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If you are looking for an Indian Wedding Photographer, we have the experts to handle your Indian style weddings too. We emphasize the perfect blend of Indian traditions with the contemporary style of snapshots that make them look out of the world. At Shan Photography, we understand the values of Indian customs and traditions. We will capture every traditional move of the bride, groom, and their parents. Having an Indian Wedding Videographer from Shan photography, you will never have to worry about your photography needs. The Indian Wedding Photography is a different category that is handled by the experts and the personnel know which moves are to be clicked and when. Your entire wedding requirement is catered to at the best prices in the industry. Just be spending a little you can just change the way you used to look at your old photographs. Our Indian wedding Videography team is ready at the doorstep to serve you.


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Indian Wedding Photographer in Chicago

It is well said, “Don’t marry someone who lives with you, however, marry someone who can’t live without you” A wedding day is the big day of your life, on which you are getting married to your dear one who takes responsibility for you till his entire life and this is a moment you are getting two-person one soul, thus to keep these moments remember afterward, we capture some amazing photos of the day. Therefore, for wedding photos, to make them more amazing Shan Photography has the professional Indian wedding photographer Chicago, who takes a specialized touch to the wedding shoot and makes them perfect.

The Wedding Photography Chicago

Chicago witnesses many weddings daily but after hiring a wedding photographer from us, you will marvel at each and every click and we will make sure every required move is captured. Our well-trained staff knows which are the best moments to be captured and the wedding photography style will make you run into smiles and tears and many reasons to cherish the wedding again and again. Barrington HILls, IL, Burr Ridge, IL, Deer Park, IL, Deerfield, IL, Glencoe, IL, Glenview, IL, Highland Park, IL, Hinsdale, IL, Inverness, IL, Kenilworth, IL, Lake Barrington, IL, Lake Bluff, ILLINOIS, Lake Forest, IL, Lincolnshire, IL, Long Grove, IL, Northfield, IL, Naperville, IL, Northbrook, IL, Oak Brook, IL, South Barrington, IL, Schaumburg, IL, Wilmette, IL, Winnetka, IL, Roselle, IL We understand your photography needs and know how much it is important to capture each of the festive moments and hence we have brought together the best team of wedding photography Chicago. From those surprise engagements to amazing parties, from your birthdays to weddings, from candid to receptions, our portfolio designers will cater to each of your requirement. Wedding photographer chicago capture your style, your smile, your poise and your posture, the cheers and toasts and everything that will give you a new reason to smile when you look at the photographs again. Shan photography just aims at providing the best to the clients. We have a huge customer base and we are looking forward to latch on to many other clients, especially for wedding videographer in Chicago. The whole team’s mission is to cater to each and every requirement of the client and provide them with the best Chicago Wedding photography in town. We specialise in wedding videography in Chicago and we aim to grow with the happiness of our clients.

Why Choose the Shan Photography Team?

Shan Photography is one of the only studios across Chicago, who trusts in using only the best available and latest technology. Our professional team does not shy away from using technology used by large production companies; however, we aim to offer a cinematic presentation experience for our clients. However, you can see that Shan Photography is one of the biggest platforms in Chicago. Plus, our wedding photographers specialize in Indian Hindu, Sikh, Punjabi, South Asian, Pakistani, Telugu, Gujrati, and many other wedding photographers as well as videography. Additionally, Shan Photography team members are enthusiastic, first & foremost, to be history tellers. And, our photographers endeavor to celebrate the recollections of your special day, for you to cherish for years to come. Also, our photographer captures images that are a true reflection of you, your story as well as your relationships. Our primary aim is to serve the ultimate wedding shoot from different angles with the perfect pose. Therefore, if you are in search of video as well as photo service call us now. Shan Photography Studio is the only studio with the most likes on Facebook & Instagram, also on the Google reviews you can take a look which helps you to know our work and believe our photography. Book your appointment as soon as possible, and for any kind of information, feel free to call Shan Photography.

