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How to set your budget for Wedding Photography?

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Well, Over the years that we’ve been photographing weddings, what Shan photography has come to realize is that most prospective clients who reach out to us have no idea where to start when it comes to finding the photographer best suited to their wedding or how much it should cost. Shan photography considered the best Indian wedding photography ever.

Thus, some don’t bat an eyelid when they hear approximate budgets from us while others have been astounded. And, what it boils down to is that there is no industry standard or even a right/wrong answer. So, it all depends on two factors – one, how much emphasis as well as a priority you place on wedding photography; and, two, how much you have allocated towards the photography & cinema cost.

Cheap does not mean Value-For-Money

Well, there is no dearth of wedding photographers today. And, a huge variety of services are available at different price points. Thus, if you don’t decide on a budget, then you will be confused with the sheer number of photographers available in the market. And, we’re sure that you can find a photographer for any price range that you set. However, bear in mind that cheap and quantity will not always mean quality.

And, it might be tempting to hire someone who seems to offer a lot in very less, remember that you get what you pay for. Though this is not a guarantee, you can generally assume that a more expensive photographer would have more experience, and be better known (brand name), has a reputation as a professional and be more reliable. Also, those are qualities worth paying for. However, this doesn’t mean that more reasonable photographers lack talent, dedication or professionalism. Therefore, in a roundabout way, we are saying that there are good photographers in every possible budget like us. And, it all depends on how highly you prioritize your wedding photography and cinema.

Moreover, bear in mind that you are not only hiring someone to capture your precious moments however also investing in the expertise and experience they will offer while shooting your wedding story. And, your wedding pictures are kind of a big deal! It is unquestionably important to find a photographer in your budget. However, it is also equally important to finding someone who will capture your wedding day with respect and love. So, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a less experienced photographer, so long as they match your vision for your day. Therefore, choose wisely Indian wedding photographers so that you will hire a professional photographer within your budget.

Why Candid Wedding Photography is still a Favourable?

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A wedding happens only a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us. And, there is a lot of enjoyment and a lot of pressure at the same time and so one may miss some cherish-able moments. Therefore, this is why candid wedding photography is still a favourite across weddings in India as well as other countries too. Shan Photography is considered as the ultimate Candid wedding photographer and at the top wedding photographers in Chicago.

Take a look at our team of professional candid photography does:

Captures a moment in its essence

Shan’s Candid photography team captures all the moments as and when they happen. And, we capture all the candid moments that can be experienced by the bride, groom or the family just the way it happened. To exemplify, the bride and groom can feel the same emotions as they went through during that moment every time they look at the picture.

Tells a story

Next, our picture is truly worth a thousand words and many times more through a candid photographer’s lens. Our professional candid wedding photographer captures the story as it unfolds in reality. Also, the family can see the entire wedding and some of its most precious moments captured through a candid lens.

Captures fun moments

Moving further, from wedding shopping to making all the arrangements at a wedding is a process that can last for months. Well, the usually arduous job is a pretty thankless one as well. However, one can add some spice to the drab outings by getting a candid photographer to shoot the sometimes dull sometimes cheerful but always long days. So, looking back at our candid wedding pictures will surely bring a smile to your face.

Adds unique glam

Further, apart from the shopping and arrangements, a pre-wedding shoot at one or more pre-decided locations is becoming a necessary part of the wedding dos. Shan Photography’s expert candid photographer can add a touch of authenticity to these pictures without making them look staged.

Adds a zing to the destination wedding

In the modern world, all couples want to go for a cool destination wedding. And, the cool quotient of the destination wedding is only enhanced by getting a candid photographer with the ability to blend the moments with the destination.

 Thus, whatever your ideas for the wedding, our candid photographer is a must in your wedding checklist, because of the perfect shot as well as reasonable prices. Hence, make sure to be early with your bookings or you won’t get the best one, because you’re once in a lifetime event can be captured in a unique way and yet genuine manner by a craftsman candid photographer.

Capture The Amazing Moments of Your Wedding Day – Professional Wedding Photographer

At Shan photographer, we capture your wedding day with our professional and expert photographers. Also, we believe that images are the building block of an unfolding story. Therefore we want to be there with you, on your special day, to capture every moment, every look, every kiss, and give you memories that will last a lifetime. We are proven the best wedding photographer in Chicago, because of our best results.

Our experienced team helps you tell your own unique love story through a collection of moving and still images. And, our photographers will work with you to photograph your special day in a way that shows off your personal style. Your love story is unique and special, so we understand that and we will work with you to perfectly capture your day, the way you want.

Shan knows what beautiful looks like and we know how to capture it

Our proficient photographers shoot sincere and intimate space, where people will feel so relaxed; they won’t even know they are being photographed. Moreover, Using stunning angles and perfectly framed shots, your wedding day memories will live on with you forever.

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Further, Our photographer capture classically stunning still and moving images that combine traditional photography techniques and modern digital technologies, to allow our photographers and cinematographers to capture images with a unique and timeless quality. Our photographers will also create you a gorgeous visual retelling of your special day, to share with your family and friends.

Giving you the images that matter

Our photographer only works with the best, and you should too!

Our teams of proficient photographers are highly accomplished artists that will perfectly capture every heartfelt look, every embrace, and every kiss. Also, we take time to ensure that each shot is perfectly framed to reflect the emotions of the day. Nevertheless, we know that the best photos are candid. As a result, we will be there for as long as you wish, to capture everything including your first kiss and your first dance.

Our creations will take your breath away

 We’re ardent about creating breathtaking photographs to highlight how wonderful your wedding was. Also, our unique style of photography is sure to capture the real moments, letting you look back and remember the full emotion of your wedding day. To sum up, we have skilled professional photographers who will film and edit your perfect wedding film, so that you can re-watch over and over. Furthermore, your wedding film will be tailored to you. In short, it’s your wedding and your story, so we will stop at nothing to capture the magic of your special day.