Indian Wedding Photography Raleigh, NC | Vib & Jenny

Chicago houses ample number of venues to host a perfect wedding. Just like our very own Indian weddings, each venue is unique in its own way and offers multiple options to couples in terms of their looks and decor. With this thought in my mind, I envisaged that in my project everything should go according to the venue, which was being chosen.

The beauty of the place, Raleigh NC, was further augmented by the perfect lighting. Also, the decoration was so strongly giving the feel of a typical Indian wedding that it caught everyone’s attention – the chandeliers, mandap, elegant floral backdrop, hanging of fine linen, etc. We had to visit the place twice so as to deliver the best possible outcome. Though there was a bit of anxiety on my side as I was expected to capture their most-awaited moments in their wildest dreams. The couple approached me as one of the finest Indian wedding photographers in Chicago. Certainly, the expectations were sky high.

The couples were also a bit jittered as the final day approached. There was a condition to deliver the work on time as the family members were departing soon after the wedding. So the process of partial editing started simultaneously as the work went on. We ventured into new territories, took risks (to bring out something extraordinary) and spared no effort to capture every event of the day in its entirety. No wonder in the end, I made the couple happy with their memories restored to them forever.

We also provide best Indian wedding videographer to our clients. Our videographers capture every essence of the day that is beautiful, candid and emotional. We revel in freezing your magical moments that also touch our souls and hearts.

Here is what they have to say.

“My wedding ceremony was just like a perfect fairy tale and it is all because of Shan photography. This awesome photographer knows how to capture special moments and hold it in frames. All the pictures of our pre-wedding shoots took us back down to the memory lane. Our wedding pictures included each and every one of our family members and no one is disappointed. Especially, my mehndi ceremony was captured perfectly and all poses were picture perfect. The interviews taken by him from my parents and other relatives was heart touching and it brought tears to my eyes after watching the video. The song sung by my husband made me realize the strong love that we share with each other. Both of us received a lot of compliments from family and friends. I always had a dream of making my wedding a picture perfect one and Shan just made it possible for me. He also delivered the pictures on time showing his punctuality. I and my husband both are recommending Shan for wedding photography as he knows how to capture special moments on special occasions.