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Wedding rings are the real start that takes the couple to the wedding stage. Rings are one of the most elegant forms of showing love for the partner. Imagine it is considered so important that people have separate wedding ring photography. Exchanging rings is a ritual that is present in almost all types of weddings whether it’s an Indian wedding or any other one. If it’s an Indian wedding, you should definitely talk to your Indian wedding photographer about the same.

As a professional wedding photographer, there are various ways to bring out the best pictures of your couple’s wedding rings, by using creative backdrops, putting rings on props, and experimenting with the lighting. But it’s not simple to get a stunning shot of a wedding ring. However, your Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco can pull up the game like a pro!

Below mentioned are some of the ideas for wedding ring photography:

  • Couple Portrait:

“A candid moment with the soon-to-be bride smiling and the soon-to-be groom either making a joke in her ear or saying some sweet nothings.” while doing this pose holding hands gently and keeping them in front (like the main subject) will make a perfect picture!

  • Try the black and white effect:

Welcome the famous and timeless retro effect! We are confident that black and white photographs will always be in style since they are genuinely classic and never goes out of trend. Black and white images convey a distinct message than color photographs, which make an image appear vivid. A picture of your spouse cuddling up to one another is a wonderful addition to the shot list. But did you know that this stance is still an amazing option for displaying wedding rings? Try it for sure!

  • Cultural elements (especially if it’s an Indian wedding):

As a part of Indian wedding photography, capturing wedding rings like it’s the main subject of the occasion is important that we completely understand. Some close-up shots of the rings on the engagement finger would definitely turn out so beautiful. Especially, when there would be henna designed on the bride’s hands.

  • Reflective picture:

The reflecting or mirroring effect has its creative results to offer. Using a reflecting surface is one wedding photography tip you can find help if you’re looking for a quick yet practical way to picture the ring. On the good side, this technique doesn’t take much time. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure before setting the rings, to clean the surface to make sure there are no stains or dirt, whether it is a glossy table or a mirror.

  • Show some goofiness!:

We believe in telling the story of the couple just with the pictures! Make sure as a couple you have fun and enjoy being silly! While doing so, do keep in mind to showcase rings naturally.

  • Try some creative angles:

This can be considered a traditional way of Indian wedding photography to have the couple face-to-face and place their hands as the main focus so that the wedding rings are clearly visible. However, you can also try different angles.

  • The romantic hand-in-hand pose:

Your couple is set to go on a new trip together while holding hands. And if you want to capture wedding rings, how about concentrating on the hands? These pictures typically turn out well regardless of whether you capture a broad angle or a close-up view. What’s best? There is always a method to make the ring visible in these pictures.

  • Have creative backgrounds:

Another inventive tip for improving your wedding ring photographs is to play around with backdrops and foregrounds. Behind a ring, textures and patterns are ideal, but if you have a tough time creating or finding a fancy background bring your creativity in the frame with this idea. Take a  piece of paper and write something in bold or cursive. It could be your names or hashtag anything you want to be noticed along with the rings.

  • Get some food in the frame:

Especially, if you’re a foody couple! Who said the food was only meant for consumption? Think of any food item, and you can definitely come up with a wedding ring photography concept based on it as well, including cookie stacks, cupcakes, and the wedding cake. Another idea is, if you guys are coming from a proper background you could have your signature dish set in the background as a sign as well. Rest, as your  Indian wedding photographer to capture the best pictures!

  • Hands-on the chest:

This is one of the most common yet timeless poses that every couple imagines being picturized with. The groom is ready in his tuxedo and groomed up and the beautiful bride is standing close to him, looking at him while placing her hands on his chest. Make sure it’s in front so that the ring is visible.

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Some additional tips you could consider:

We hope that the wedding ring photography suggestions above will give you some ideas for what you can accomplish for your upcoming couple. Here are a few fast ideas on how to make sure you always capture the ideal shot, even though some of them might seem rather straightforward.

  • Get imaginative: bring in the creativity! For your wedding ring photographs, use other jewels, designer shoes, and champagne flutes as backgrounds or props.
  • Play with the light: If possible, try to get a variety of lighting sources while taking pictures of the wedding bands.
  • You may achieve the ideal bokeh effect by evenly placing some LED lights behind the circles.
  • Take lots of pictures: Take numerous photos as you experiment with various perspectives, colors, and backgrounds because you might not obtain the perfect shot the first time. Your chances of discovering at least 2-3 perfect photographs will rise as a result. If you hire a professional photographer like an Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco, the photographer won’t complain about clicking extra pictures. Bone of the main reasons is that we believe in customer satisfaction and achieving the best results and won’t mind going an extra mile for that!

It is important to understand that there is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding ring photo ideas. To get the best of Indian wedding photography San Francisco make sure to hire a professional Indian wedding photographer to get the best results.

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