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A True-Blue Indian Wedding Photographer in San FranciscoWe are Shan Photography – a dedicated and passionate team of Indian wedding photographers in San Francisco, specializing in creating profound desi love stories on reels. We strive to capture the most endearing emotions, precious family moments, and intricate religious rituals and ceremonies that make an Indian wedding so vibrant. Our expert team comprises qualified and experienced Indians, who have mastered the craft of capturing the most important moments, without disrupting the natural flow of events. This allows us to create pictures that perfectly reflect your big day; the truest most authentic version that will take you back to the emotions every time you look at them.

As a reliable Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco, we offer fully customized wedding packages covering various aspects of photography, so that every Indian couple gets to have the wedding album of their dreams. Starting from pre-wedding event coverage to extensive wedding day coverage and wedding album creation, we offer everything you need to create treasure-worthy memories from your special day. Our offerings can be tailored to fit your specific requirements and preferences as well, helping you make the most of our partnership.

No matter what your wedding vision is, whether it is inspired by your favorite Bollywood celebrity couple, or taken out of the pages of a wedding magazine, our team can bring it to reality. Communicate your needs with our team as clearly as possible and watch your unique love story unfold on film.

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San Francisco through the Shan Photography lenses

San Francisco – the fourth most populous city in California, lovingly called “San Fran” or “Frisco” by locals is an urban metropolitan city, bustling with economic, and cultural activities throughout the year. The city in conjunction with the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area is a center not just for businesses, but also the arts and sciences. The latest advancements and innovations in healthcare, education, tech, finance, real estate, and other industries are known to emerge in San Francisco before it does anywhere else in the world. For the same reason, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, attracting people from around the world to spend Spring and Summer vacations in the hot spots of the city. It is also famous for its warm-summer Mediterranean climate, which pleasantly welcomes guests pretty much year-round.

As an experienced Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco, we have captured many romantic and rich love stories in some of the most exotic locales in and around San Francisco. The metropolitan area features elegant landscapes and cityscapes, perfect for couples who like to create unique portraits to officiate their union.

Two of the city’s iconic landmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a popular serene spot within the city for couples, and the beautiful Alcatraz Island, which was once an infamous federal penitentiary, housing notoriously known convicts such as Al Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly.

The Skystar Wheel is a great choice for couples who wish to capture amazing views of the bay and the city. Located along the northern waterfront near PIER 39, the 150-foot-tall wheel features 36 climate-controlled gondolas, which ensures that visitors always have a pleasant experience. It is a must-visit if you seek to incorporate the city you love into your wedding pictures.

The Palace of Fine Arts is another highly popular spot for wedding photography, as it features a large area where you can find ample aesthetic frames and backdrops. It features the grandiose building as its highlight, along with tall trees and equally grand columns that make for elegant regal-style wedding portrait backdrops. It also has a beautiful fountain in the front courtyard across the pond, where you can capture excellent shots of the building in the back. The place however is often crowded with tourists throughout the year, but a skilled Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco will be able to get you some amazing shots.

Another location that offers stunning regal-style architecture is the Legion of Honor Museum. The building has magnificent Greek-inspired columns and other intricate details that make for exceptional portrait backgrounds. The venue also features lush green grounds for outdoor photographs and views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the city, and more.

For water or ocean lovers, Baker Beach is an excellent choice. In addition to the sparkling waters of the ocean and the pearly sands of the shores, the place also offers stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands in the background.

If tall trees and lush canopies are your vibe, the Lover’s Lane Trail would be the perfect choice. Located in the Presidio, the trail features a serene ambiance with zig-zag logs on the ground and tall trees leaving beautiful canopies in the sky. The spot is naturally peaceful and fairly quiet allowing couples to enjoy their time together and get some beautiful candid photos clicked.

Evidently, San Francisco has the perfect mix of nature-oriented and modernist urban backdrops for wedding photography. It is no wonder that the city is a popular choice among Indian couples for weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots.

Our experts know and have experienced the best locations in the city for wedding portraits over the years. No matter what your taste is, count on the Shan Photography team to make it happen for you.

The most popular Indian wedding venues in San Francisco

As an experienced Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco with more than a decade of service to our credit, we have had the privilege to capture many endearing love stories in unique wedding venues across the city. Each one was special and close to our hearts as we not only got to be a part of personal Indian wedding celebrations, but we also got to explore the city and discover beautiful venues perfect for traditional as well as modern Indian weddings.

Here are four of the most popular Indian wedding venues in San Francisco that we have serviced.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

The San Francisco Botanical Garden is the perfect venue for couples who wish to have an intimate and elegant outdoor Indian wedding. It features 5 stunning outdoor spaces, each with lush green lawns and plants, making for exotic frames and backdrops that will lend a tropical vibe to your wedding pictures. Located in the heart of the city it is also easily accessible for guests. Couples love having tented receptions on the green lawns, decorated with flowers and lights.

Pier 27

Pier 27 is a modern industrial chic venue that features gorgeous waterfront views. The building by itself is a sight to behold with floor-to-ceiling windows made of steel, glass, and concrete. Hence there are numerous beautiful frames within and outside of the building. In addition, the venue features two floors of open layout, which allows couples to customize and create unique backdrops and frames for wedding photography. As a bonus, it also boasts a bayside promenade with breathtaking views of the city, perfect for lit-up reception parties and night-time photography.

San Francisco Design Center Galleria

The San Francisco Design Center Galleria is a large and extravagant venue ideal for big Indian weddings. It features an expansive high-ceiling atrium with a retractable skylight that allows you to capture the clear daytime sky or the starry night sky while hosting an indoor wedding; screaming luxury. The indoor space can also be customized according to individual preferences, which further personalizes the frames for photography. In every way, the venue is ideal if you wish to portray an ultra-luxurious vibe through your wedding album.

The Regency Center

The Regency Center is a restored Scottish Rite Temple, which features exquisite architectural detailing throughout, such as neoclassical plasterwork, elegant silk tapestries, and sparkling crystal chandeliers; the perfect recipe for a regal-style wedding album. Each intricate detail can make for unique portrait frames and backdrops making your wedding pictures look straight out of a palace in Jaipur, India. The venue also offers several venues to conduct multiple events – an ideal setup for a big fat traditional Indian wedding.

San Francisco has many more luxurious as well as intimate spaces ideal for different styles of Indian weddings. The Shan Photography team can assist you in your venue selection decision, based on your needs, preferences, and wedding vision. With our team’s expertise, you are sure to have the wedding of your dreams translated into a book of memories that you can cherish forever.

The best times to get married in San Francisco

San Francisco is known to have fairly pleasant weather conditions year-round. The temperature varies but falls into the warm and comfortable spectrum, ideal for celebrations at any time of the year.

However, there are a few things to consider when planning a wedding in the city, such as the San Francisco fog, which is a regular phenomenon in the summer. The coastal areas of SF may experience the fog more profoundly, while the counties inland of the Bay Area may not have it as prominent. Sometimes it can create stunning unique backdrops for wedding photos as well.

The rainy seasons are between November and March. While the temperatures will more or less be comfortable around the time, except for a few chilly spells, it is always better to look for indoor wedding options.

Winter weddings can be magical in SF – once again, with proper planning and precautionary measures.

Count on Shan Photography for the dreamiest Indian wedding album

From modern and contemporary wedding albums to traditional and culture-rich Indian wedding pictures, our team is experienced in a wide range of wedding styles. Count on Shan Photography – your reliable Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco to make your dream wedding album a reality.

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