Our Equipment

Our tools & document weddings include professional Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, a variety of artificial lighting gear to light up low-lit locations and a whole lot of other accessories, bags and camera straps. Some of the gear I work with is below:

1. Canon 5D Mark IV (Qty:2)

The type of DSLR you use isn’t as important as the lens.

2. Canon 35mm 1.4L

This has to be one of the sharpest lens in my line up. And it’s focal length gives you the versatility to use it for a variety of different scenaris. If I was only allowed to use one lens to photograph an entire wedding this would be my choice!

3. Canon 24mm 1.4L

Using prime lens has the advantage of being open wide open. At 1.4, this is great for photographing low light scenarios. The wedding reception for example, is almost always shot using the 24mm on one of my cameras.

4. Alienbee B400

I don’t use this often, because I love to travel light when shooting. But when you need a lot more power than the speedlights, this is the best bang for the buck.

5. Canon 600EX-RT (Qty:4)

Lights. Camera. Action! Lighting is one of the crucial components of photography. It’s a constant learning process, and there are a million lighting opens out there. I prefer to travel light so this is go to source of light when I need it. The wireless trigger Canon ST-E3-RT makes thing a lot easier!

6. Canon 100mm 1.2L Macro

When you need to capture details, ring shots and even portraits. This baby does it all.

7. Canon 85 1.2L

The photographs this lens helps create are smooth like butter. It’s perfect for portraits, but yes it’s slow on focusing. I would use manual focus if I have to but I would never give up this lens!