Shan Photography Wedding Services

The wedding day is the big day of everyone’s life and both the couple dreams of it from their childhood. Well, Weddings are such splendid celebrations of binding two loving hearts together with waves of love, good wishes as well as fun sweeping them off their feet. Therefore, Shan Photographers bring you lifelike Cinematic Wedding Films to capture your wedding shoot in the most enthusiastic manner. Shan photography is an organization that is specialized to deliver multiple photography services like Indian wedding photography & videography, Pakistani wedding photography & Videography Chicago, and many more. Additionally, we do all types of Indian wedding shoots. We are recognized worldwide due to the best wedding photography such as South Asian wedding photography Chicago and many more which are basically from Hindu Weddings to Sikh Weddings, Telugu, Gujrati, and many others. Moreover, we have a deep knowledge of the variety of Indian wedding culture, ceremonies as well as the different things to capture that precious moment in the modern style. Our photographers and videographers know the camera angles to take pictures as well as we’ve acknowledged the significant wedding ceremony for each of the events and shot their particular rituals. Well, our specialist of Indian Wedding Photographer has taken a significant moment, making the beautiful couple as well as their families happy with the Wedding Photos & Wedding Albums. Following are the main types of wedding that we are expert in:

Types of Wedding in which we are expert

1. Sikh Wedding

If you belong to Sikh wedding families then, Shan Photography the best Sikh wedding photographer delivers you the ultimate services of Sikh Wedding photography. In this type of wedding, the bride gets a ‘chuda, which is red colored bangles from her maternal uncle or mama. Sikh Wedding happens in the daytime in Gurudwara, where the “ardaas” is recited. So, to have the best Sikh wedding photographer in Chicago, you are only one step back, just a single click on Shan photography and get the perfect wedding shoot and capture all your Sikh Wedding rituals in the perfect way.

2. Hindu Wedding

Hindu weddings are well-known for grand & colorful celebrations of love. These weddings are filled with a variety of rituals that may broaden for days as well as our experience has taught each ritual gives us something unique. Our Hindu wedding photographer Chicago doesn’t want you to miss the fun so take a shoot in our Hindu wedding gallery. People had known Shan Photography as the best Hindu wedding photographer in Chicago, as well as experts in capturing all perfect shots. However, our Gujarati wedding photographers Chicago, Telugu Wedding as well as Tamil Wedding photographers are well known in the market, and all these types come under Hindu weddings. Now no need to worry about your photo shoots, we deliver the amazing poses of Indian wedding photography with Classy and perfect shoots.

3. Muslim Wedding

Muslim weddings are the ceremony that not only celebrates the marriage of the bride & groom however also their promise to their faith. This event is conceded out by the Qazi, who is an elder of the Mosque. The real wedding event is called the Nikaah well as is a very significant Islamic tradition. Our Muslim wedding photographers in Chicago are those who capture photography from different angles and take the perfect shoot. Shan photography is not the only an expert in Indian wedding Chicago but also Pakistani weddings as we have the expert Pakistani wedding photographer who knows all the rituals and traditions of Pakistani weddings that assist them to keep ready to capture all these rituals from perfect angles and don’t miss any of them.

4. South Asian Wedding

Shan photography comes at the top of the list of best South Asian wedding photographers in Chicago. Well, South Asian weddings are totally different from western wedding styles, such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Afghanistan, and many more country's styles. Our vibrant style of photography attracts you, and you will fall in love with our photography style and will be amazed to see how we capture the rich culture of South Asian weddings & tradition.

