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Top Wedding Photography Mistakes That You Should Avoid For Perfect Photography

Well, do you want to know the most common wedding photography mistakes, to avoid at your next shoot? Thus, from an amateur to professional wedding photographer, you may find a few mistakes that are common to all. Therefore, we at Shan Photography, the best Chicago wedding photographer, provide a list of wedding photography mistakes that our professionals avoid & get the perfect shot.

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List of wedding photography mistakes that have to avoid for the best wedding shoot


Not Signing a Wedding Photography Contract

Firstly, you need to sign a contract with your client. However, not having a contract signed may end up in a mess & create problems for you in the long term.

And, the time you are giving in meetings, wedding photoshoots, printed photos & everything should be discussed in the contract. 


Poses Not Finalized

Secondly, there are no random poses with the bride & groom at the wedding. However, not deciding the poses ahead of time can cause conflict & disagreements. Also, you shouldn’t miss out on the wedding photography checklist.

Thus, set a meeting with the bride & groom several times before the shoot. Plus, you & your client should be clear about the poses, so you know the poses for the bride & poses for the groom separately. Also, you should finalize the pose ideas for the couple.


Not Getting a Wedding Coordinator

Next, couples may gladly meet you before the wedding, but they won’t be there to help on the final day. And, you should ask for a coordinator, often a sibling or a close friend.

Also, it is recommended to let this coordinator attend all the meetings, so you all know what to do. And, the coordinator is helpful in arranging family & friends for the group photos, making the coordination easy between you & the couple on the wedding day & more.


Go without an Assistant

Moreover, weddings are a lot of work & it’s tough to do it solo. So, if you go alone, then you’ll face trouble with handling lights & other matters.

Therefore, we recommend exchanging the services of another wedding photographer to cut the cost. Also, you can shoot as an assistant for their wedding client, & then this photographer will return the favor at your shoot day.


Listening to Everyone

Also, as being a professional photographer, your attitude should define it. Well, there are multiple people who tell you what you should do & which photo should be taken, but you should stick to your perspective, & the agreement you made with your client.

And, listening to everyone will cause you to miss so much from your schedule that you can’t afford it. Plus, it is optional to avoid random suggestions from the crowd & stay focused on what you planned to do.


Missing the Firsts

Further, weddings have so many firsts, & they are the most important ones. And, you can’t avoid any of them as they used to be remembered for their lifetime. Plus, these firsts are the first look, first kiss, first dance, & more.

Additionally, you should make a schedule with the couple for the firsts, so you are present at that moment to make it still forever. And, missing the firsts can cost you in the long term, & it’s one of the biggest wedding photography mistakes.

Important Question That You Shouldn’t Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Whether you book a wedding photographer for your portrait photography experience, we certainly want you to have the best experience that you can. But, that can start even before you book your photographer. However, most times the first question is “What do you charge?” Well, that’s not a wrong query; however, it’s simply the first thing you ask because you don’t know what else to ask to base your decision upon. Thus, if you are looking for the best wedding photographer Chicago, then see the following questions to help you figure out what NOT to ask, & give you some pointers on what to ask instead.

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Things not to consider while hiring wedding photographers


1. Can I have all of the photos you take? Or can we have the raw/unedited files?

Firstly, this question gets asked more often than not. Well, some people freak out about this because they feel like they are missing out on something. A photographer should promise you that they will be holding back any images that you would possibly love. And, the first thing photographers do is quickly go through the images on our card & they don’t even import any images where the photographer can instantly see something wrong with the photo. The photographer likes to capture candid moments during pretty much any session, there will be duplicates as well as photos where someone is turned away, blinking or heaven forbid, picking their nose!

Therefore, a better question to ask is:

How do you decide which images to edit? Well, now that you know what culling is, you can shock the heck out of a photographer & ask them “What is your culling process?”


2. Can you Photoshop?

Secondly, this is a long-standing question that gets asked of photographers more times than not. And, most of the time its mom/bride asking photographers can make them look thinner, or remove a pimple or something of that nature. Say yes, I do use Photoshop as a tool to remove things like a pole or stop sign that was unavoidable in your image, also remove any blemishes that are temporary such as acne, bruises, or scratches, unless a client asks you to keep it. Photographer’s job is to make the images look the best they can without changing the way you look. Well, you’ve all seen the crazy viral photos of celebrities that make them look so unrealistic that there’s no way they could stand in a light breeze.

Thus, a better question to ask would be: Could we move to this other location to avoid cars, signs, etc in our background?


3. What camera/equipment do you use?

You can get many blogs on “Questions to ask your photographer” will tell you to ask this question (especially for weddings)-but don’t do it! Why? As most likely you have no clue what the right answer is. And, no offense, but most people don’t know the difference in equipment. Thus, to be quite honest with you, it isn’t that important. Therefore, good photographers can take amazing photos with a cell phone. We strongly advise against hiring a cell-phone photographer for your wedding, however, if you like the photos that they take, it doesn’t matter what they shoot them with.

