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Need Engagement Shoot Ideas?

Well, it’s time that you and your bae are engaged, thus time to celebrate the momentous occasion with a romantic photoshoot. Are you thinking about where to start? However, there are so many cheesy couples’ photos & countless run-of-the-mill shots that it can be a challenge to snap a photo that is truly your own. Thus, for the latest engagement shoot, Shan photographers are the best.
Shan Photography is well-known for photographic services such as Indian wedding photography, Engagement Shoot, pre-wedding, Reception and many more. And, we are considered as the best Wedding photographer Chicago city.

Wedding photographer Chicago

Latest Engagement Photography Ideas

#1 The Proposal!

Well, without a doubt, the first expression of your love is the most special one! So, if you’re planning a romantic proposal for your sweeter half (you must, you really must!) then why not add a candid photographer to the plans & make sure he captures every li’l moment!

#2 Ring it On!

Secondly, whether you choose to go underwater romantic or floating entry on a grand stage, Shan Photographers make sure this moment is preserved for eternity!

#3 Classic Couple Portrait!

Thirdly, whether it’s a royal pose at a regal backdrop or a candid shot capturing just the two of you & your warmth, we choose your style & get it clicked pronto!

#4 Status Update!

Also, Oh yes! In this era of social media updates, we click pictures in which the status update shot is a must-do!

#5 Save-the-Date

Additionally, and of course, don’t forget those cute ‘Save the Date’ reminders you’ll be sending your friends as well as family over WhatsApp groups & other social media!

#6 The First Kiss!

Shan Photographers make sure you forever moment just after you’ve exchanged rings is framed beautifully!

#7 The First Dance!

And, whether you’ve got two left feet or own the dance floor, it’s time to capture your first hop, skip & twirl as a couple on the frame!

#8 Jump in Joy Moments!

Moreover, be the crazy fun couple that’s just too happy to be together, forget it all n just jump up in joy!

#9 The Gotcha ‘Surprise Kiss’ Shot!

Next, now this one’s our all-time favorite. Our expert make sure your photographer is hiding somewhere nearby when you land a surprise kiss on your unsuspecting sweetheart!

#10 Yummy Moments!

Further, that wow engagement cake, as well as the fun cake cutting moments surely, have a place in your album! However, more importantly, don’t forget to click a few yummy poses with the irresistible dessert!

To Conclude:

Well, your engagement is the day when you two will embark on your journey as a couple. And, this is the day when your dream of getting hitched with your love will become true. Also, your engagement may seem smaller to you as in size but the truth is your engagement is the beginning of your new life, of you two as a couple.

Things To Avoid While Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Shan Photography does all types of Indian weddings, from Hindu Weddings to Sikh Weddings and others. And, we’ve learned the nuances of the different Indian Wedding ceremonies & different things to watch out for. Also, we know the camera angles to take and we’ve identified the important wedding events for each of the ceremonies. So, being specialists in Indian Wedding Photographer San Francisco, we will capture every important moment, making both the couple as well as their families happy with the Wedding Photos, Wedding Albums. We provide some things to avoid while choosing a wedding photographer which are as follows:

Things To Avoid While Choosing A Wedding Photographer


  Things to avoid while selecting wedding photographers

The more the better

Firstly, this is a myth that you should fall for. And, the quantity of the shoots is not something that should catch your attention. Well, what is indeed important is the quality as well as the experience that the photographer has. So, after all, you don’t want your wedding to be a practice ground for a novice photographer. Be sure who will be holding the camera and clicking those candid shots. Also, he or she must treat your work as an important one, no matter the number of clients he has.

Sale season

Next, do not compromise on the look of your wedding shoot just because some of the photographers might be giving you a discount. Well, after all, a good photographer can make a budget dress look breathtaking. However, a bad can do the exact opposite and make a great dress look tacky. Thus, before you seal your deal with a novice photographer, ask yourself if he is worth it.


Moreover, you should realize that some venues will recommend you, certain photographers, because they pay a price to be recommended to you. And, some vendors sell their spots on their “preferred vendor” lists. Also, this might not apply to every venue. Plus, some venues offer excellent recommendations. Besides, it is therefore very crucial to double-check before going with a choice recommended by the venues.

