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Why Indian Wedding Photography is important?

Well, is wedding photography the most important thing when it comes to your wedding? No, not at all, but when it comes to planning your special day it should be up there on the priority list of things to look at, budget for and book.

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Reasons Why Indian wedding photography is important

Shan photography offers the best Indian wedding shot and we the best Indian Wedding photographer New York City. Moreover, Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day; it will capture your memories, as well as will tell a story and not just any story, also tell a good-looking story of your particular day, a day you will never forget. Further, a story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will have and can treasure forever.

On the other hand, you see your flowers will wilt, your cake will quickly be eaten, your invites will be binned after the day, your dress shall be worn once, those shoes shall go back into their box, this isn’t me trying to be glum and miserable, this is about perspective, this is about helping you focus your budget on things that you may not place significance on, such as wedding photography.

Moreover, our wedding photographers love what they do, they have a passion for the industry and a passion for capturing beautiful weddings, you may be feeling stressed but our photographers will understand and be able to relate. So, make sure you find the right photographer for you, one that matches your style and one that you can trust and feel relaxed with, go with your gut, and if you have no doubts then get them booked! However, don’t just say ‘they will do’.

It’s obvious, you’re busy with all of the planning, but remember that our photographer will be with you all day, capturing every graceful move, and unless you think ahead to arrange a hot meal, he or she, or an assistant, may have to physically leave the premises in order to eat. Although it’s just another tiny detail among hundreds, yet this one is worth remembering.

To sum up, whether it is for a pre-wedding shoot, your bridal photos, candid wedding photography or traditional photography there are a host of options on Shan Photography for Indian wedding photographer New York City. Select from top wedding photographers, see their wedding pictures in their portfolio, and filter by price and reviews to hire the best photographers for your Indian wedding. Also, your engagement pictures and wedding photos need to be preserved, so make sure a professional photographer from New York is hired instead of choosing anyone.

Unique and must have poses of Bride and Groom on Wedding

A wedding is considered as one of the greatest milestones in one’s life. Whenever you d-day arrived, and you didn’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect dress, mouth-watering menu and dishes, best standard arrangements, good-looking flowers and every single detail that made the day memorable and cherished.

And, apart from these entire characteristics, like every couple, even you wanted the event and the special moments to get captured so that in future you can recall all the beautiful memories. The adverse part was that you lacked the vision of an innovative and unique couple of photography ideas for the wedding album. However, Shan Photography offers you the best and unique must-have poses of bride and groom, as we are the best Indian wedding photographer San Francisco.

Hence, you can found out some unique and cute photography ideas, that we specially designed for the couples who are getting into the wedlock soon. Thus, take a look at the couple photography poses and you can try them out as well for your wedding album to make it just perfect.

1. Love gives a fairy tale life

In the middle of ordinary life and it is love that makes life a fairy tale so capture this moment for your wedding album.

2. The Soul mates

This type is candid couple photography where the soul mates are making promises to each other to be each other’s strength.

3. The power game is on

Next, the female partner being dominant in the relationship is very popular couples shoot these days.

4. The framed couple

This type is a must-have wedding couple photography pose for your album. Also, the blue backdrop and the white flower petals and the couple in the center give a unique element.

5. The fighting couple

Fighting couple is the fun pose that every couple must try out. And, the photograph portrays the fun and the cute side that every couple shares.

6. The couple poses like a movie

This type of shot is inspired by the popular Bollywood movie, “3 Idiots”. And, you too can try the famous “Amir-Kareena” pose and fulfill your dream of posing like the heroes and heroines from the movie world.

7. The romance is blooming

This type is one of the couple photography ideas that give a dramatic effect to your album. And, this kind of photography is also an excellent means of showcasing your regal outfits.

8. The crazy and fun-loving couple

The couple that drinks together stays. The picture depicts it.

9. Traveling the world together

Further, the picture symbolizes the travel goals and the adventures that you two will experience after marriage.

10. Creating memories together

Also, the life long bond will offer you so many opportunities to create memories together.

