there isn’t a moment that’s not worth capturing because, so if you try hard enough, you could perhaps capture them all.

Most popular things for current Indian wedding – Candid camera

Dayanita Singh said that “It’s not just about the wedding; it is an artist who has worked with photography for decades. And, so many other things are revealed. Also, it allows for all the human drama to be manifest. For that reason, it lends itself to a lot of photography.”

To sum up, if you want to become a professional as well as a successful Indian wedding photographer then firstly you should know about the difference between earlier and current Indian wedding shots, so that you may able to work professionally according to the updated wedding shoot.

Why Candid Wedding Photography is still a Favourable?

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A wedding happens only a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us. And, there is a lot of enjoyment and a lot of pressure at the same time and so one may miss some cherish-able moments. Therefore, this is why candid wedding photography is still a favourite across weddings in India as well as other countries too. Shan Photography is considered as the ultimate Candid wedding photographer and at the top wedding photographers in Chicago.

Take a look at our team of professional candid photography does:

Captures a moment in its essence

Shan’s Candid photography team captures all the moments as and when they happen. And, we capture all the candid moments that can be experienced by the bride, groom or the family just the way it happened. To exemplify, the bride and groom can feel the same emotions as they went through during that moment every time they look at the picture.

Tells a story

Next, our picture is truly worth a thousand words and many times more through a candid photographer’s lens. Our professional candid wedding photographer captures the story as it unfolds in reality. Also, the family can see the entire wedding and some of its most precious moments captured through a candid lens.

Captures fun moments

Moving further, from wedding shopping to making all the arrangements at a wedding is a process that can last for months. Well, the usually arduous job is a pretty thankless one as well. However, one can add some spice to the drab outings by getting a candid photographer to shoot the sometimes dull sometimes cheerful but always long days. So, looking back at our candid wedding pictures will surely bring a smile to your face.

Adds unique glam

Further, apart from the shopping and arrangements, a pre-wedding shoot at one or more pre-decided locations is becoming a necessary part of the wedding dos. Shan Photography’s expert candid photographer can add a touch of authenticity to these pictures without making them look staged.

Adds a zing to the destination wedding

In the modern world, all couples want to go for a cool destination wedding. And, the cool quotient of the destination wedding is only enhanced by getting a candid photographer with the ability to blend the moments with the destination.

 Thus, whatever your ideas for the wedding, our candid photographer is a must in your wedding checklist, because of the perfect shot as well as reasonable prices. Hence, make sure to be early with your bookings or you won’t get the best one, because you’re once in a lifetime event can be captured in a unique way and yet genuine manner by a craftsman candid photographer.