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A Reliable Indian Wedding Photographer in San JoseShan Photography is a passionate team of photographers specializing in documenting endearing Indian wedding stories in the US. We are true-blue Indians at heart, and we know the intricacies entailed in an Indian wedding celebration more than anyone else. This makes us experts in the craft of capturing the journey of an Indian couple in its truest most authentic form. The outcome – a beautiful wedding album that truly reflects the celebrations, the raw emotional exchanges, the priceless family moments, and more, taking you back to your special day, every time you look at it.

As a passionate team of Indian wedding photographers in San Jose, we strive to offer the most versatile and customizable range of services for Indian couples in the US. By tailoring our offerings to suit your unique needs, preferences, and wedding vision, you can maximize our partnership and attain the wedding pictures of your dreams. We provide everything from pre-wedding and post-wedding event coverage to extensive wedding-day coverage, and additional photoshoots, all of which can be customized according to your wedding events, style of wedding, mood board, color board, and more.

With over a decade of experience capturing Indian wedding stories in the US, our team is well-versed in the religious rituals and ceremonies involved in our celebrations, and their significance. This means that you can rest assured, knowing your wedding documentation is in good hands. We will ensure to capture all the important moments, without missing any precious ones.

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The beauty of San Jose captured through our wedding tales

San Jose – the largest city in Northern California, is known for its innovation, cultural diversity, and affluence. Its infrastructure is wonderfully unique as it embraces the essence of high-tech Silicon Valley while beautifully preserving Spanish history. 19th-century buildings exude old-world charm while sitting beside contemporary-style modern edifices – a rich contrast evident across all parts of the city.

This makes San Jose a very popular destination for wedding photography. Indian couples love portraying the affluent bustling streets and sceneries of San Jose while romanticizing their tale of love.

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in San Jose, we have captured many beautiful love stories across a myriad of locations in and around the city. From lush greenery to dreamy coasts and grandiose architectural elements, there are many stunning attractions that will make exceptional backdrops and frames, enhancing the beauty and ambiance of your wedding pictures.

Starting with Villa Montalvo – it is a gorgeous Italian Mediterranean revival mansion nestled warmly in the Saratoga hills. The building surrounded by beautiful gardens and serene walking trails, transports you to a tranquil lake in Italy, making your wedding pictures look exotic and unique. The mansion exudes European brilliance with towering white pillars and tree-lined paths around. There are also more intimate nooks within the garden to capture more lovely frames.

If you wish to frame moody portraits amidst towering redwood trees, the Henry Cowell State Park is the perfect choice. The ancient preserved trees at the park create a dense canopy that sets the ambiance on a whole other level. The lush green surroundings put together with the rainforest vibes, make for amazingly romantic portrait frames that will make your album look straight out of a movie set.

Bollywood song sequences always portray vast open fields and protagonists dancing in the rain with no care in the world. If you wish to have your own Bollywood moment, head to the Coyote Valley – the agricultural heartland of San Jose. Pick a rainy day or a moody evening, grab a ukulele, and dance around on the extensive open fields with your partner to mimic the ultra-romantic feel of DDLJ into your wedding pictures. Or wear a black chiffon sari and channel your inner Aiswaria Rai framing the distant mountains as backdrops to photograph your “Mohabbatein” moment.

Many couples love to embrace the Western vibes that they have come to love living in the US. To portray a true West appeal in your wedding pictures the Bernal Historic Ranch Park would be the best choice. It features vast open drylands with dried plants, shrubs, and leaves, and a ranch building that enhances the western charm. The building adds character to the portrait frames, making your pictures look casual, laid-back, and unique. Golden hour portraits are particularly magical when framed amidst the dry crops and grass elements of the field.

For classic pre-wedding photos borrowed from the stills of vintage Bollywood movies, the San Jose Rose Garden is the place to go. It features gorgeous blooming red roses – the universally accepted symbol of love, perfect to add to your romance quotient. Spring-time photoshoots particularly during the golden hours, or during dawn, edited with rich contrasts can make your wedding pictures look magical and other-worldly. An expert Indian wedding photographer in San Jose can reveal the true beauty of the garden.

