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For your Wedding select Theme from our different Indian Wedding Videography

Indian wedding videography

If you just love to add some extra dose of drama, fun, and emotion to your own wedding film, then not to worry. Shan photography has wedding photographers, choreographers and wedding videographers that are going that extra mile to achieve remarkable results with an Indian wedding video.

Therefore wait no more! Just, watch some of our Indian wedding videography with diverse essence in each one of them. And, try using different flavors and styles for different wedding ceremonies for a wholesome package.

Different Themes for Indian Wedding Video

Shan Photography has compiled following different themes for you to choose from for your own wedding video:

1. Slice of Life

Firstly, take clips from real wedding events, or go for a candid pre-wedding video shoot to make your Indian wedding video look alive and real. And, take a look at the video directed by our professional photography where they’ve assembled some beautiful moments from the wedding:
So, what’s needed for a ‘Slice of Life’ Indian wedding video –

a). Documentary-style coverage of the event

b) A depiction of real life, as it is, without added details like costumes, scripted, planned and shot only for the video.

2. Quirky videos

The second theme is Quirky videos. Following the quirky Indian wedding video checklist

a) A high-value concept that turns the mundane into a spectacle

b) Shots, situations are taken in a different, stylized way


3. Romantic Indian wedding video

Shan’s wedding videography next is about getting everybody involved in your video. Well, an Indian wedding video is all the more fun when the aunts shake it like Shakira, also your naughty sisters’ flirt with your fiancé with her moves! Our videographer present at your wedding choreographer for the right props and costumes.

Moreover, so was it love at first sight? And, did your hearts beat at the same pace the moment you laid eyes on each other? Thus, let your Indian wedding video tell your story just the way it is. Plus, take inspiration from this beautiful wedding trailer created by Shan photography if you want your wedding video to be truly romantic

4. Emotional videos

Whenever there is a wedding, there is an ocean of sentiments. Also what’s an Indian wedding video without an emotional vibe, after all? So, watch our touching video who managed to capture some very vivid emotions aesthetically:
Following is the Indian wedding video checklist for an emotional video

a). Clear highlight to one emotion (nostalgia, hope or even happiness for your lives ahead)

b). Multiple clips spliced together to create a wedding video.


5. Comic and Chic

Next, we shoot up the swag with some laughter because the comic style is the new chic! And, make funny faces, exaggerate your expressions and dance like no one’s watching. Well, these are the secret ingredients for a successful Indian wedding video. So, Rehearse well, memorize the song and simply let go!
Following the funny Indian wedding video checklist:

1. A humorous take on getting married
2. Willing actors to add to the narrative
3. Scripted put together of the exercise

To sum up, an Indian wedding video is all about having a gala time with all your loved ones on the most special day of your life. Thus, just let your hair down, groove to the music, love and laugh a lot. And, your wedding video will naturally be super rocking! Also, use fun props, wear funny accessories, act a little and steal those Bollywood Thumkas.

Indian Wedding Photography In San Francisco

Wedding time is such an exciting time of your life, & a day that you will remember forever. Indian weddings are recognized for their bright colors, unique traditions, & big celebrations. Another thing about Indian weddings: the celebrations can last for days! Well, many of Indian start off with an engagement party before the wedding, however when it’s time to tie the knot, celebrations reign in the houses of both bride & groom, followed by a culture-rich ceremony, as well as end in a huge, lively reception full of dancing & music. To have these lovely moments revive for the entire life, we at Shan photography, provide the best Indian wedding photography in San Francisco & capture moments in a perfect way.

Our professional Indian wedding photographer assists you to keep in mind those lifelong memories. So, if you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably planning a wedding that will involve many Indian Wedding traditions, to keep them refreshed for the entire life, we deliver the ultimate wedding photography.

We understand how stressful it is to plan such a joyous event, whether your Indian wedding is small & intimate, or bright, big & bold. Well, each wedding is a unique expression of love, plus involves particular rituals & traditions with guests from all walks of life.

However, you’re more than half of the stress is in finding a photographer that will perfectly preserve your day & respect your culture, but our Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco provides wedding photography that will artistically capture each moment before it passes. We are experts in capturing the pictures from different angles with the perfect shoot. We not only focus on the pose of the bride and groom but also take natural poses of couples and relatives and dear ones.

So, if you are planning to hire an Indian wedding photographer, call us today, we deliver ultimate service within your budget.