The technology we use for the perfect Wedding Shoot

There are certain wedding photographers in the market, but the reason we are well known as wedding photographers only because of our latest, classy, perfect, and timeless photos. The photos we capture from different angles only with the usage of technical gadgets which are as follows:

1. Camera Canon:

Many photographers use normal cameras for wedding shoots, but Shan Photography’s professional wedding photographer Chicago uses the latest technology Canon camera. There are lots of differences you can see between the pictures taken by a normal camera as compared to Cannan. A Canon camera helps to have a clear and perfect image from various angles along with different focus views. Only professional photographers unlock this type of camera and these cameras are very reliable. For the best focus photographer use these types of cameras. Furthermore, experienced and professional photographers always use a DSLR camera for wedding shoots. The primary reason for using these types of cameras is that these cameras sport powerful sensors, as well as very high megapixels, counts. These cameras have the functionality of interchangeable lenses, low-light capability. Moreover, these cameras are well–known for better speed, flexibility, full control, longer life, and many more. Therefore, usage of these cameras makes your pictures more appalling.

2. Automatic gimbal:

We use the Automatic gimbal tool to have the perfect pose of a couple, as this tool helps to take pictures from 360-degree angles. The automatic gimbal is used because this makes sure that the motion of the camera is stabilized even if the one holding it is going up & down, left & right, front & back.

3. Automatic slider

Professional photographers use this tool, an automatic slider. As the name implies, it automatically captures pictures along with a timer when the camera is held on a slider. With the assistance of this tool, photographers can attach directly to their camera, or they can attach a tripod head between your camera as well as the carriage for more panning & angle options. Moreover, the Shan photography team uses the latest, updated, and new techniques to get the classy and priceless emotions of couples as well as their dear ones. With the assistance of new techniques and unique ideas, we capture wedding modern style which makes your wedding album more fabulous.

4. 4K

If you want the best quality of the picture on your wedding shoot, then you must like our 4K technique of capturing the image. This is the 4000-pixel camera, which takes more clarity than HD cameras. You will fall in love with the clarity of the image after seeing the result of this. If you are a picture lover then you must like this.

5. Mirrorless Technology

These types of technologies are used because of the qualities of lighter, more compact, faster as well as better for video; but that comes at the cost of access to fewer lenses as well as accessories. Above are the foremost techniques and tools that Shan Photography wedding photographer team use to have perfect and flawless wedding pictures. These techniques help us to have a high-quality picture from different angles with more clarity

“When two souls but a single thought, two hearts but beats as one that is known as a wedding”

Pricing of Indian Wedding Photography in Chicago

At, Shan photography, a team of proficient photographers adapt every wedding package to meet your requirements. We all know Indian weddings are more often than not multi-day events, our wedding photographer tailor packages to meet the desires of our customers. So, whatever your wedding events such as Sangeets, Jaggos, Mahiya, Piti, Shatak, or any other occasion Shan photography can offer coverage for it before the wedding day within your budget.

Indian Wedding Photography is all about Colors

In a city like Chicago, Shan Photographer still sees numerous Indian wedding cultures preserved, such as Vatna or Garba night, the cause for our achievement is mostly we are able to capture the colors. Well, it's our expertise; we recognize the significance of these details in color. Therefore, here in Chicago, we capture a lot of Sikh weddings, moreover, our expert photographers deeply know the meaning of different colors as well as rituals. Shan Photographers know the customs and rituals of Indian wedding photography Indian Weddings in Chicago are still cultural so consider the culture as well as rituals of a wedding almost certainly the most significant part of being an Indian wedding photographer in Chicago. Moreover, the prime reason that we stand out in the Indian community is able to communicate with parents as well as families in their favored language. Well, Indian Weddings have big participation from parents plus our capability to talk in more than three diverse Indian languages helps serve couples here in Chicago and other cities in America. On the other hand, South Asian Indian Weddings are a little different from the North Indian Wedding photography team that has captured a few South Indian Weddings shot with perfect poses. You can check on our photo gallery and we definitely appreciate our working style as well as our photographers who communicate in Telugu or Gujrati to support the project. Our goal is to capture those moments in a beautiful as well as artistic way, knowing that those memories will be an invaluable heirloom for generations to come.