Indian Wedding Photography Dallas, TX

We were ready to our new assignment which was marriage of south Indian couple Indu and Siva at Dallas. They were intend more about Shan photography from our website and heard about us from friends and relative because we are known as best Indian wedding photography in Dallas. They were extreme impressed from our projects which we engage our personal website (Shan photography), then they took only few minutes to contact us. Then we went to the Hindus famous temple in Dallas which was Lemont temple for capturing the ecstasy moment of “Indu” and “Siva”. It was fascinated view in Dallas as Hindu religious and I was extreme excited to capture this temple into my camera. This temple represents one of the most impressive feats of devotion outside India in Dallas. The temple complex consists of four buildings, the Rama temple, Ganesha-Shiva-Parvati temple a community center connecting with two temples and Vivekananda spiritual center. The marriage of “Indu” and “Siva” gave me chance to know about this temple and I captured many picture of couple along with temple.

Girl family organized the Wedding ceremony which was decorated with different type of lighting material and colorful blanket which was also giving to it gorgeous look whereas both couples were following different rituals at their respective homes. According to the rituals, a boy (Siva) and his father wearer traditional clothing which was giving real south Indian look to the marriage.

A craziest moment came now, when both families and friends started dancing to climb the couple in their shoulder. I was also enjoying this wonderful moments and capturing many pictures of this moments. Before the wedding ceremony, bride and groom attended the Ganesha and Gowri-puja, which is conducted at the ma??apa. Thereafter, the couple asked to place a paste made from cumin seeds and jaggery on each other’s hand. I took many photographs of this moments in my camera. Then, many customs were followed one after another in which brother in law of groom insert the rice into the hand of couple and the couple sprinkle this rice over their heads. Thereafter, my wait was over because another funniest moment came where in the groom adorns the feet of the bride with silver toe ring but girl abstain from it I did not feel that I am in Dallas. It was a Indian-living moment and I think that it enhanced my experience as a Indian wedding photographer.

Reception party was in the evening at Dallas Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge, IL , in which married couple “Indu” and “Siva” started dance on traditional Indian instrument like dhol etc. the friends and relative of the couple also assisted to married couple. The moment had become more attractive when bride dance with his father and I captured this memorable moments.Thereafter, Siva sung a song for his loved on Indu. The couple was ready to cut the cake to celebrate the happiness of their marriage and I captured the couple pictures from outside this place which was close to the nature. It was my fabulous experience which I cannot forget in my whole life. I got massive love from both of their families.