Common Wedding Photography Styles

When you are looking at wedding photography styles for your ceremony it's important to know the right terminology when you are speaking with the photographer. Here are some of the top wedding photography styles that are common at ceremonies of that you can express your wishes for the way you want your wedding captured:

Documentary style: this type of wedding photography style involves the photographer or photographers following the bride and groom around for the day and capturing the wedding like a news story. This style is especially good for capturing the raw moments and important events throughout the day. If you are interested in a more candid style, documentary is one of the best to choose.

Traditional style weddings: In the traditional style the idea is to create a focus on specific scenes throughout the ceremony. This photography style is more of a portrait style that involves a time oriented element through the event where the entire group will stand for traditional wedding photos.

Artistic: The artistic style wedding photography has become much more popular for weddings today. It often involves the photographer telling the story of the wedding through artistic framing through the day. Rather than traditional portraits, creativity, nature and even props can all lead to an adventurous and share worthy style photo. These are often the types of photos that we see shared on social networks for their creative edge.

Editorial: this style of photograph is designed generally as a portait look and for making a statement. Photographers will be using their creativity to generate a huge impact an extensive amount of editing generally goes into the process of these photos for a highly stylized artistic look that is closer to studio photography.

These are just a few of the top wedding photography styles that you could consider when working with a Chicago wedding photography specialist.