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Your Authentic Indian Wedding Photographer in New York – We are Shan Photography – a dedicated and true-blue Indian team of wedding photographers striving to help Indian couples in New York celebrate their union in the most endearingly desi way possible.

Being deeply rooted in India we know and understand the FOMO associated with seeing the dreamy pictures of friends, family, and Bollywood celebrity couples getting married in regal and rich Indian settings. We know how important it is for you to embrace your culture while also taking advantage of the contemporarily picturesque settings of the West.

We are here to fulfill your Indian wedding dream, right here in New York.

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in New York, we are experienced in crafting wedding stories through our lenses across many breathtaking locations and venues across the state. With a qualified team of experts, we can create the dreamy pictures you envision at any location in New York.

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New York’s dreamiest locales framed by Shan Photography

With more than a decade of experience capturing beautiful moments of couples in their wedding and engagement celebrations in New York, we have had the privilege of scouting and framing several exotic locations in and around the metropolitan. We know when we see a magazine-worthy frame in the city.


NYC or New York City – the most populous city in the United States, located at the Southern tip of the state of New York offers some of the most breathtaking views and backgrounds for wedding portraits, including skylines, cityscapes as well as off-road landscapes. The options in wedding venues are aplenty as well, ranging from regal and historic architectural marvels to modern and art-deco-inspired structures.


As a versatile Indian wedding photographer in New York, we have captured stunning celebrations in a mix of styles; some couples love embracing their Indian tradition in stunning royal constructions, while others like incorporating the modernity of NYC through amenity-rich hotel venues. The pre-wedding shoots needless to say carry boundless creativity as we lead the couple through arrays of dazzling locales around the city.


The Central Park is one such breathtaking attraction in NYC. Located between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan, it is the largest urban park in the metropolitan housing a number of beautiful frames and elements including artificial lakes, waterfalls, meadows, and stunning wooded areas. Two of its prime structures are the Belvedere Castle, and Blockhouse, a remaining Fort from the War of 1812, and both buildings prove to be stunning backdrops for wedding portraits exuding regal vibes. The outdoor areas of the park on the other hand provide stellar frames for pre-wedding shoots and portraits.


Times Square is another hot favorite location for Indian couples in NYC, as it perfectly embodies the essence of the bustling city. Located on Broadway, it is one of the prime landmarks of NYC and a busy entertainment hub that beautifully illuminates the area at night with neon lights and signages. It is frequented by tourists the year round though, which makes it challenging for couples to take wedding portraits. However, a skilled Indian wedding photographer in New York will be able to make the most out of the prevailing scenario.


If you like the view of a classic modern skyline with lofty structures and shiny windows against the setting Manhattan sun, the Empire State Building will be the perfect choice for your photoshoot. It is a 102-storey Art-Deco-inspired skyscraper located in the heart of New York once again bustling with tourists throughout the year. The 1250-foot building makes for a mesmerizing backdrop, perfectly capturing the vibe of NYC. Couples usually love the breezy ambiance and clean modernist elements symbolizing the lifestyle of the new-age Indian New Yorker.


An attraction in New York that Indians hold close to their heart is the Brooklyn Bridge – one of the prime locations where the SRK movie “Kal Ho Na Ho” was shot. It is a stunning cable-stayed suspension bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Having provided years of wedding photography services in the state, we have filmed many beautiful love stories on the famous bridge, allowing every Indian couple to feel like they’re in a Bollywood movie.


Some other exceptional locations in the state include the High Line – a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park situated on the West Side of Manhattan, Fifth Avenue – one of the busiest intersections and shopping destinations in the world, the Washington Square Park – a popular public park, and Liberty Island – the home of the Statue of Liberty.

Popular wedding venues in New York perfect for Indian weddings

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in New York, we have captured beautiful love stories over the years across a plethora of hotels and convention centers in and around New York.

Here are some of the most popular wedding venues for Indian weddings in the city.

The Grand Oaks Country Club

The Grand Oaks Country Club is a stunning space housing a 19th-century Dutch Revival Building, spanning 147 acres in Staten Island, NY. It offers a glorious courtyard for an outdoor wedding, and a spacious clubhouse for indoor events as well. The buildings lend an old-world charm to your wedding portraits, while the outdoor locations serve a tranquil and elegant quality to the pictures.

Ravel Hotel

The Ravel Hotel in Queens, NY, is a modern, elegant, and tasteful venue located right above the East River. Its Rooftop space allows breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, while its Grand Ballroom on the first floor would be perfect for big Indian weddings. The ceremonies pictured against the backdrop of the grand skyline would be straight out of a high-profile wedding magazine.

Edison Ballroom

The Edison Ballroom is the perfect choice for the couple that loves conventional palace vibes. With luxurious leather-clad walls, luminous glass tiles, and crystal chandeliers suspended from high ceilings, the venue is a sight to behold. Your wedding pictures will carry the same level of regal charm, as a traditional palace in India; as if you graced the interiors of a palace in Jaipur.

Terrace on the Park

Terrace on the Park is a beautiful contemporary-style venue overlooking the Flushing Meadows Park and the famous Unisphere Globe in Flushing, NY. It has a mix of spectacular indoor and al fresco spaces with stunning views of the skyline. The versatile venue offers a fusion of backgrounds if you wish to add variety to your wedding pictures.

Our enthusiastic team of Indian wedding photographers in New York is well-versed in the art of finding unique frames and exquisite locations within each of these venues. Each picture will be a gorgeous reflection of your love and the exotic quality of the venue, resulting in a distinguished visual treat that you can cherish forever.

The best times for weddings in New York

New York is a state that stays beautiful all year round.

If you’d love the magic of Spring flowers and cherry blossoms in your wedding pictures, the Spring/Summer months are a great time to have your wedding. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Central Park offer amazing frames with floral magnificence, and the streets including Fifth Avenue and Times Square stay busy and beautiful with neon lights. Night-time photos can help you capture movie-style frames in long exposure as well.

The Fall season, on the other hand, lends the most gorgeous Hollywood-style autumnal colors for your wedding portraits. The temperature and climate further favor photoshoots by providing cool breezes and comfortable ambient lighting.

Winter Indian weddings are also highly popular in New York. Themes like snow forest and winter wonderland work well for elegant Indian weddings too. Exquisite indoor venues with floor-to-ceiling windows offer picture-perfect frames for wedding pictures.

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