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We are a passionate team of Indian wedding videographers, driven by heartwarming love stories, and a special love for the Indian culture. Deeply rooted in India, we know and understand the cultural intricacies of Indian weddings more than anyone else. For the same reason, the wedding films we create are a true testimony to the wonderful heritage of India and the connection that the proud Indian couple shares.

Founded more than a decade ago by Shan Kapoor, Shan Photography is a team of veterans in the art of wedding filmmaking. Having captured endearing love stories in cinematic quality across several states in the US, we are one of the most well-equipped videographers in the country with state-of-the-art gear and diversely qualified talent. Our vivid color-grading techniques, unique videography styles, story-telling prowess, and perspective delivery, result in a wedding video so supremely real and alluring, that you will be lost in nostalgic bliss for a solid few minutes.

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With our resources, we strive to give you an immersive and heart-touching rendition of your love story that will leave you teary-eyed and happy. Delivered in any format you need, the video will serve to be an invaluable keepsake full of vivid memories that will transport you back to your big day, in the years to come.

As a comprehensive Indian wedding videographer, we offer a good range of video services in the form of customizable packages for couples in the US. From full-day wedding coverage to multiple event coverage, social media content, and more, we provide everything a new-age couple needs to share the joy of their wedding celebrations.

For full-blown finely tailored Indian wedding videography services, contact Shan Photography!

Wedding stories we cover

Indian weddings are wonderfully rich blends of religious intricacies and cultural nuances. Every style of wedding in India brings together an array of endearing religious rituals, traditional values, and ceremonies that make them unique. As an experienced Indian wedding videographer, we have had the privilege of capturing weddings that transcend religious boundaries and cultures. From South Indian weddings to Gujarati, Sikh, Bengali, and mixed-culture weddings, we have witnessed the beauty of them all.

Here is an overview of the kinds of weddings we cover.

Sikh Weddings

A Sikh wedding centered around the community’s conventional holy book – the Guru Granth Sahib, is one of the most culturally rich wedding celebrations in India. Starting from the Roka and Thakka pre-wedding rituals to the Sehra Bandi, Baraat, and Anand Kalraj held at the Gurudwara, every ceremony signifies deeply rooted concepts in the Sikh culture. Each of these rituals is crucial to complete a Sikh wedding story, as it involves important steps taken by the bride and the groom before starting their journey together, such as seeking the blessings of forefathers and seniors in the family, offering prayers to God almighty, purifying their souls, sharing wedding vows, and embarking on a fresh new leaf in life.

We have captured many Sikh weddings, held at important Gurudwaras located across various states in the USA, including California, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, and more.

South Indian weddings

South Indian weddings, divided into Tamil and Malayali styles, are treasure troves of cultural symbolism. Whether it is the minimalistic and short ceremonies of the Kerala culture, or the traditional rituals signifying the entry of a man and a woman into married life of the Tamil culture, we at Shan Photography embrace and love every part of South Indian weddings. With temples – the Hindu place of worship holding an important part in both cultures, we have witnessed sacred stories of union in several highly visited temples in the USA. Our team has covered South Indian weddings in Malibu – California, Illinois, Florida, and Texas.

Gujarati Weddings

Gujarati weddings are perhaps one of the most covered types, of all cultures in our journey in Indian wedding photography in the USA. Vibrant and filled with colorful ceremonies, Gujarati celebrations start with important pre-wedding rituals like Griha Shanti, Ganesh Sthapna, Pithi, and Mehendi. The main event includes ceremonies like Agaman, Jaimala, Kanyadaan, Mangal Pheras, and Saptapadi. Ending with fun events like reception and Aeki Beki, a Gujarati wedding is indeed an exciting celebration to experience, and we have been fortunate enough to film more than 100 wedding tales in the culture over the years.

Bengali Weddings

Bengali weddings are known for their unique religious ceremonies. Starting from the Aashirbad to the Gaye Holud to the Subho Drishti, Mala Bodol, Samprodaan, Sindoor Daan, and Biday, every ceremony represents important offers, prayers, and pleas to seek blessings from ancestors, the planets, and the Gods. With an array of events culminating in the crucial tying of the knot, a Bengali wedding speaks volumes about the community’s beliefs and cultural background. The celebrations are also well-known for the unique traditional outfit details, such as the head adornment worn by the bride and the groom. Over the years, we have filmed many beautiful Bengali weddings, some traditional, and some modern, across several states in the USA.

Christian Weddings

Contrary to popular belief, particularly in the West, Indian weddings are also conducted in the form of typical Christian ceremonies. Couples belonging to Christian cultures in India prefer having traditional ceremonies involving churches or chapels, and an ordained minister. Clad in traditional Indian attire such as saris or dhotis, Christian couples engage in minister-led prayers and religious services to God, before the proverbial tying of the knot. As a diversely experienced Indian wedding photographer, we have also witnessed several Indian Christian wedding ceremonies.

Mixed Culture Weddings

Mixed culture weddings are one of our favorite types of Indian weddings, as it allows us to experience the harmonious fusion of two individual cultures. With the bride and the groom belonging to two religions or states in India, the ceremony that the two families organize is one to behold, as it involves the best rituals and cultural practices of both. The resultant celebration is so beautiful that it reminds us of the unity and family values that we Indians hold so close to our hearts.
In the USA, we have captured many beautiful mixed-culture wedding stories, each one more heart-warming than the next. In our journey, we have learned that love transcends borders, cultures, religions, and any superficial – and we as passionate photographers live for these special moments that make life worth living!

The art of Indian wedding videography

Given the sheer size and cultural complexities of an Indian wedding, capturing the same in video with the authenticity of the moments intact is no cakewalk. It requires precision, patience, careful attention to detail, and creativity – attributes attainable only through experience. Furthermore, we at Shan Photography believe that it is not enough to provide ordinary footage to our clients; we seek to tell a story, evoke emotions, and give them something spectacular to remember their special day.

This is why we strongly believe that Indian wedding videography is an art.

Our team of highly qualified videographers use various techniques and equipment including drones to capture footage from your big day from various angles and perspectives. Before we set out to shoot, we discuss your wedding vision at great length and plan ways to film your wedding such that we can best fulfill what you have in mind.

Our strategy, storytelling skills, and overarching narrative drive our shooting techniques, and we ensure not to miss a single precious moment, such as a twinkle in the eye, a look that tells a hundred things, or the innocent laugh of a child. At the end of it all, we develop a touching tale of love; one that is brimming with passion, family values, cultural richness, and most importantly, the beauty of commitment.

Our videos are known to have a cinematic quality and a compelling level of immersion, that allows couples to relive their wedding experience in HD. Through our videos, we craft stories that are unique, beautiful, and authentically Indian.

Count on Shan Photography to craft your unique wedding story

With more than 15 years of experience creating unique Indian wedding stories under our belt, we are one of the few fully equipped Indian wedding videographers in the USA. Our knowledge and expertise in the geographics of the country further give us the leverage to create a wedding story like no other. Put together with our state-of-the-art videography gear, and an undying passion for storytelling, we make a powerhouse of a team in Indian wedding videography.

Count on us to craft the wedding of your dreams in film! Contact Shan Photography today!

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