Wedding photography services often get a number of frequently asked questions from guests. We wanted to ease the process of handling these wedding photography service questions by answering a few upfront for our clients. Here are some quick answers to our most asked questions:

Do you deliver prints?

We can offer print packages or digital packages as part of our wedding photography services in Chicago.

Can you provide videography service?

We do provide videography service in Chicago as part of our offerings.

What file format do you shoot in?

In most cases we shooting small RAW format but we do also shoot in Large Raw for a few images throughout the day. We rarely use compressed formats so that we can capture and then have the maximum editing power for any photo. 

How many hours will wedding photography take?

We have a typical timeline published so that you can see what to expect for each aspect of the session. 

What if we are running late?

We understand that most weddings do run late. Not everything can go as planned and we will never just stop shooting if we run outside of our contracted time. If you wanted to capture some extra images we can charge some extra rates that are specified in the contract rounded a 30 min. increments. 

Are we charged for the total hours including downtime?

We charge based on an hourly rate but we will use this downtime as effectively as possible. During the time that you may be in transport or getting ready, we can be available and setting up at the venue or capturing shots of the theme, grounds and décor before you arrive. The time that we are on-site and under contract is all dedicated to capturing the moments of your big day, making sure that they are appropriately stored and making the best use of our time to capture friends, family and details. 

Should you have any questions about our services do not hesitate to contact us at any time.