Wait for too long to select your wedding photographer

Further, this is one important thing which you should avoid. Thus, never wait for too long to choose your wedding photographer in case you have found a good one. Well, good photographers book their dates in advance & will not be available always. So, nothing is more frustrating than selecting a wedding photographer as well as then finding out that they booked out your date a week prior.

You Must Have Some Important Types Of Videography Capture At An Indian Wedding

Nowadays, with all of the colors, emotions, as well as action, Indian weddings are any videographer’s dream, also the perfect events to showcase Shan photography creativity and storytelling style.

Shan Photography team has shot hundreds of Indian weddings of various religions, and regions, from Hindu to Muslim to Punjabi to Gujarati, and many more! Well, we fully understand the culture and the sentimental moments that occur during a traditional Indian wedding. On the other hand, South Asian Weddings have incredible stories to tell with their vibrant colors, loving family moments, as well as traditional elements.

Indian wedding videography

Thus, for some of our recent Indian Weddings, be sure to check them out on our blog! Following are some our important Indian wedding videography shoots that makes your album awesome and memorable forever:

1. Mehndi Party Videography

Shan photography Indian Wedding packages are designed to incorporate the multiple pre-wedding and wedding festivities, including the Mehndi party. And, we enjoy getting to know the family in a more intimate setting as well as the event offers great candid footage that can be incorporated into your final wedding video. Also, we understand the time and detail that goes into the creation of Mehndi, plus, we feel through videography you can capture the Mehndi process.

2. Sangeet Videography

Next, the Sangeet is a pre-wedding celebration for the bride and groom’s family to formally meet and when the partying begins. And, the sole purpose of a Sangeet is to celebrate the anticipated wedding festivities with performances from the couple’s relatives. So, just like the Mehndi, the Sangeet is also included in our Indian Wedding Videography packages. Shan photography’s main goal during Sangeet videography is to capture all the fun moments between family and friends. Additionally, we schedule our arrival 10-20 minutes before invitation time to capture all the elaborate details of a Sangeet.

3. Baarat Videography

Moreover, the Baraat is an exciting start to a fun-filled wedding day, the groom’s time to shine! So, we’re never too sure what new as well as unique ride our grooms will come up with, however, we’ll be sure to capture it all. And, our grooms have arrived riding beautiful horses and friendly elephants. Also, we’ve even seen rickshaws flown in from India, a New York Taxi cab, and many luxury vehicles. Plus, the music, dancing, and unique ride set the tone for the evening.

4. Indian Wedding Reception Videography

Further, the Indian wedding reception is a time for celebration and a ton of emotion. And, we are dedicated to catching the laughter, tears, as well as dancing during your wedding reception. So, whether your uncle is breaking it down on the dance floor or your maid of honor is giving a heartfelt speech, Shan’s professional wedding photographers are there to capture it all on video.

To conclude, if you are living in Chicago and looking for a professional Indian wedding videographer then Shan Photographer is the best choice for you, who offers you the different styles of videos as well as with high quality all within your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today and book your date to have more discounts on these wedding seasons.

Choose the Best Photographer in the list of Top Wedding Photographers

Well, Weddings are special, so are those life-changing and heart-warming moments. And, each moment of your wedding deserves to be captured and preserved. Because these memories will last you a lifetime as well as this is where photographs come into play. Well, no matter the occasion – pre-wedding shoot, Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi, wedding or reception – each affair is filled with lots of photographs. If you want the professional shot then Shan Photography is the best choice, who comes first in the list of Top wedding photographers in Chicago.

Top wedding photographers in Chicago

We at Shan Photography, a team of expert always follow some role and responsibilities at your wedding and take some flawless bride pose to make your shot memorable forever; some of the poses are as follows:

#1. A Victorious Smile

Shan photographer would say that this type of pose is one of the confident and charming photoshoots poses for girls. And, the bride along with the groom with happiness on the face shows confidence as well as makes a bold statement.

Further, her lovely smile is adding a dash of sweetness and gentleness to the pose. Thus, if you’re a bold and outgoing girl, then this pose is worth giving a try!

#2. Flaunt Your Accessories With A Tilted Back

Next, a bride is, unarguably, incomplete without wedding accessories. Well, Right from hair, head, ears and neck to wrists, fingers, arms, and even feet, a bride is adorned with jewelry. So, jewelry is so important, and then a pose showing off your bridal jewelry is a must.

