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Get Classy and Stylish Wedding Picture – Indian Wedding Photographer San Francisco

Shan photography has a team of professional Indian wedding photographers who provide you the ultimate and classy Indian wedding photography. Our team is a professional event photographer with years of experience and formal training in Photography and Cinematography.

Indian Wedding Photographer San Francisco

Also, From Latest Fashion, Wedding insight And Trending Ideas To professional Advice and Tips, Shan Photography Fairy Has You Covered. And, Make Wedding Planning Easy.

Merely an Indian Wedding Photographer San Francisco like Shan’s photographers can work without hindrance, shooting bridal preparations and groom’s emotions in a non-staged, relaxed-mood way. So, if you want to test, if the person you have chosen is able to produce marriage photos you need, and then book a pre-wedding shoot from Shan Photography.

Our Indian Wedding Photography Styles are as follows:

Wedding Photography

We provide Wedding photography which is the ultimate photography of activities relating to weddings. In addition, our teams who are also expert in capturing photographs of the couple before marriage (for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards), as well as we, provide the ultimate coverage of the wedding and reception by our professional Indian wedding photographers.

Classy Indian Wedding Photography

Our Indian wedding photography is probably best defined as any photography for which the photographer is paid for images. Besides, money could be paid for the subject of the photograph itself.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Nowadays, a pre-wedding photoshoot is likely part of the Indian wedding photographer’s package. Also, our team member is always ready to do it at any desired venue of the couple whether indoor or outdoor.

More significantly, our expertise and wide capabilities allow us to cater to every demand of our clients and gives you the best picture-perfect results. We capture the perfect poses in the best angle through the best professional kits. And our studio is flexible and can work according to the terms of the clients. Our expert makes your day more special with our services. Also, we have some of the best techniques to get the job done with ease and elegance required. Therefore Choose Shan photography and you will never complain about how you look in the photos as Indian wedding Photography is what we specialize in.

Things To Avoid While Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Shan Photography does all types of Indian weddings, from Hindu Weddings to Sikh Weddings and others. And, we’ve learned the nuances of the different Indian Wedding ceremonies & different things to watch out for. Also, we know the camera angles to take and we’ve identified the important wedding events for each of the ceremonies. So, being specialists in Indian Wedding Photographer San Francisco, we will capture every important moment, making both the couple as well as their families happy with the Wedding Photos, Wedding Albums. We provide some things to avoid while choosing a wedding photographer which are as follows:

Things To Avoid While Choosing A Wedding Photographer


  Things to avoid while selecting wedding photographers

The more the better

Firstly, this is a myth that you should fall for. And, the quantity of the shoots is not something that should catch your attention. Well, what is indeed important is the quality as well as the experience that the photographer has. So, after all, you don’t want your wedding to be a practice ground for a novice photographer. Be sure who will be holding the camera and clicking those candid shots. Also, he or she must treat your work as an important one, no matter the number of clients he has.

Sale season

Next, do not compromise on the look of your wedding shoot just because some of the photographers might be giving you a discount. Well, after all, a good photographer can make a budget dress look breathtaking. However, a bad can do the exact opposite and make a great dress look tacky. Thus, before you seal your deal with a novice photographer, ask yourself if he is worth it.


Moreover, you should realize that some venues will recommend you, certain photographers, because they pay a price to be recommended to you. And, some vendors sell their spots on their “preferred vendor” lists. Also, this might not apply to every venue. Plus, some venues offer excellent recommendations. Besides, it is therefore very crucial to double-check before going with a choice recommended by the venues.

Wait for too long to select your wedding photographer

Further, this is one important thing which you should avoid. Thus, never wait for too long to choose your wedding photographer in case you have found a good one. Well, good photographers book their dates in advance & will not be available always. So, nothing is more frustrating than selecting a wedding photographer as well as then finding out that they booked out your date a week prior.

Incredible difference between prior and current Indian Weddings

Indian wedding photographer San Francisco

Nowadays, Indian wedding photo has changed dramatically. Well, Shy brides and impassive grooms have all but vanished. And, in their place are beaming posers oblivious to what has become a daily accessory: the camera. 

