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Choose the Best Photographer in the list of Top Wedding Photographers

Well, Weddings are special, so are those life-changing and heart-warming moments. And, each moment of your wedding deserves to be captured and preserved. Because these memories will last you a lifetime as well as this is where photographs come into play. Well, no matter the occasion – pre-wedding shoot, Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi, wedding or reception – each affair is filled with lots of photographs. If you want the professional shot then Shan Photography is the best choice, who comes first in the list of Top wedding photographers in Chicago.

Top wedding photographers in Chicago

We at Shan Photography, a team of expert always follow some role and responsibilities at your wedding and take some flawless bride pose to make your shot memorable forever; some of the poses are as follows:

#1. A Victorious Smile

Shan photographer would say that this type of pose is one of the confident and charming photoshoots poses for girls. And, the bride along with the groom with happiness on the face shows confidence as well as makes a bold statement.

Further, her lovely smile is adding a dash of sweetness and gentleness to the pose. Thus, if you’re a bold and outgoing girl, then this pose is worth giving a try!

#2. Flaunt Your Accessories With A Tilted Back

Next, a bride is, unarguably, incomplete without wedding accessories. Well, Right from hair, head, ears and neck to wrists, fingers, arms, and even feet, a bride is adorned with jewelry. So, jewelry is so important, and then a pose showing off your bridal jewelry is a must.

In this pose, we capture the bride that is beautifully and gracefully showing off all the pieces of jewelry. So, if you too wish to capture yourself in all your glory, go for one of the cutest and perfect photoshoot poses for girls like this one from Shan expert photographer.

#3. Flaunt Your Curves With a Back Pose

Moreover, Sexy! Well, the type of bride’s sexy pose is enough to make anyone fall for her gorgeous curves. So, if you’re all about flaunting your curves, and then all you need is a backless or deep-neck blouse then put your hair in front of your shoulder on any side and you’re all set.

#4. Catch Some Rustic Vibes by Posing With A Rickshaw

Do you Love rustic themes? This pose, bride and groom’s pose in a rickshaw-turned-floral-carriage is giving off all the right kind of rustic vibes. Our professional wedding photographer captures this pose beautifully which looks excellent.

Moreover, with a duo-chrome background and vibrantly colored bride and groom in the floral carriage, this pose is a contender of couple pose goals! Also, you can think of this pose as the groom promising to do anything to bring a smile on the bride’s face.

#5. A Cute Candid As You Sit On The Doli

Further, who doesn’t love candids? Well, we do! However for those times whenever you think you might not be too good for the camera, you can fake a candid. So, the best part is that it is hard to tell the difference between an actual and fake candid!

In this pose, the bride’s candid is taking cuteness to another level already. So, if you’re looking for cute candid shots, then this is it!

Why Candid Wedding Photography is still a Favourable?

Top wedding photographers in Chicago

A wedding happens only a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us. And, there is a lot of enjoyment and a lot of pressure at the same time and so one may miss some cherish-able moments. Therefore, this is why candid wedding photography is still a favourite across weddings in India as well as other countries too. Shan Photography is considered as the ultimate Candid wedding photographer and at the top wedding photographers in Chicago.

Take a look at our team of professional candid photography does:

Captures a moment in its essence

Shan’s Candid photography team captures all the moments as and when they happen. And, we capture all the candid moments that can be experienced by the bride, groom or the family just the way it happened. To exemplify, the bride and groom can feel the same emotions as they went through during that moment every time they look at the picture.

Tells a story

Next, our picture is truly worth a thousand words and many times more through a candid photographer’s lens. Our professional candid wedding photographer captures the story as it unfolds in reality. Also, the family can see the entire wedding and some of its most precious moments captured through a candid lens.

Captures fun moments

Moving further, from wedding shopping to making all the arrangements at a wedding is a process that can last for months. Well, the usually arduous job is a pretty thankless one as well. However, one can add some spice to the drab outings by getting a candid photographer to shoot the sometimes dull sometimes cheerful but always long days. So, looking back at our candid wedding pictures will surely bring a smile to your face.

Adds unique glam

Further, apart from the shopping and arrangements, a pre-wedding shoot at one or more pre-decided locations is becoming a necessary part of the wedding dos. Shan Photography’s expert candid photographer can add a touch of authenticity to these pictures without making them look staged.

Adds a zing to the destination wedding

In the modern world, all couples want to go for a cool destination wedding. And, the cool quotient of the destination wedding is only enhanced by getting a candid photographer with the ability to blend the moments with the destination.

 Thus, whatever your ideas for the wedding, our candid photographer is a must in your wedding checklist, because of the perfect shot as well as reasonable prices. Hence, make sure to be early with your bookings or you won’t get the best one, because you’re once in a lifetime event can be captured in a unique way and yet genuine manner by a craftsman candid photographer.

