Understanding The Modern Concept Of Green Weddings

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Living in the 21st century seems great because of how accessible and advanced things have become, as a result of advancements in technology and science. But we all are also aware that our beautiful planet Earth is going through major environmental problems as well. This has led people to adopt different changes in the environment to break the pattern that can cause further damage.

One of the most beautiful things that people have done, is going  “green” or having a “natural” wedding. It is considered one in which the bride and groom try to have as little effect on the environment as possible. Couples plan their weddings by using natural things like natural invitations, flowers, dresses, photography, and other things. You may have seen it already, be it Indian wedding photography, or Christian or English weddings, everyone is putting their best to contribute to the environment.

Understanding The Concept Of Green Weddings:

It is simply choosing nature over artificial things. In a green wedding, resources that could have been used in a traditional wedding are used in a natural way. A green wedding is a new way to live. Traditional weddings are more expensive and wasteful than modern “green” weddings, which are less expensive and better for the environment. This could mean recycling trash, choosing a more sustainable place to live, or even not doing traditional things that might be seen as wrong, like buying rings from a dishonest source.

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Many people who live in a sustainable way think it’s important to make sure their weddings are also sustainable. Some people choose green weddings to show how important it is to be green in everyday life and at parties. The biggest reason why there are more and more green weddings is the effect weddings can have on the environment. Many people say that the average wedding can make a lot of trash if the people and things used aren’t thought about.

Especially, if you are having an Indian wedding, where the wedding goes for multiple days and hundreds of guests are invited, you definitely would want to shift towards the concept of a green wedding.

  • Basic Principles:

One important way to keep the wedding balanced with nature is to ensure that the things used won’t be thrown away quickly. This is especially true for things like socks, plates, cups, decorations, and wedding items that are meant to be used once and then thrown away. Instead, many “green” weddings have used things that were given to them or were recycled. To limit the amount of trash that can be made, another option is to rent the things you need for the wedding instead of buying everything new.

The main goal of planning a “green” wedding is to stop or reduce all the negative effects, direct or indirect, on the environment. What are the little things that cause harm to the environment? These could be paper (for invitations), textiles (clothing, suits), unbiodegradable disposals, fireworks, gas extraction (for transportation), and anything else a wedding might need.

  • Use of Flowers in a Sustainable Way

Flower picking is another important part of a green wedding. Flowers can have a big effect on the environment because of the fertilizer they use and the gas they release when they are shipped. Many people who want to have a green wedding choose to get their flowers from organic flower shops or grow their own. Thinking about what to do with the flowers after the wedding is another trouble the hosts find themselves drowned in. Some wedding flowers are replanted after the wedding so that less waste is made and the flowers can continue to grow. Some people use pottery instead of flowers to decorate their wedding halls. If they give the plant to guests as a gift, the guests may plant flowers as they think about the bride and groom. These can also be utilised for taking pictures as a part of Indian wedding photography.

  • Invitations

During a wedding, a lot of paper is used in many different ways. Invitations are one of the main reasons why people use paper. Because of the possible effects, green wedding planners are careful about how they invite people. Some of the most eco-friendly choices

  • Reusing old paper

  • Instead of paper invitations, using the Internet to send e-cards.

  • Using stainless steel paper

  • Food

Some organizers prefer to get all of their food from local or organic farmers to reduce the number of chemicals that could be used to grow food or transport you. Most wedding cakes are made with all organic ingredients and as few chemicals as possible during the making of the ingredients. Green weddings often do things that are good for the environment, like giving leftover food or food that was donated to charities.

  • Sustainable Venue

People who want a green wedding also look for a venue that is good for the environment. Many things, like eco-friendly transportation and renewable energy options, can help wedding venues make less trash. Some people try to cut down on waste by choosing wedding venues that are close to nature. The size of the venue also affects how green it is, which is why some people who want green weddings choose small venues. As important as other parts of a green wedding, being aware of where the party takes place can help cut down on the amount of trash made. We’ve seen that many Indian people have used their own backyards to set up the whole event. This is quite smart and a better option to keep things limited and in control.

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These were some of the best eco-friendly tips that can help you if you’re planning a green wedding. We do understand that people have some specific desires set for their wedding, like 15 mins of fireworks. However, this is our planet, we should be doing things to make it a better place to live for ourselves and the generations that we raise. One of the things that shouldn’t be compromised, is choosing your Indian wedding photographer. Most the things are digital these days, and so is wedding photography. Especially when you have a professional wedding photographer like Shan Photography then there is nothing that you should be worrying about! Instead, chin and head up to pose beautifully for the most amazing and beautiful pictures.

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