Tips to Shoot in Lighting Especially Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are full of emotion, ritual, and tradition. Also, Indian weddings are celebrated like festival celebrations; there is lots of lighting, and other things available to make the wedding ceremony memorable.  

If you are living in Chicago and searching for an experienced Indian wedding photographer, then you are on the right platform. Shan Photography has a team of expert Indian wedding photographer Chicago city, who delivers you the ultimate wedding shoot. Being professional wedding photographers, we know how to capture poses at Indian weddings as well as in lighting. The Following are prime tips that help us to capture perfect wedding photography in lighting: 

Know how to see the light

File negative is not our cup of tea. We understand photography is all about the means light reacts with the subject & neighboring conditions. Being a professional wedding photographer, we thoroughly understand how to see light.

So, when our team looks at a scene we easily recognize the shadows & emphasize areas as well as the different range of the scene. Also, our eyes are always strained to the brightest part of the scene, which is you can say the highlight. Therefore, we always place the main subject in the highlighted area.

 Moreover, our team members also create in your mind how your photo will come out before we shoot.  At Indian weddings, there are numerous events which may be held an indoor event with light streaming, outdoor harsh midday light or ceiling light, or colored LED, our expert team members always ready to capture moments through these lights and know settings without having to undergo trial & error on the spot. Our team of photographers makes it a practice of considering the light every time and we glance through the view of the shoot. 

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Choose the right light strategies

Before the wedding, we study the venue, the decor, the surrounding lighting, and many more so that we are ready to capture moments at every step. The prime reason to study all this before the wedding ceremony is that we see whether it is light enough for the perfect wedding shoot or not.

Well, if we don’t find much light, then we look around & see if we can shift our subject to a position with better light. Or we move around as well as take the shot with a dissimilar angle that offers better light. We feel it’s a straightforward solution, to select the view for the right lighting place for the perfect wedding poses.

 On the other hand, if we do not find sufficient ambient light or we can’t move our subject, then we go two ways. The first one we push the limits of our gear & bump up our ISO as well as open our aperture wide. The second one is that we choose to use artificial light LED panels, or on-camera flash & off-camera flash as we have a supporter handy.

Deep knowledge of camera & types of equipment

Shan Photography has the team figure out how our camera settings are configured as well as how to pair your off-camera flashes at the venue. This will help us when we reach the scene, then we should only be about deciding our camera plan & switching to the settings necessary to attain that as quickly as probable. We know at a wedding, it’s about shooting that one moment during the chaos. Thus, time is of the core.

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 Therefore, we familiarize ourselves with our camera & its very purpose. Further, the most significant, know the connection between the holy trinity, slit & shutter speed. Therefore, if you want to capture flawless images of the wedding couple, as a professional wedding photographer you have deep knowledge of cameras and other types of equipment. 

To wrap up, there are numerous wedding photographers available in the market. However, if you require the ultimate wedding shoot with quality pictures and poses, only a professional one can do it. We at Shan photography, deliver you the best quality pictures and different angles with the classy and candid pose at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today, and have the best wedding shoot.

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