6 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Album in This Digital Age

Wedding photography in general has gone through quite a bit of changes over the past few years. Indian weddings too have embraced all the revolutionary advancements that paved the way to more diverse and flexible photographing concepts. In the wake of the pandemic, we even had Indian weddings conducted virtually, and wedding portraits taken online.

Couples that get married these days most likely have their wedding photos compressed in a handy digital format right on their smartphones. The larger files are probably tucked away in a hard disk.

Indian couples in particular are quick to eliminate a wedding album from their budget now, considering the already extravagantly expensive affairs that Indian weddings are.

While that definitely is convenient in terms of space-saving, and money-saving, is it the best idea to have only digital copies of your wedding photographs?

With the digital age peaking, is it really necessary anymore to have printed photos and wedding albums?

As a veteran Indian wedding photographer in New York, with more than a decade of experience, we can vouch for the fact you NEED a printed wedding album. Eliminating them is not a good idea. There are many ways to cut down the costs of an Indian wedding, but avoiding a wedding album is not one of them.

Here are 6 reasons why you absolutely need a wedding album.

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Preserve memories for eternity

Printed wedding albums preserve the most important memories from your life for eternity. Digital photos also help save memories for a long while, but the quality of JPG and JPEG photos deteriorates with time, as we open them too many times, copy them, move them, etc. Besides, your wedding pictures are most likely going to be very high resolution, which will make it difficult to store them online as they would hog most of the space in your drives. They will also get compressed when you store them in your drive.

Especially when it comes to an Indian wedding, there are many more important and beautiful moments to be captured than a Western wedding. The only efficient and practical way to preserve those memories for a lifetime without compromising on quality or space is to put them in a sleek wedding album.

Triggers stronger emotional responses than digital

Studies have shown that viewing photos in print triggers a much higher emotional response than viewing photos digitally. According to some of the most significant analyses, viewing a tangible physical picture activated 50 times more parts of the brain, and engaged them for 10 times longer than viewing a digital picture. In addition, it also apparently supplied a substantial amount more of oxytocin to the brain; the happy hormone. Clearly, printed photos and wedding albums initiate a lot more positive brain activity, resulting in happiness and emotional fulfillment.

At Shan Photography, we are a team of authentic Indian wedding photographers in New York, who live for the beautiful emotionally rich moments at Indian weddings. And the positive emotional responses are one of the primary reasons we insist that our clients have a physical wedding album.

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Tech advancements can render your digital copies obsolete and unusable

As technology advances, a lot of the file formats and digital devices that we use today can be rendered obsolete.

Case in point, how many of your parents’ and grandparents’ wedding day photos stored in VHS tapes and CDs are still viewable? We don’t even have CD drives anymore on our computers.

In the same way, as we move forward, technology will keep changing, causing many of the devices, drives, and file formats we have today to become unusable. The only thing that stays evergreen is a printed wedding album. No matter how much tech evolves, printed photos and wedding albums will still be around, because their format is that of a book, and we all know, books will never disappear.

Printed wedding albums tell a heartwarming story

Wedding albums typically come in the form of books for a reason; they tell a story. The minute you open your album, it takes you through every beautiful and cherished moment on your wedding day, from the beginning to the end. You get to watch the day unfold slowly once again, every time you look at it.

Especially for Indian weddings, a great Indian wedding photographer in New York can click pictures and create your album in such a way that it tells you a beautiful and heartwarming story of love, togetherness, laughter, and family ties. Long after every one of your relatives has left the city back to India, you and your partner get to relive the happy moments with those relatives, through your wedding album.

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A digital folder of wedding photos does not beat that.

Tangible resources to relive precious moments even during dark times

Wedding albums are tangible, physical resources that preserve the most precious moments between you and your partner, and between you and your family back home. You can look at them and relive those moments many times over, whenever you want. This means you get to treasure those moments, even when some of your relatives are no longer with you in the world. During the darkest times, such as the passing of your family members or a rough patch in your marriage, your wedding album will give you a reason to find happiness again. There have even been stories where wedding albums have saved marriages from falling apart.

Completely customizable with aesthetic value

Last but not least, wedding albums today are completely customizable and can serve as aesthetic pieces in your house. You can curate your favorite pictures to form a cute coffee table book, or you can create a grand frame and it place in your bedroom. There are multiple ways to customize a wedding album and have it provide aesthetic value to your home. It can be a starting point to your journey as husband and wife, where you steadily create a haven from a home.

Build your wedding album with an authentic Indian wedding photographer in New York

An Indian wedding album is indeed a treasure trove of happy family moments. It is also a tangible symbol of the love you and your partner share, while also being a reminder of your beautiful love story. By all means, investing in a wedding album will be worth it. You will get to cherish it for the rest of your lives.

Contact Shan Photography; your most reliable Indian wedding photographer in New York, to build your wedding album too. Let’s make it a special one.

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