Engagement Photos | Hitender & Mansi | Morton Arboretum Lisle

It was indeed a great moment for me to shoot the wedding of this particular couple as the ceremony was centred in and around the temple of Atlanta. What amazed me the most is that it is situated at the heart of the city. The best part of any photography is that a photographer has to maintain professionalism and a bit of personal touch at the same time. These two factors worked in my favour as the couple is a close acquaintance of mine. They were on the lookout to hire the best Indian wedding photographer in Atlanta, who could not only shoot their big day, but could actually engage personally in every ritual and event. And, trust me this way of approaching the project has done wonders! Every wedding photograph came out to be just picture perfect.

Also, I was lucky enough to get a good client who could associate with my thought process and allowed me to give wings to my creative talent. Marriage is a very significant day in everyone’s life and therefore the memory holds special importance for all of us. As an Indian wedding photographer in Atlanta, therefore, I had to play an important role in building memories. The weather was very refreshing and lively. It was like spring with blossoms all around. It was all decorated with flowers and the floral designs were crafted by the best florist in Atlanta. Designing is an important aspect of every wedding, but blending the characters with the background requires great skill.

I accomplished my project with conviction and captured every shade, every emotion of the Indian wedding in Atlanta with technical precision and expertise. Share some happy moments and spread smile, which is priceless.

“We felt great working with Shan photography. Finding the best Indian wedding photographer in Atlanta, Georgia (GA) is not an easy job, but someone had recommended us Shan Photography and by browsing his website we immediately decided to shoulder him the responsibility. He took a lot of details regarding our family structure and decided upon to visit our in-laws. At first we could not comprehend his way of approaching the work, but when the final output came, we were flabbergasted and amazed to see his masterpieces encapsulating our majestic ceremony. The pictures and the video were of a great quality highlighting the family pride, pure emotions, vibrant details and moments of true happiness and love. There was no superficiality; every picture was canvassed in the most authentic colours of the wedding. Great work done! If you are in a quest for the best wedding photographer in Atlanta then you must go through his website once.”