San Jose offers many more exquisite landscapes as well as cityscape locations that you can experiment with according to your taste and vision. Communicate your interests and preferences clearly with the Shan Photography team and watch your unique wedding story unfold through the pictures.

Popular Indian wedding venues in San Jose

The Shan Photography team has been in business for the past 12 years, and over our professional span, we have had the privilege to be a part of many Indian love stories in San Jose. From large and extravagant wedding celebrations to intimate and endearing weddings, we have captured it all. The highlight of our service is that we get to explore hundreds of venues, frames, and backdrops and click pictures of couples in love against these.

Over our course in San Jose, we have filmed Indian wedding stories across several venues in the city. Here are four of the most popular Indian wedding venues that we have serviced.

Silver Creek Valley Country Club

The Silver Creek Valley Country Club is the perfect venue to create the “fairytale” wedding of your dreams. It features luxurious outdoor landscapes including a three-story waterfall cascade and a lake. A mandap placed at the ceremony site beside the lake will create the most magnificent frame with the waterfall in the background. The place also has equally luxurious ballrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic views of the city, once again making for exquisite backdrops for wedding photography.

Hayes Mansion San Jose, Curio Collection by Hilton

The Hayes Mansion is a carefully preserved Mediterranean-style mansion built in 1905. It offers the most uniquely precious interiors with beautiful inglenooks, intricately detailed doorways with gorgeous glass insets, and sparkling wood trims. Incorporating these elements into your wedding pictures will make your album look exotic. The building also has several archways and stairways perfect for “first look” portraits. In addition, the place also boasts lush outdoor landscapes and lawns with swaying palms – a bonus backdrop for wedding pictures.

The GlassHouse

The GlassHouse is the perfect venue for couples who like to embrace the contemporary beauty of San Jose. As the name suggests, it is a chic and modern art-deco-inspired venue featuring glass walls and structures, located in the heart of the city. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, both of which come with beautiful frames of the glass building and the city. The glass-walled ceremony spaces make for ultra-chic backdrops for wedding photography, lending a sleek modern style to your wedding album. The views of the bustling city as seen through the high-ceiling ballroom windows, further add to the essence of the pictures.

The Ranch at Silver Creek by Wedgewood Weddings

The Ranch at Silver Creek by Wedgewood Weddings is a hilltop clubhouse-style venue fit for couples who wish to have smaller weddings embracing intimacy and close family ties. The venue offers stunning 360-degree views of San Jose and Silicon Valley – the best backdrop for wedding photography. Conducting the wedding ceremony at the al fresco space in the courtyard will let you capture the panoramic views of the city in the background. Night-time shots will be magical with the lights making the city come alive. It also features an indoor ballroom that is equally beautiful.

San Jose has many more hidden gems of Indian wedding venues, each with mesmerizing interiors, outdoor sceneries, and backdrops, making for exceptional wedding frames. Our team, with their experience and expertise in capturing Indian weddings, can guide you in your venue selection process, based on the style and mood you wish to incorporate in your wedding pictures. As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in San Jose, we know the city like the back of our hand, and we know the best frames the city offers.

The best time to get married in San Jose

Peak wedding season in San Jose is considered to be from May to October, that is, from late Spring to early Fall. Summers are typically dry and warm, however, by May, the temperature drops to a comfortable level, which attracts many outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The fall season is a hot favorite for themed weddings, as the rustic vibrant colors and foliage of the season provide exceptional backdrops. The temperature is also typically pleasant with cool breezes further enhancing the ambiance.

Count on Shan Photography for the most authentic Indian wedding documentation

As an experienced Indian wedding photographer in San Jose, we take great pride in the fact that we know Indian weddings more than anyone else. This gives us the upper hand in crafting Indian wedding stories that are authentically Indian and uniquely personal. No matter what your wedding vision is, we can make it happen for you through our finely tailored wedding photography packages. With us, you are sure to find your best fit.

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