So, a better question to ask is: Why do you use the camera that you use? Or what’s your favorite lens to use & why?


4. Can you change your style for our session?

Moreover, believe it or not, after people see my images & tell me they love them, some will still ask the photographer to provide them with images that look nothing like mine. Well, this isn’t a reasonable question for a photographer because photography is a work of art. Also, just like any other form of artwork, every artist has a different style. So, if you want dark and moody images, then photographer more on the light & airy side with my outdoor photography, as well as crisp & clean with a studio or indoor work. Also, one of the best ways to determine who you want to reach out to for photography is to go through their galleries online. Well, if you are a fan of their images, then reach out to them. And, if you like their prices, but are not in love with their images, then keep on scrolling.

Next, a better question to ask: What do you think you offer that makes you stand out from other photographers?


5. Do you charge less if you shorten the length of the session or if I only need a few photos?

Photographers had multiple versions of this question asked. However, the answer will pretty much be the same to anyone who asks it-my prices are what they are because of the time, talent, & expenses that go into every session. However, most regular portrait sessions will last under an hour. Thus, if all things go perfectly & the session only lasts approximately 30 minutes, the photographer refunds a portion of the session fee, just like if the sessions go 90 minutes, the photographer wouldn’t charge an additional fee. They include a certain number of images with all of my portrait sessions, & everyone is welcome to purchase more images at their reveal, however even if you tell me that you will only need the 10, the photographer still going to edit all of the beautiful images that cut so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Therefore, a better question to ask is: What goes into your sessions & why are you priced the way you are?


Also, some of us offer payment plans so if you love someone’s images but their prices seem a bit out of your budget; ask if they offer payment plans. I’ve even offered a pre-payment plan where they made bi-monthly payments leading up to their session so it didn’t make such a big hit to their pocketbook on the session date.

Need Engagement Shoot Ideas?

Well, it’s time that you and your bae are engaged, thus time to celebrate the momentous occasion with a romantic photoshoot. Are you thinking about where to start? However, there are so many cheesy couples’ photos & countless run-of-the-mill shots that it can be a challenge to snap a photo that is truly your own. Thus, for the latest engagement shoot, Shan photographers are the best.
Shan Photography is well-known for photographic services such as Indian wedding photography, Engagement Shoot, pre-wedding, Reception and many more. And, we are considered as the best Wedding photographer Chicago city.

Wedding photographer Chicago

Latest Engagement Photography Ideas

#1 The Proposal!

Well, without a doubt, the first expression of your love is the most special one! So, if you’re planning a romantic proposal for your sweeter half (you must, you really must!) then why not add a candid photographer to the plans & make sure he captures every li’l moment!

#2 Ring it On!

Secondly, whether you choose to go underwater romantic or floating entry on a grand stage, Shan Photographers make sure this moment is preserved for eternity!

#3 Classic Couple Portrait!

Thirdly, whether it’s a royal pose at a regal backdrop or a candid shot capturing just the two of you & your warmth, we choose your style & get it clicked pronto!

#4 Status Update!

Also, Oh yes! In this era of social media updates, we click pictures in which the status update shot is a must-do!

#5 Save-the-Date

Additionally, and of course, don’t forget those cute ‘Save the Date’ reminders you’ll be sending your friends as well as family over WhatsApp groups & other social media!

#6 The First Kiss!

Shan Photographers make sure you forever moment just after you’ve exchanged rings is framed beautifully!

#7 The First Dance!

And, whether you’ve got two left feet or own the dance floor, it’s time to capture your first hop, skip & twirl as a couple on the frame!

#8 Jump in Joy Moments!

Moreover, be the crazy fun couple that’s just too happy to be together, forget it all n just jump up in joy!

#9 The Gotcha ‘Surprise Kiss’ Shot!

Next, now this one’s our all-time favorite. Our expert make sure your photographer is hiding somewhere nearby when you land a surprise kiss on your unsuspecting sweetheart!

#10 Yummy Moments!

Further, that wow engagement cake, as well as the fun cake cutting moments surely, have a place in your album! However, more importantly, don’t forget to click a few yummy poses with the irresistible dessert!

To Conclude:

Well, your engagement is the day when you two will embark on your journey as a couple. And, this is the day when your dream of getting hitched with your love will become true. Also, your engagement may seem smaller to you as in size but the truth is your engagement is the beginning of your new life, of you two as a couple.

Choose the Best Photographer in the list of Top Wedding Photographers

Well, Weddings are special, so are those life-changing and heart-warming moments. And, each moment of your wedding deserves to be captured and preserved. Because these memories will last you a lifetime as well as this is where photographs come into play. Well, no matter the occasion – pre-wedding shoot, Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi, wedding or reception – each affair is filled with lots of photographs. If you want the professional shot then Shan Photography is the best choice, who comes first in the list of Top wedding photographers in Chicago.