Keep moments by creating memories with Wedding Photographer

Indian weddings are the most colorful, a mixture of emotions, dancing, performing, singing and full of fruitful events. But all these events are colorless and useless without photos and photographer. Yes, a wedding photographer is always on the top list of every wedding planning checklist. Every couple and their families want the best photographer for this big day. Your search for Indian wedding photographer must ends here as Shan Photography is a complete package of Indian wedding photographer Sacramento and many more festive and celebratory events apart from wedding.

Team Work Makes Everything Easy

Shan Photography and team are passionate, innovative and trustworthy towards its work and ethics. We guide our clients on each step of their planned ideas with our ideas throughout the whole wedding journey. Our well-trained personnel/team knows exactly when to take pictures, freezing a moment by revealing how rich reality truly is.  Our main aim is to spread happiness and smiles on every person attending the wedding events- from the bride, groom to their families and friends by capturing little too big moments from each wedding event i.e. from Mehendi, Haldi, Shagan, Engagement, Performances to our client’s big D-day. Moreover, our team communicate with their clients personally, listen and understands to their requirements and work according to their needs and requirements so that they cheer, smile and re-live the moment again whenever they see photographs and video even after years.

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Why Shan Photography?

Shan is one of the top certified photographers from Columbia College with over 15 years of experience photographing weddings and special events across the globe.

Our team has covered hundreds of weddings and specializes in Indian wedding photography and Indian wedding videography.

An experienced team with a substantial international portfolio and a full-time planner dedicated to offering you with expert guidance and organization throughout the entire process.

We have worked for various types/cultures of the wedding which includes Muslim Wedding, Sikh Wedding, Gujarati Weddings, Couples, Reception, and Details.

Our tools & document weddings include professional Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, a variety of artificial lighting gear to light up low-lit locations and a whole lot of other accessories, bags, and camera straps.

·Apart from wedding photo/videography we also shoot for Maternity, Bar Mitzvah, Family Portrait, Photo Album, Newborn, Corporate, Headshot, Product, Real-estate, Landscape, Aerial, Fashion, and Food.

We offer print packages or digital packages as part of our wedding photography services in Chicago.

Shan Indian wedding photographer Sacramento from Chicago has worked for more than a hundred Indian Weddings throughout the globe. Still thinking about whether to hire us not? Stop thinking and have a look at our portfolio as pictures speak louder than words. We believe all your doubts must be gone, so why waiting??? Any queries???  Pick up your phone and contact us. You can contact us via email, phone no. We are also available on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Hire Professional Candid Wedding Photographer

In the era of technology, the world has come to the rescue of people who cannot afford to manage photography. Exclusively, wedding photography, at present, has become bliss for users while the professionals behind the camera find it as a boon. Our professional Photographers who specialize in wedding photographer Chicago often find themselves visualizing theme for their work or new project! And, this is simply due to their knack for candid photography which involves them in a lucrative work. Well, a few decades ago, people used to look for different services just to cover photography/videography for wedding and other ceremonies. But, the scenario has totally changed currently because a candid wedding photographer is multitasking.

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Well, with our multitasking approach, the wedding photography having his expertise in candid photography, is transforming the concept of shooting the wedding and other ceremonies. And, at this point of time, it is worth reflecting over whether a candid wedding photographer Chicago can do justice with the new-age shoots involved in ceremonies before and till the farewell (bidaai) of a bride. 

Further, a to-be-weds are equally about to steal the limelight on their D-Day, but, our professional wedding photographer has to offer them a suitable backdrop for a perfect wedding tale. Our Candid wedding photography is no less than a fairy tale where to-be-bride is charmed by the to-be-bridegroom with his chivalry.

A quick look into candidness of wedding photographers: How to find the best one?

Moreover, have you ever imagined what the recipe of the big fat Indian wedding could be! Well, the celebration of the wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies is incomplete if candid wedding photography services are not booked timely. And, it is apparent that during wedding season, availability of wedding photographer might be tough. Thus, why not, just reflect over the concern and hire the wedding photographer in Chicago who is seasoned and quick-witted! However, every photographer has a versatile approach to execute a wedding photography project. But, the professional candid photographer who can incorporate your vision without affecting the quality of his work must be preferred.

