The Evolution of Indian Wedding Photography with reasons for changing this Trend

If you are getting married soon then it is for sure that you have planned everything like organization, catering, decoration, wedding dress, makeup artist and many things. However, if you live in New York City and get married in Indian style then you are on the right platform. Shan Photography has a team of professional Indian wedding photographers in New York City who offer you the definitive wedding photography shoot.

Moreover, Indian wedding photographers nowadays, use numerous ways to make their photography more likable. On the other hand, if we are talking about Indian wedding photography then there is a vast change seen from the earlier days. In this article we will discuss the evolution of wedding photography as well as the reasons for changing this trend:

Evolution of Wedding photography:


The prime thing considering the changing the wedding photography trend is the talent of the wedding photographer which uses their talent to make the photoshoot more amazing as compared to the earlier days. The photographers use numerous techniques and with the usage of diverse knowledge, they make the wedding shoot more creative and the best.

Team support

Secondly, a team of wedding photographers does a smoother job as compared to a single person. Also, bridal photography was raging; there were several accessible to make a team or help one who is already recognized in this field. Therefore, we generally call such a gathering a photography team.

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In this technical and modern era, photographers do many things to make your wedding album more beautiful. As compared to earlier days photographers make wedding albums simple but in this competitive world, the photographer uses their skill and knowledge and creates a wedding album more fabulous and captures the latest classy poses. Also, creating a good photo album became a necessity as well as the modern era Indian wedding photography does deliver that. 

As per the client requirements

In the earlier days, photographers did not ask the clients what they required they shoot and make this in their way. However, nowadays, the couple first told photographers what they won’t like, what sort of poses, and the photography they require. Today, wedding photography is all about the couple’s requirements as well as the poses they like.

Fastest processor

With the assistance of technology, photography takes a good way this means, photographers in the olden days took lots of time to deliver the wedding album, whereas with the use of latest technology wedding photographers edit and make the album faster. Therefore, people now get the wedding album within a few days.

These are the evolutions that you can see in the photography trends that deliver you more benefits, now let’s talk about the reasons for this changing trend:


With globalization, people from India travel from one place to another which influences the photography trend, some people love to have photography like other places which indirectly increases the economy of India. Moreover, it is when Indians obtain an overview of the fact that how significant the wedding tradition is all over the world and this trend gets more money to the country. 

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Creative ideas

With the assistance of technology, Indian wedding photographers, New York, Los Angeles, and many cities work very well and deliver creative ideas for the wedding shoot. However, the Indian market in full swing to insist on new as well as fresh creative ideas which were more than just plain blunt photography.

Further, candid wedding photography is the term of using filters as well as the typical traditional photography started to take a back. Thus, the usage of creative ideas from other countries makes Indian wedding photography more amazing.

The demand for clients

Nowadays, the couple is very crazy about their video as well as photography. Couple research for the lighting, music, and poses they want to have. This is the reason because of the demand of the customers the photography trend changes which seem not latest and more fashionable.

Bridal shoot demand

Brides in the modern era look in numerous poses, thus they require many types of wedding shoots. Also, this is the reason the demand for brides’ changes with time; they want to have candid poses, emotional, wedding dress wear, having makeup, poses with their dear ones, and many more. 

More significantly, it is the prime thing that people invest in wedding particularly for the bride, her attire, Jewelry, makeup as well as more. Also, when you plan everything best at that time you look for someone experienced who is able to shoot the moment so that you can revive the entire life!

At this moment they desire someone experienced, creative as well as good editing of bridal photographs. Therefore, the preparation for this situation is best as a career as the requirements were high, as well as the pay was good.

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To sum up, from conventional pictures where you pose still to be more candid as well as storytelling images, and you will see a major diversity. However, changes are foreseeable whenever you love in such a diverse country full of people from different religious & cultural backgrounds. 

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