Top wedding photographers in Chicago

We at Shan Photography, a team of expert always follow some role and responsibilities at your wedding and take some flawless bride pose to make your shot memorable forever; some of the poses are as follows:

#1. A Victorious Smile

Shan photographer would say that this type of pose is one of the confident and charming photoshoots poses for girls. And, the bride along with the groom with happiness on the face shows confidence as well as makes a bold statement.

Further, her lovely smile is adding a dash of sweetness and gentleness to the pose. Thus, if you’re a bold and outgoing girl, then this pose is worth giving a try!

#2. Flaunt Your Accessories With A Tilted Back

Next, a bride is, unarguably, incomplete without wedding accessories. Well, Right from hair, head, ears and neck to wrists, fingers, arms, and even feet, a bride is adorned with jewelry. So, jewelry is so important, and then a pose showing off your bridal jewelry is a must.

In this pose, we capture the bride that is beautifully and gracefully showing off all the pieces of jewelry. So, if you too wish to capture yourself in all your glory, go for one of the cutest and perfect photoshoot poses for girls like this one from Shan expert photographer.

#3. Flaunt Your Curves With a Back Pose

Moreover, Sexy! Well, the type of bride’s sexy pose is enough to make anyone fall for her gorgeous curves. So, if you’re all about flaunting your curves, and then all you need is a backless or deep-neck blouse then put your hair in front of your shoulder on any side and you’re all set.

#4. Catch Some Rustic Vibes by Posing With A Rickshaw

Do you Love rustic themes? This pose, bride and groom’s pose in a rickshaw-turned-floral-carriage is giving off all the right kind of rustic vibes. Our professional wedding photographer captures this pose beautifully which looks excellent.

Moreover, with a duo-chrome background and vibrantly colored bride and groom in the floral carriage, this pose is a contender of couple pose goals! Also, you can think of this pose as the groom promising to do anything to bring a smile on the bride’s face.

#5. A Cute Candid As You Sit On The Doli

Further, who doesn’t love candids? Well, we do! However for those times whenever you think you might not be too good for the camera, you can fake a candid. So, the best part is that it is hard to tell the difference between an actual and fake candid!

In this pose, the bride’s candid is taking cuteness to another level already. So, if you’re looking for cute candid shots, then this is it!

Wedding planning seems not completed without Professional Photographer

A wedding day is the D-day everyone’s life, nobody wants their wedding day’s preparation has any default as they consider the day to be organized perfectly so that memorable to their entire life, at this situation without a wedding photographer all you preparations remains not fulfilled. Thus always hire a professional wedding photographer.

wedding photographer Chicago

Shan Photography has a team of expert wedding photographer Chicago City, who memorializes, what for many, is the happiest day of their lives. And, capturing irreplaceable moments and translating them into pictures is both a learned skill and an art form. Also, the accountability inherent in producing photographs commemorating the once-in-a-lifetime incident is enormous. But then so are the rewards. Hence, to be sure, generations will treasure your art form.

Moreover, with the various offers online, it can be really hard to choose which photographer offers the best package and the exact amount of professionalism needed for such a special occasion. Only Shan seems the ultimate choice at that time, not for a professional wedding shoot but also reasonable prices.

Why Shan is considered as the best wedding photographer Chicago city?

You should not worry! While selecting the best wedding photographer from the online list, because We at Shan Photography the best wedding photographer in Chicago, have expertise in this field of photography to distribute most favorable quality pictures, in both satisfied and creativity to our clients. And, our capturing the style of photography is that which focuses on naturalness instead of technique.

Also, your subject’s focus isn’t on the camera, however on their current task. Thus, we’re not talking about the photo album full of people looking at the camera and smiling here! Your subjects are unpresented and the shots are spontaneous. Shan Photography team has a miraculous ability to shoot pictures, which speak for themselves. Our team of experts captures the love, emotions, and passion of your most awaited day and crafts it into a beautiful story. Additionally, our company is a well-established firm and known as the best wedding photographer in Chicago.

 Apart from this, the photographer is an important part of your wedding and we at Shan studio not just only provide a lasting record of the people, events, and emotions but also an integral part of the structure and organization of the day. Also, we are the photographers, who can work quickly and easily and who you feel is someone you can rely on, can make a big impact on your enjoyment of your wedding day.


Shan photography services have the following features which make it special:


  • The impulsiveness of the shot
  • Capturing authentic emotions
  • Recording of ordinary expressions
  • Lively pictures

To recapitulate, now make your wedding story unique without getting interfered with the help of our best wedding photography! Shan photography professional wedding photographer teams are ready to assist you!