Wedding Makeup Guide

The makeup in your wedding photos don't necessarily require a professional makeup artist but creating some professional touches can really help you to look your best in your wedding photos. If you have opted to use a professional makeup artist or produce your own natural look, there are some makeup kits that you can follow to look your best in photos.

Go bold if you are using highlighter: any type of shadow or highlighted area using your makeup needs to be emphasized to be seen on camera. An effect may look great in person but it can be difficult to transfer that makeup look through to photography in a 2-D image. Practicing a look and taking just a few photos of it yourself can give you an indication of what that makeup effect might look like on camera.

Start with skincare first: before any makeup gets applied to your face you need to work on your skin by moisturizing it and smoothing it. Working to get a facial or scrub treatment early on before your wedding will help you to prepare and make sure that your skin is in its best condition to begin with. 

Match closely with natural skin tone: proper blending and foundation makeup colors that are matching to your natural skin tone can be very important. You may want to consider using a designer foundation that comes in a closer shade to your natural tone to get a better look. In high-quality images, makeup that isn't properly blended or matched can show up easily especially against a white wedding dress.

Use powder brushes sparingly: when using a powder brush be sure to blow off any excess makeup from the brush and very lightly apply it to the corners of your eyes, temple and cheekbones. Most professionals recommend applying it in a v formation like a peace sign for the most effective look. 

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for preparing your wedding makeup and getting the natural look that can enhance your wedding photos. Contact Us