Questions For Your Wedding Photographer

If you are going to be interviewing a potential wedding photographer for your upcoming ceremony, there are a number of top questions that you can ask a potential wedding photographer to ease the process of your selection. Here are some top questions that you should keep in mind for any interview to make sure that you end up with the right professional.

What is your experience? Have you done a similar ceremony?

If a wedding photographer has some experience doing the same type of ceremony or even working at the venue that you have planned, this can really help you on your wedding day. A wedding photographer that has many years of experience and a history with a wedding like yours will be far better prepared.

What style of photography can you provide?

Learning more about the style of photography that they commonly specialize in can be important. More about their primary style and their influences will help you to discover what inspires your photographer and if you are on the same wavelength.

What is your availability around the date?

Many wedding photographers will actually double book weddings during the height of their busiest season. Sometimes it could be better to work with a wedding photographer that is only handling your wedding for the weekend so that it's possible to get an improved level of service that doesn’t feel rushed.

Do you have insurance?

Proper business licensing and insurance is crucial to help protect you and your photographer on the day that they come into your wedding. Insurance will help to cover the cost of camera equipment and more if it happens to get broken on site and help to protect you in the event that a photographer gets injured at your wedding.

Keep some of these tough questions in mind if you want to make sure you are well prepared during an interview for photography services at your wedding.