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An Authentic Indian Wedding Photographer in HoustonWe are Shan Photography – a full-fledged team of enthusiastic Indian wedding photographers in Houston, specializing in the intricate art of capturing the magnificence that is an Indian wedding. Being rooted in India, we love the sentimental and cultural richness of Indian weddings, which makes us passionate and determined to capture each moment preserving its authenticity and realness. This means we help document your special day in the rawest and most uniquely personal way.

With more than a decade of experience capturing various styles of Indian weddings including Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian, and Bengali, across multiple locations in Houston, we are one of the most qualified teams in the city, well-versed in the cultural nuances, and the religious ceremonies that an Indian wedding entails. You can rest assured knowing that your wedding’s documentation is in good hands.

We believe that every Indian couple in the US deserves the wedding album of their dreams; every wedding magazine and Pinterest-inspired wedding picture you envisioned is possible. For this, we offer highly customized photography services, finely tailored to your unique needs and preferences. This not only helps us capture wedding stories that are special and unique but also allows you to make the most of the partnership. Communicate your wedding vision with our team as clearly as possible, and we will ensure that your album is a true reflection of it.

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Indian wedding tales in Houston – the “Space City”

Houston – also called “Bayou City” and “Space City” is the most populous city in Texas, and home to a myriad of attractions including spectacular skylines and cityscapes. It boasts the fifth-tallest skyline in North America, and many beautiful gardens, making it a popular location for Indian couples to get married.

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in Houston, we have had the privilege to be a part of many endearing wedding tales in and around the city over the years. Through our lenses we have seen and pictured a plethora of gorgeous frames and backdrops that scream elegance and beauty, making Houston one of the most breathtaking locations for Indian wedding photography in the US.

Whether you wish to incorporate traditional Indian aesthetics in your wedding pictures, or the beauty of the contemporary city of Houston, our team can help you find the right frames and locales. With the optimal amalgamation of the right aesthetics, outfits, and poses, your wedding album will look straight out of a wedding magazine.

If a romantic embrace against a backdrop of grandiose architectural marvels is a part of your wedding vision, Rice University is the perfect location for your pre-wedding photoshoot. With its towering buildings and arches adorning intricate Art-Nouveau-inspired detailing, the place will give your photos an old-world charm. Setting shoot sessions around golden hours will further enhance the magical quality of the photographs.

The North and South Boulevards in Houston on the other hand lend an exotic picturesque appeal with big trees and serene canopies. Shooting during the daytime in summer months will let you capture the peaking sparkle of sunlight through the lush green canopies. A Fall photoshoot will let you capture the season’s magnificent colors: the brown of the woods, the burnt orange and yellow hues of the leaves, and the warm glow of the Autumn sun.

The Waterwall is another one of the most popular locations for wedding photoshoots in Houston. The place consists of a 64-foot high wall with cascading water streams – the most stunning artificial water-oriented setup you will see in the city. The tall Oak trees in the park will further add to the exquisiteness of the pictures. Being a famous photoshoot location, the place is filled with tourists and photography teams throughout the year. Hence, you will need a skilled Indian wedding photographer in Houston to get the best pictures.

To accurately capture the modernist Houston skyline, head to the Sabine Street Bridge. It offers exceptional semi-aerial views of the Downtown and the sparkling skyscrapers of the city against the skyline; you can incorporate both in a single frame or bring through the city’s essence through a series of frames. Once again, shooting during the golden hours will reveal the true magic of this Houston landmark.

If gardens are your thing, Houston has a range of beautiful landscapes and carefully designed lawns and conservatories to take advantage of. The Mercer Botanical Gardens and Arboretum is a popular choice for garden lovers as it offers several gorgeous frames with neat and sleek lawns, beautiful paved paths, blooming flowers, lush greenery, and water, not to mention the natural visitors at the park, such as the birds and butterflies.
The McGovern Centennial Gardens is another hot favorite among Indian couples as it has a stunning pyramid-shaped waterfall as its main highlight. Additionally, it boasts tons of botanicals, plants, and bushes – the perfect setting for a romantic photoshoot in Houston.

No matter what your preference is, the Shan Photography team is fully equipped and ready to make it happen. With our expertise, we can guide you in your location choices and bring you closer to your dream wedding.

Popular Indian wedding venues in Houston

Indian couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding venues in Houston. Over the years, we have captured many endearing love stories across several magnificent venues in and around the city, many of which lend authentic Indian experiences when designed the right way.

Here are four of the most popular venues in the city that we have serviced.

The Westin Houston Memorial City

The Westin Houston Memorial City is a full-service hotel venue located in the heart of Houston. Its Azalea Ballroom provides the perfect frame for a regal look and feel, with its grand structure, coffered ceilings, exquisite modern chandeliers, and harmonious wood accents. With the right wedding decorator, you can transform the venue into a palace in India, and have your wedding pictures look as royally elevated as you imagined.

Lux Vita

The Lux Vita is the perfect choice for Indian couples who wish to incorporate contemporary designs and the quintessential Houston vibe into their wedding pictures. It offers great indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect to capture the best of both worlds. Its brilliantly airy and spacious indoors act as a blank canvas against which you can design the wedding of your dreams, letting you take home the most personalized and unique backgrounds and frames in your wedding album.

The Bell Tower on 34th

The Bell Tower on 34th is another excellent location for couples who like to mix natural beauty with architectural grandeur. The venue features many private gardens with fountains and botanicals, perfect for serene and romantic wedding portraits, and tasteful ballrooms, each with dramatic movie-worthy staircases, marble floors, and high ceilings. Every frame and backdrop at the Bell Tower is crafted to suit a big fat Indian wedding.

Hilton Americas – Houston

Hilton Americas, a luxury hotel located in the center of the bustling city offers the most stunning backdrop of the Houston skyline. The floor-to-ceiling windows reveal the clear summer sky lined with sleek and modernist buildings during the daytime, which lights up in the most magnificent way during the night. The minimal aesthetics of the indoors further enhance the Western-inspired ambiance of the venue, perfect for couples who like to flaunt the city they love through their wedding pictures.

Every wedding venue in Houston provides a unique and beautiful ambiance with one-of-a-kind frames and backgrounds that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. By partnering with a skilled Indian wedding photographer in Houston, you will be able to make the most of your association with the city and take unforgettable experiences home through vivid wedding pictures.

The best times to get married in Houston

Houston is a city with the most pleasant and beautiful Spring season. During this time, the flowers and the trees are in full bloom, while the weather is comfortable enough for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Hence, late March to May is the busiest time for wedding ceremonies.

Summers are unfortunately not pleasant or comfortable in Houston, owing to the scorching heat and humidity.

After Spring, the next best time to get married is the Fall season. The weather gets cool enough to be comfortable and the gorgeous Fall colors outdoors make for stunning photo backgrounds. 

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Whether you are planning a Spring wedding, a Fall wedding, a traditional wedding, or a modern wedding, count on Shan Photography to bring your vision to life. Our team will assist you with everything from location selection to vision planning while serving you a treasure trove of wedding memories in pictures.

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