In a nutshell, it can be summed up that wedding photography services may be available in every nook and corner of the society, but you must do your homework. The primary thing to be focused on is research trends of wedding photography, candidness in the portfolio of photographers and their rate of success stories. And, you can also check online reviews given to their candid wedding photography services by the users. All, these points will prove to be significant for you to find the best wedding photographer for the family in-house events or even destination wedding shoot.

Necessary tips to know before start a Wedding Photography

With numerous photographers moving to digital equipment in the last decade, the technique has changed substantially. And, with the right approach, you can ensure that your photographs are the perfect representation of that special day for years to come. But, we at Digital Marketing360 being the best Indian wedding photographer Atlanta use everything of fine quality from camera resolution to a technique which is important to ensure high-quality and results for wedding photographs. And, to help you get the most out of those photos, we go through the following tips for taking exceptional wedding photographs.

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4 Most Important Wedding Photography Tips and Techniques

Well, the technical elements of photography are incredibly important on a wedding day. Unfortunately, sometimes you may not have control over factors like weather, lighting, or movement; thus while taking numerous photos, we use flexible techniques designed specifically for weddings. Besides, above all else, our approach should be focused first and foremost on the couple and their wishes.

Here are some important steps we provide before the special day to ensure you’re ready

1. Know Your Equipment Inside and Out

Firstly, before you shoot your first wedding, spread out your equipment and evaluate everything in advance. And, take stock of your lenses, check your camera and ensure you know every mode and every setting inside and out. Also, know the limits of each setting, and be prepared to answer any questions the bride and groom may have. However, if they ask for a certain type of shot and you don’t know if your camera can do it, it can be embarrassing.

2. Plan Your Shots in Advance

Make a list of shots that the couple wants to include in their album. Talk to them in detail about the family members, friends, and wedding guests who will be in these shots. Make sure to include the following shots in your list –

Groom Coverage – Acquire shots of the flower, tie, rings, cologne, cufflinks, and anything else the groom requests. Take photos of the groomsmen getting ready, all of them together, and any other goofy shots they want to get together.

Bride Coverage – Well, the bride shots will often depend on what she wants to be included. And, some examples include the back of the dress, looking at flowers, considering the distance, smiling into the camera, and standing with the maid of honor.

Bride and Groom Together – Next, if the bride and groom can see each other before the ceremony, these are good shots to take in the morning. And, if not, you’ll have to squeeze them in between ceremony and reception. Also, the basics include a kiss, a hug, nose-to-nose, looking at each other, and all the goofy shots they’ll want to share in ten or twenty years.

3. Make the Couple Aware About Your Work Style

Each photographer is different, and your style is an important factor – whether you prefer natural lighting, staged photographs, interior or external shots, etc. And, these are the factors you should communicate with the couple so that they can decide what shots they would like to be taken and to make sure you’re the right fit for them. Make sure to familiarize yourself with space too. However, whether in a church, on a beach, or in a park, visit the space in advance so you can plan the day out as much as possible.

4. Use of Flash in Wedding Photos

Nowadays, most the photographs you’ll take are active shots of an event in progress, lighting can’t always be controlled. Also, Flash usage and lighting options are an important factor to consider in advance, especially if space is outside. So, some specific tips include –

1. Try to get as many photos as possible with accessible light and no flash

2. When using flash, use a fill-flash technique to avoid poor composition

3. Use flash diffusers and reflectors to prevent photographs from being ruined by flash blowout

4. Use the main and primary lenses for all photos whenever possible

To sum up, at the same time, don’t get lost in the technical details. Always, be ready for unexpected events, surprises, and the unique quirks and memories that will make the wedding a one-of-a-kind event for everyone attending. So, if you want perfect shot In Atlanta, browse Shan photography who is the best Indian wedding photographer Atlanta.