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Let’s embark on an enchanting journey where cultural richness and love meet exquisite landscapes.

We are a team of experts in destination wedding photography, specializing in Indian weddings. Our lenses capture not just the ritualistic intricacies unique to Indian weddings, but also the heartwarming moments and the vibrant tapestry of the grand celebrations set against the picturesque backdrops of Mexico and the USA. With a keen eye for detail and a strong passion for embracing authenticity, we help capture the most important day of your life in a way that takes you back to the raw emotions and togetherness, every single time.

You love surprises, but not when
it comes to your photographer

We know there is much more to a destination Indian wedding than meets the eye. 

We will walk you through everything you need to know so that you can enjoy a hassle-free celebration.

We go around the world to create heartwarming “happily-ever-after”s

We are a veteran team of Indian wedding photographers who have years of experience capturing priceless moments and invaluable memories. With our roots running deep in India, we understand the complexities and culture-rich events that form part of Indian weddings more than anyone else. And we know, for the same reason, that a destination Indian wedding demands much more.


Our passionate group of destination wedding photographers has been amidst many love stories around the globe, including regional weddings in the country. They value a heartwarming love story that comes with the beautiful complexities arising when two families from different cultures and traditions come together. And this is why they will travel across the world and beyond borders to witness and document one.


We will immortalize your destination wedding memories and create a photographic love story that will melt your heart.


Looking for wedding vision inspo?


Here is a collection of some of our favorite island weddings. From magical sunsets to pink sandy beaches, we’ve got every type of love story covered.

Your wedding could be our next addition.

Your personal wedding entourage; ready to accompany you

Our team of photographers follows a unique and personalized style of documentation to capture the precious wedding moments in their truest and most raw form. We are very particular about preserving the authenticity of every emotion and every ritual we capture, which is why we consider our initial meetings crucial for the best results.


From day one, we plan and arrange one-on-one meetings with you to get to know your personalities as a couple and to study your wedding vision. We encourage you to share reference pictures or other material during these discussions so that we can better understand the mood and the quality of the pictures you are looking for. These meetings will also help us understand how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Through these discussions we intend to become your very own wedding besties; your personal entourage of sorts to travel around the world and capture the most important day of your life.


We cover destination weddings across the country and Mexico. Being one of the most popular spots for Indian couples, we have a dedicated team of Mexico wedding photographers who know the country from soup to nuts. They will help you with everything from scouting venues and photoshoot locations to finding gorgeous frames and shooting stunning portraits. Their experience and expertise in destination wedding photography in Mexico give them the upper hand in devising foolproof plans that will complement your vision.

Destination Wedding Photography; the process

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From packages to pricing to wedding vision realization, we’ll answer all your questions.

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You’ve booked your destination venue, blocked your dates, and made your payment. Now the fun begins.

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We’ll be waiting for you, ready to document your special day, camera in hand.

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Stunning locales in the US and Mexico waiting for you

From Cancun to Tulum, to Cabo San Lucas, we cover destination weddings across some of the most exotic locales in Mexico. Take your pick and we’ll help you make the wedding of your dreams come true.

Rely on the most experienced destination wedding photographers for your dream wedding

Since 2005, Shan Photography has been actively serving excited couples, making their dream weddings a reality. We have an exceptional and enthusiastic team of photographers, who are passionate about capturing the most priceless moments from culture-rich Indian weddings across the country and Mexico at exquisite locales.


In terms of equipment and tech, we have the latest and best in everything we need to shoot your special day, from 4K quality lenses to a range of lighting and effects, to drones and more. We also have experienced teams in popular destinations across the world including the US and Mexico. This makes us one of the most well-equipped teams in destination wedding photography and Mexico wedding photography in particular.


In every way, we are the most trusted team of experts you can rely on to live your Indian wedding vision.

Get our guide to ensure your destination wedding is stress-free.

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