Also, wedding photography is no longer just a photograph. And, it’s an intimate chronicle of the loud, colorful Indian wedding: from the poignant to the embarrassing, as of the ephemeral to the staged. Plus, the proliferation of the camera has turned stiff, dazed, even indifferent newly-weds into born posers who don’t hesitate to drape themselves over each other. However, this is the work of a decade; not 70 or 25 years. But, technology, not time, has been the catalyst: from Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook. 

If you doing work as a professional Indian wedding photographer San Francisco City, then you should be aware of the nowadays wedding photography trends and the photo poses of the bride and groom so that the couple should be liked by others on the Internet.

Numerous actions reveal the difference between the past and current wedding changes in India. Nowadays, no one needs to be asked to smile for the camera anymore. Well, so much so that Pavan Mahatta, a professional photographer, believes people are “more conscious” now than ever before. 

Moreover, in the technical era, people are more comfortable with the camera now, he agrees, but they are also always prepared for it. So, Cameras, after all, are a daily accessory now; and everyday moments (and meals) are already scattered across phones, laptops, and the cloud. Thus, this is the reason why weddings need special effort. Importantly, Instagrammed life has turned them into an opportunity for dramatic, stylized photography.

For the current wedding, photographers used to be thrifty because a roll of film was precious. And, the rest is attitude — there isn’t a moment that’s not worth capturing because, so if you try hard enough, you could perhaps capture them all.

Most popular things for current Indian wedding – Candid camera

Dayanita Singh said that “It’s not just about the wedding; it is an artist who has worked with photography for decades. And, so many other things are revealed. Also, it allows for all the human drama to be manifest. For that reason, it lends itself to a lot of photography.”

To sum up, if you want to become a professional as well as a successful Indian wedding photographer then firstly you should know about the difference between earlier and current Indian wedding shots, so that you may able to work professionally according to the updated wedding shoot.

Unique and must have poses of Bride and Groom on Wedding

A wedding is considered as one of the greatest milestones in one’s life. Whenever you d-day arrived, and you didn’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect dress, mouth-watering menu and dishes, best standard arrangements, good-looking flowers and every single detail that made the day memorable and cherished.

And, apart from these entire characteristics, like every couple, even you wanted the event and the special moments to get captured so that in future you can recall all the beautiful memories. The adverse part was that you lacked the vision of an innovative and unique couple of photography ideas for the wedding album. However, Shan Photography offers you the best and unique must-have poses of bride and groom, as we are the best Indian wedding photographer San Francisco.

Hence, you can found out some unique and cute photography ideas, that we specially designed for the couples who are getting into the wedlock soon. Thus, take a look at the couple photography poses and you can try them out as well for your wedding album to make it just perfect.

1. Love gives a fairy tale life

In the middle of ordinary life and it is love that makes life a fairy tale so capture this moment for your wedding album.

2. The Soul mates

This type is candid couple photography where the soul mates are making promises to each other to be each other’s strength.

3. The power game is on

Next, the female partner being dominant in the relationship is very popular couples shoot these days.

4. The framed couple

This type is a must-have wedding couple photography pose for your album. Also, the blue backdrop and the white flower petals and the couple in the center give a unique element.

5. The fighting couple

Fighting couple is the fun pose that every couple must try out. And, the photograph portrays the fun and the cute side that every couple shares.

6. The couple poses like a movie

This type of shot is inspired by the popular Bollywood movie, “3 Idiots”. And, you too can try the famous “Amir-Kareena” pose and fulfill your dream of posing like the heroes and heroines from the movie world.

7. The romance is blooming

This type is one of the couple photography ideas that give a dramatic effect to your album. And, this kind of photography is also an excellent means of showcasing your regal outfits.

8. The crazy and fun-loving couple

The couple that drinks together stays. The picture depicts it.

9. Traveling the world together

Further, the picture symbolizes the travel goals and the adventures that you two will experience after marriage.

10. Creating memories together

Also, the life long bond will offer you so many opportunities to create memories together.