BINAL & Pawan Indian Wedding Chicago- A beautiful Wedding Shot at Hyatt regency O’hare

Well, sometimes all you want is to be at the right place – at the right time, to meet your soulmate… Binal & Pawan’s unexpected meeting & their love story led to a big fat Indian wedding in Chicago!

Binal and Pawan’s dreamy palace wedding is everything fairytale – a grand wedding with gorgeous decor, lovely outfits and the most fabulous couple. Captured beautifully by the lenses of top Indian wedding photographer – Shan Photographer, this is a must-watch!

Let’s start with wrap up today’s featured wedding and let Binal & Pawan followed their way into their happily ever after! Following different events such as the Haldi ceremony, Barat, Speech by parents and by bride and groom, and so on, however, we are ending with the wedding festivities with a dreamy reception party organized inside the Hyatt Regency O’ Hare. Moreover, the team of a decorator, decor the hall which resulted in a magical and attractive setting that surprised us! Additionally, decibel amusement enlivened the night with the best mixture of Bollywood and Hollywood hits and made everyone had a great time while dancing the night away. The wedding night was full of enjoyment, glam, traditional flair, emotions and lots of dancing. And, Shan Photography captured all the perfect shot in natural as well as every special moment with amazing shots that reveals all their professionalism, ability and proficiency. So, no wonder if you want to have outstanding photos of your big day! Don’t wait, just head into today’s gallery to take a closer look at the most memorable as well as unique and perfect shots of this event. I’m sure; you are going to take pleasure in every bit of pictures!

Binal said “What my family and I liked about the team was their Attitude. Also, they didn’t have any demands and were there form the crack of dawn to the wee hours of the night.”


wedding photography 2

wedding photography 3

wedding photography 4

wedding photography 5

wedding photography 6


wedding photography 9

wedding photography 10

wedding photography 11

wedding photography 12

wedding photography 13

wedding photography 14

wedding photography 15wedding photography 7

wedding photography 16

wedding photography 17

wedding photography 18

wedding photography 19wedding photography 1

wedding photography 20

wedding photography 21

wedding photography 22

wedding photography 23

wedding photography 24

wedding photography 25

wedding photography 26

wedding photography 27

wedding photography 28

wedding photography 29

wedding photography 30

To sum up, Congress to Binal & Pawan and particular thanks from the team of an Indian wedding photographer (Shan Photography team) for sharing their lovely and beautiful wedding pictures with Shan Photography. 


Wedding planning seems not completed without Professional Photographer

A wedding day is the D-day everyone’s life, nobody wants their wedding day’s preparation has any default as they consider the day to be organized perfectly so that memorable to their entire life, at this situation without a wedding photographer all you preparations remains not fulfilled. Thus always hire a professional wedding photographer.

wedding photographer Chicago

Shan Photography has a team of expert wedding photographer Chicago City, who memorializes, what for many, is the happiest day of their lives. And, capturing irreplaceable moments and translating them into pictures is both a learned skill and an art form. Also, the accountability inherent in producing photographs commemorating the once-in-a-lifetime incident is enormous. But then so are the rewards. Hence, to be sure, generations will treasure your art form.

Moreover, with the various offers online, it can be really hard to choose which photographer offers the best package and the exact amount of professionalism needed for such a special occasion. Only Shan seems the ultimate choice at that time, not for a professional wedding shoot but also reasonable prices.

Why Shan is considered as the best wedding photographer Chicago city?

You should not worry! While selecting the best wedding photographer from the online list, because We at Shan Photography the best wedding photographer in Chicago, have expertise in this field of photography to distribute most favorable quality pictures, in both satisfied and creativity to our clients. And, our capturing the style of photography is that which focuses on naturalness instead of technique.

Also, your subject’s focus isn’t on the camera, however on their current task. Thus, we’re not talking about the photo album full of people looking at the camera and smiling here! Your subjects are unpresented and the shots are spontaneous. Shan Photography team has a miraculous ability to shoot pictures, which speak for themselves. Our team of experts captures the love, emotions, and passion of your most awaited day and crafts it into a beautiful story. Additionally, our company is a well-established firm and known as the best wedding photographer in Chicago.

 Apart from this, the photographer is an important part of your wedding and we at Shan studio not just only provide a lasting record of the people, events, and emotions but also an integral part of the structure and organization of the day. Also, we are the photographers, who can work quickly and easily and who you feel is someone you can rely on, can make a big impact on your enjoyment of your wedding day.


Shan photography services have the following features which make it special:


  • The impulsiveness of the shot
  • Capturing authentic emotions
  • Recording of ordinary expressions
  • Lively pictures

To recapitulate, now make your wedding story unique without getting interfered with the help of our best wedding photography! Shan photography professional wedding photographer teams are ready to assist you!