Questions You Should Never Skip Asking Your Wedding Photographer

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Be it the couple or the family, everyone wants the wedding day to be at its best and to cherish the day with the best photographs. There are thousands of photographers available to shoot a wedding, the important question is how to choose the best and most suitable one? Well, with the wedding already no one has much time but still, the best Indian wedding photographer can be chosen if you ask the right questions. The reason being asking the right set of questions can actually help you to understand the experience level of the photographer and their way of capturing the event.

There is this thing to keep in mind since your wedding pictures will be shown prominently in your photo albums for many generations to come, they must have a strong combination of creative vision, expertise, and experience. 

With our experience in Indian wedding photography for years, we have prepared a set of questions that can help you to choose the best photographer for the wedding: 

  • What is your shooting style? (Documentary, conventional, or fashion editorial) 

You can determine your preferred photography style by looking at a variety of portfolios, whether it be traditional or a fashion one. You can ask the photographer to showcase their portfolio for you to have a proper idea about their photography style. It is crucial that the photographers you meet are familiar with and skilled in your preferred aesthetic.

  • How many marriages are shot approximately every year? 

This is an important thing to ask because this will reveal your photographer’s level of expertise and the anticipated cost of the service. For instance, a photographer who only shoots 20 weddings per year will either be very expensive because they invest a lot of time in the shooting and editing, or they will be fairly priced since they are just starting out and don’t yet have a strong name in the field.

  • Can you show some of the finished projects (albums)?

Photographers are known to create a story with a few sets of pictures, imagine this would be a wedding album they should actually be able to depict a whole story with so many pictures. When you look at finished albums, you may see a story instead of just one or two “wow” photographs. For example, how about photos from the entire day, including photos of your family’s expressions and feelings as they get ready and walk down the aisle or when the bride sits at the mandap (in the case of a Hindu wedding)? 

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Photos of your visitors, dear friends, and family will help you relive the event. Indian wedding photographer in Chicago believes in capturing candids and heart-touching moments of the wedding. 

You also want it to be a wonderful story of the day and not just a collection of pictures. You should see an album as a narrative of several moments during the day, making sure that each picture is exquisitely taken in its own right.

  • Do you have insurance? 

This might sound a little weird to ask but it is important to do so. Make sure the wedding photographer you choose is covered by public liability insurance. By doing so, they are guaranteed coverage in the event of an accident, such as accidentally running into a visitor with their lens or having someone trip over their tripod, for example. This, in addition to equipment insurance, should be carried by a professional wedding photographer. They might not have insurance if they only practice photography on the side or as a pastime to save money. 

What makes it so important for you to make sure of the insurance part? If your photographer’s camera equipment were to go lost or damaged, they might file a claim with their insurance and replace it; if they didn’t have insurance or the money to do so, they might have to cancel your booking and leave you without a photographer.

  • Have you got any assistance? 

If the photographer is doing everything by themselves, positioning the angles during the shot frequently becomes tedious. The primary photographer needs support for carrying gear, setting up backdrops, and assembling photographs and frames. Therefore, ask the photographer if they have assistance with them. 

  • What wedding packages are available and what are the things that are included in the same? 

If the wedding shots, editing, album, and venue visitation are all included in the package, that information should be disclosed. In order to avoid having to pay extra for extras you thought were already included, you should find out exactly what is included in the wedding package. Have you ever shot pictures at the location of my wedding? Would you be open to touring the location before the wedding? 

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Make sure you request to see a whole wedding album shot at the location if your photographer has previously photographed there. The best thing is that it will provide you with a better idea of how your wedding pictures would turn out to be. 

  • What are the charges for additional hours spent? 

This also depends if you want behind-the-scenes covered too. For example, if you want the photographer to capture candids your mom is helping you with the ornaments or wearing those heels on. Consider how many hours you’ll need, consider your day’s itinerary, and make sure your photographer will be there to capture it all.

There are situations, for example, your cake cutting may have been moved back slightly, which caused your first dance to be moved back so it is now a little later. If timings are tight or may be pushed, speak to your photographer and see if you can agree for them to stay an extra hour and find out how much they would charge for this. However, it is better to discuss the same with them already just in case. 

  • Do you have a backup plan in place? 

It doesn’t matter how great of a camera your photographer has what if it runs out of battery? Even two cameras might not be sufficient in this case. Your photographer will only have one camera if one breaks or runs out of battery. At least three cameras and as many different lenses will be carried by a professional photographer. Make sure to ask if they actually have a backup plan, just in case. 

  • How the pictures and videos will be shared? 

Indian wedding photography usually turns out to be quite large in size because of multiple rituals and ceremonies. You should definitely as your photographer about the medium with which the data will be shared. Prints? Downloading them? Disc? USB? The typical method for receiving images from a wedding photographer is on a USB flash drive or a download link. However, many photographers will also offer you photocopies that are optimized for social media and have been saved for the web. Additionally, they might grant you and your visitors’ access to a website gallery where you can log in and examine the pictures from the day. 

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Things are mostly digital now, however people still like the old-school wedding vibes due to which wedding albums are still in trend. Speak with your photographer about your alternatives and the associated costs if you want them printed or created into an album for you.

If you’re looking for the best Indian wedding photography in Chicago then you should definitely consider Shan Photography. Our years of experience in this field make us who we are. To know more, you can contact us at the given information on the website and also get a free quote! Wedding is one of the purest and happiest things that happens to us humans we believe, celebrate it like a festival and get the best memories captured by professional wedding photographers like us!  

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