In this pose, we capture the bride that is beautifully and gracefully showing off all the pieces of jewelry. So, if you too wish to capture yourself in all your glory, go for one of the cutest and perfect photoshoot poses for girls like this one from Shan expert photographer.

#3. Flaunt Your Curves With a Back Pose

Moreover, Sexy! Well, the type of bride’s sexy pose is enough to make anyone fall for her gorgeous curves. So, if you’re all about flaunting your curves, and then all you need is a backless or deep-neck blouse then put your hair in front of your shoulder on any side and you’re all set.

#4. Catch Some Rustic Vibes by Posing With A Rickshaw

Do you Love rustic themes? This pose, bride and groom’s pose in a rickshaw-turned-floral-carriage is giving off all the right kind of rustic vibes. Our professional wedding photographer captures this pose beautifully which looks excellent.

Moreover, with a duo-chrome background and vibrantly colored bride and groom in the floral carriage, this pose is a contender of couple pose goals! Also, you can think of this pose as the groom promising to do anything to bring a smile on the bride’s face.

#5. A Cute Candid As You Sit On The Doli

Further, who doesn’t love candids? Well, we do! However for those times whenever you think you might not be too good for the camera, you can fake a candid. So, the best part is that it is hard to tell the difference between an actual and fake candid!

In this pose, the bride’s candid is taking cuteness to another level already. So, if you’re looking for cute candid shots, then this is it!

Before start Indian Wedding Photography take a look at basic tips

If you are a beginner and looking for comprehensive wedding photography tips? Books are useless and personal consultations will cost you more than $400 per day?

Indian wedding photographer San Jose

Therefore, Shan Photography the best Indian wedding photographer San Jose offers you useful tips for wedding photography to become a top wedding shooter in your area.

Put mutually a Shot List

Well, every photographer has a set of successful wedding photography poses; however, always ask your clients if they have their own ideas on how they would like to be photographed.

Thus, if the couple wants to have individual pictures with some guests, then you must know about it as well as realize how to organize everything in the best way possible.

Find a Wedding Family Photo Coordinator

Secondly, the most stressful section of the photoshoot is the family photo. And, people are running around, you are not acquainted with anyone, also visitors are in a ‘festive spirit’ often encouraged by a few drinks, for an outsider, so it looks like a chaotic mess.

Hence, ask the couple to name a responsible person from each side who will be helping you organize the merry crowd for a pleasant shot. And, this works great because the couple can enjoy their celebration plus, the assigned person is more familiar with the rest of the invited.

Explore the Location Beforehand

So, if it isn’t familiar to you, go there earlier and try to plan where the light and background will benefit the dress, rings, and newlyweds separately, or with their family members.

Ideal if you do your investigation a few days prior to the event, with a calm mind and plenty of time.

Know Your Gear Inside Out

Next, before the event check wedding photography camera settings, study and test available modes. Make sure that all options and functions work properly.

Always Have a Back-Up Camera

Moreover, you can purchase a cheaper camera model or rent the camera body if buying new is too expensive. And, it may feel like you’re literally chopping off a large part of your profit for no reason until one day this actually saves you.

Change Lenses While Wedding Shooting

Moving further, the biggest section in any wedding photography guide is on natural and real emotional shots. Hence, noticing that the newlyweds look stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera, switch to a longer lens (like 200mm) to move a bit further away.

Also, intimidated in your company, they will feel immediate relief and behave naturally. And, cropping the extra is nothing compared to working around fake smiles.

Hire an Assistant

Further, a great difference between professional and amateur wedding photography is the ability of the former to afford to pay an assistant to arrange the lights, also perform tests and even shoot anything you are missing behind your back.

Work together with a colleague so that he/she helps with your clients and you do the same with his/hers; a great way to share the experience.

Get to Know the Couple

Importantly, the key to the best wedding photoshoots is to get acquainted with the future newlyweds. So, work out some questions for them, the answers may inspire you for certain shots or a photo-story.

Set Expectations

Plus, one of the crucial wedding photography tips is to figure out precisely what your clients want. Thus, show them examples of your portfolio, pinpoint which specific moments are to be covered fully, the picture quantity they expect, how the photos should be delivered (printed or not). And, take time to settle all technical aspects and the total price.