Things the Bride should do before a few weeks of the Wedding day

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Are you getting married??? Excited!! If yes, then it’s good, but if you are worried about your wedding day then I must understand that nervousness is obvious.  Finally, the day you are waiting for your childhood is coming, and no issue must happen on you big-day, enjoy all the lovely moments, thus hiring a photographer is the best idea to capture your lovely moments and to revive your special day. So, you need to worry about this.

We at Shan photography, the best Indian wedding photographer in Bay Area, deliver you the best Indian wedding photography services. We have experienced and professional photographers who capture your lovely moments on the big day so that you can refresh your memories anytime to your entire life, plus, you can show it to your children and grandchildren also.

But, not only photography is all about the wedding, but they’re also some important thing along with hiring the professional Indian wedding photographer which are as follow, that you must do before some weeks of your big day:


List of things you must do before your wedding day:

Get a trial of your full look

The wedding day is the big day of your life, and you spend thousands of dollars by purchasing your outfit. Therefore, on the wedding day what will be your look you must not take the risk. You should take a full trial of your look so that on the wedding day you will be relaxed about your outfit as well as make sure everything looks & feels comfortable.

Wear your shoe some days earlier

Well, I know your shoes are brand new. But you must wear your shoe some days earlier before your marriage and practice some hours daily to walk on different surfaces so that on the wedding day you will feel comfortable. 

Wash and clear you ring & jewelry

All the jewelry as well as the ring you will wear on your wedding day must be neat and clean. Therefore, I suggest that you must clean your jewelry nicely so that on the wedding day it reveals a shiny look. 

Meet you, planner and photographer

If you are living in the Bay area and getting married in Indian style, then you must get a meeting with your planner and Indian wedding photographer before a few weeks of your wedding event. You must clear out with both about your choice and also they should know about the Indian traditions and rituals so that they organize your event as per the requirements.

Make budget and payments

You must be aware or have a rough idea about the payments you have to do, thus, you must make a budget sheet and keep some extra money as compared to your payments, so that in case you require you don’t panic in those situations a backup is always there.

Confirm your booking at your hotel or venue

Before some days of your wedding, you must confirm your booking at the hotel as per your requirements, the timing and arrangements; you must remind them of all these things.

To sum up, well everyone has a plan in his head regarding the wedding day like what to wear, food, decor, and all. The thing in this article, you may get important things that a bride should do before the few days of the wedding, so that on the big-day she feels comfortable, relax and enjoy her special day, which she was waiting for from her childhood.

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