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A Full-Service Indian Wedding Photographer in Los AngelesShan Photography is a reliable and passionate team of Indian wedding photographers in Los Angeles, specializing in documenting Indian wedding stories. We know and understand an Indian wedding, along with its complexities and cultural intricacies more than anyone else. This gives us the upper hand in crafting stories that are perfectly reflective of your culture, and authentically Indian in theme.

We strive to offer Indian couples in the US, an endearing series of pictures that mirror the priceless moments from their big day in the truest possible way. For this, we follow an artistic documentation style, where our skilled professionals will blend into the crowd and document the precious moments, including emotional exchanges, love, laughter, religious ceremonies, and more, without disrupting the natural flow of events. The result is an album that is so vividly real, that it will take you back to the most important day of your life, over and over for the years to come.

As a full-service Indian wedding photographer, we offer customized packages to suit your individual needs, preferences, and wedding vision. This lets us tailor our services to perfectly fulfill your unique wedding story; from pre-wedding events to engagement photoshoots, extensive wedding-day coverage, and post-wedding parties, our team is equipped and ready to document all your special moments promptly.

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Los Angeles – the home of Hollywood through the Shan Photography lenses

Los Angeles, or LA as it’s lovingly called, is the most populous city in California, and the second-most populous city in the US. Home to some of the most iconic spots in the business of entertainment and tourism, the city portrays a beautiful mix of nature and Hollywood glamor. LA is most famous for being a hot spot for Hollywood movies and stars; from Universal Studios to Venice Beach, many locations in and around the city are popularly used by high-profile banners to produce films and music videos.

Another iconic landmark proudly owned by LA is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, it features more than 2690 stars dedicated to artists in Hollywood to honor their contributions to the industry and their achievements.

To get the ultimate urban city experience, Downtown LA is the best location. Filled with the finest brands to shop from, top-notch restaurants, museums, and Mexican food joints, the place is bustling with activity throughout the day and night.

In addition to these, there are numerous other LA landmarks and serene locales in the city that serve as excellent backdrops for wedding photography. As an experienced Indian wedding photographer in Los Angeles, we have captured many love stories, across different locations, including botanical gardens, museums, historic structures, iconic sites like Disneyland Park, and many more.

The Griffith Observatory is one such popular location for wedding photoshoots. It features breathtaking views of the LA city and the Hollywood hills. Some of the pictures that we have captured at this stunning viewpoint in LA are out of the world and heavenly, being atop the structure. Besides the city views, the observatory itself offers exceptional architectural and design elements that serve as great frames within the structure.

The Ferndell Trail is a serene and quiet photoshoot location, perfect for couples to relax, hang out, and be their true selves. Its tall trees, brick steps, fallen leaves, and earthy trails serve as great backdrops for photography. As the place is void of extravagant colors, it is also a chance to explore more moody filters for your story

If you wish to explore a lesser-known location in the city, Runyon Canyon Park would be perfect. It is a hidden gem located right at the heart of LA and features hiking trails and viewpoints from which you can incorporate stunning cityscapes and landscapes as backdrops. Shooting during the golden hours will reveal the true magic of the place.

An iconic element that many Indian couples like to incorporate into their wedding pictures is the Hollywood sign. While it is a challenge to take pictures closer to the sign owing to the resistance of local landowners, there are some great ways to fit it into the background. For example, the Lake Hollywood Park uphill provides exceptional views of the sign from a distance which can easily be incorporated into your portrait frame. For a closer experience, Mt. Lee Drive is the perfect place where you will be directly above the Hollywood sign.

Some other gorgeous parks that provide amazing backdrops and frames of lush green botanicals, tall trees, canopies, landscapes, as well as ranch vibes are the Malibu Creek State Park, the Catalina View Gardens, Descanso Gardens, Crystal Cove State Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Paramount Ranch.

Whether you want to incorporate the city you love into your wedding photos or create an out-of-the-city exotic appeal, the Shan Photography team can make it happen for you. Our experts will assist you in everything from location selection to framing and setting the mood for photography, ultimately leading you to the wedding album of your dreams.

Popular Indian wedding venues in Los Angeles

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in Los Angeles, we have had the privilege of capturing many beautiful wedding tales, set in some of the most luxurious as well as intimately serene venues in the city. Unsurprisingly, there are endless options for couples looking to get married, starting from grand resorts to contemporary minimal hotels and convention centers.

Here are four of the most popular Indian wedding venues that we have previously serviced.


The Valentine is a unique and interesting venue preferred by new-age millennial and Gen-Z couples in LA. It is a remodeled former factory that comes with an edgy urban vibe, along with ample free space for personalized Indian courtyard weddings. Its most unique attraction is its blue façade, which serves as an excellent exquisite portrait frame. The venue also features lush interiors with intricate design elements – tasteful backdrops for an extravagant Indian wedding album.

Hotel Casa del Mar

Hotel Casa del Mar is an exotic location in LA holding a significant place in Los Angeles History. What used to be one of the busiest exclusive beach clubs is now a restored “Gatsby-inspired” hotel – a favorite venue for couples in the city. It has some excellent design elements that can be incorporated into themed wedding pictures, such as its grand historic Italian Renaissance revival edifice, its vintage staircases, its two-story coffered ceilings, bay windows, and beautiful chandeliers. The outdoors also has some amazing options for portrait backdrops such as a view of the iconic Ferris wheel of Santa Monica, and the boundless beauty of the beach.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch

The Hummingbird Nest Ranch is a refreshingly unique oasis of a venue, located away from the bustling city, but very much accessible. The ranch nestled in the Santa Susana Mountains provides an elegant Spanish villa surrounded by an extensive stretch of outdoor landscapes, perfect for incorporating destination wedding vibes into the album. It offers a range of exquisite backdrops starting from shaded groves and canyon views to the raw and untouched desert ambiances of Southern California. The indoors too, provide interesting frames with their rustic nature and old-world charm.

Taglyan Complex

The Taglyan Complex is the perfect choice for couples who wish to have a regal-style big fat Indian wedding in the heart of LA. Its highlight is the 5,000-square-foot back-lit LED glass ceiling in the Grand Ballroom – the single most exquisite detail to take your wedding pictures to the next level. The space by itself is luxuriously opulent and beautiful making for an elegant palace feel. In addition to its indoor backdrops, it also features stunning outdoor spaces such as the Complex’s Courtyard and Gardens. Filled with lush greenery, fountains, Italian-inspired landscape designs, and ambient lighting, they serve as impressive grandiose frames for wedding photography.

The Shan Photography team has filmed beautiful weddings in these spectacular venues and more in LA. Our experts can help guide you in your venue selection process as well, according to the wedding vision you have in mind. Whether you wish to recreate a palace-inspired grand wedding in LA or a modernist minimal wedding, our team will bring your vision to life.

The best times to get married in Los Angeles

Wedding season in LA is considered to be from late Spring season to early Fall. However, the city is known to have pleasant sunny weather all year round.

Spring needless to say brings the best of sunny warm weather along with backdrops of blooming flowers and lush greenery for wedding photography.

Summer season can be uncomfortably hot in some areas of LA, although the coastal areas and beach venues will most likely have cooler weather. It is a popular time for tourists and weddings alike.

Fall season, particularly October, is one of the best times to get married in the city as it brings long and warm days with cooler nights – the perfect recipe for an extensive Indian wedding that lasts all day.

Winters, although not a widely popular time, can also be great for magical weddings in grand vintage-inspired hotel ballrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the sparkle of the falling snow outside.

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No matter what your wedding vision is, and how filmy or dramatic you wish your wedding album to be, Shan Photography will make it happen for you.

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