In any type of wedding ceremony of photographer will need to build up a timeline including all of the cultural and ceremonial aspects of the wedding. Checking in to the time frames in considering the planning throughout the wedding day remains extremely important for the planning process.

No matter how detailed a wedding photographer timeline is, most weddings often end up slightly behind schedule and a photographer will end up having to adapt on-the-fly as well as keep the photo sessions a fun experience. Some of the top timeline aspects that you can expect includes

A 30 min. session for ring, dress and details: 30 min. to take perfect photos of the bouquets, shoes, dress and other aspects is fairly standard if you wanted to capture these elements. Usually this happens first thing in the morning within the bridal suite. 

Preparation photos: during the midmorning and early afternoon there is a perfect timeline for capturing everyone getting ready. This includes close-ups of some of the hair and makeup being applied as well as some more candid shots of the groomsmen and bridesmaids getting ready. Usually this is around a 60 min. total scheduled photo shoot. 

Individual portraits: shortly after the candid shots of everyone getting ready, there are 30 min. sessions allotted for the bride and groom to get their own individual portraits once they are completely ready.

The first look: The first look can happen at the ceremony or be done earlier in the afternoon before the ceremony takes place. This is usually a 45 to 60 min. session including just the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. 

Wedding party photos: The full wedding party photos usually take between 45 min. up to one full hour. This usually involves a number of different scenes, lighting and expressions. The shots are generally quite creative and fun. 

Immediate family: For 30 to 40 min. a number of immediate family photos will take place with grandparents, siblings, parents and more. Usually 3 min. for each group is allotted during this aspect of the timeline. 

The ceremony: The ceremony is only available for capture as long as it takes place. With some only just a few minutes long and others taking an hour or more, the photographer has to be ready to capture the best moments. 

The reception: a photographer can remain on site to capture important items like cutting the cake, doing the reception first look, capturing the first dance and more.

Keep some of these timelines in mind as you are planning throughout the day! Contact Us