7 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring Them

Your wedding photos are one of the most crucial and only mementos you will have left to cherish forever once the celebrations are over and the dust settles. There is simply no room for mediocrity or offhand work when it comes to capturing the precious moments of your big day.

This is why it is inevitable that you hire the most reliable and professional wedding photographer – one who understands your vision and works with you patiently to give you the best tangible memories for life. It is a decision that indeed requires careful thought and deliberation, especially if you plan on having your wedding in a city like Chicago where there is a plethora of talented photography experts.

When hunting for the right photographer, you ideally need a harmonious mix of talent, experience, thoughtfulness, and dedication. Above all, you need a professional who adapts his or her offering to fit your unique needs and preferences. The best way to gauge and assess what a prospective wedding photography vendor brings to the table is to ask questions. Listening closely to the answers they provide can reveal a lot about their professionalism and quality of work.

Here are 7 important yet, not-so-obvious questions to ask your wedding photographer in Chicago. Remember, these are questions to ask beyond the standard or basic questions about their experience and location.

1.     Can we take a look at the full galleries of some of the recent weddings that you have covered?

The most professional wedding photographers will always have and be willing to share full galleries of pictures from their most recent work. These pictures serve to be excellent indicators of the quality of work you can expect from the team; through the photos, you can examine attributes like clarity, creative prowess, dedication, the way they approach precious wedding moments, their style of photography, the value you can expect from the investment you make, and many more. If a photographer is unwilling to share full galleries, it most likely is a matter to consider, as there is a good chance they have something to hide.

2.     Do you have assistants or additional shooters to cover weddings?

First things first, it is important to distinguish between an assistant and an additional shooter. An assistant is a hands-on help for the wedding photographer, and their job is to make the work easier. They typically perform tasks like carrying equipment, preparing sets for portraits, testing the gear, etc.

Additional shooters on the other hand are photographers with equal levels of expertise and creative prowess, who will be assigned to shoot from a different angle or a different location for more wholesome coverage.

The answers to these questions will reveal how prepared the team is to handle your wedding, and how creatively they plan to shoot. Depending on the size of your wedding celebration and the number of events and guests you have, assess their answers with respect to your requirements to see if they are a good match.

3.     Will you be our chief photographer? If not, can we meet the primary expert?

It is important to meet and get to know the primary expert who will be handling the coverage of your wedding comprehensively. It will not only help you communicate your wedding vision more effectively but will also allow you to build a solid rapport with the crew. Smooth and professional wedding photography partnerships are often backed by friendly relationships where the photographer as well as the couple are comfortable with each other and are on the same page about the work expectations.

A well-established wedding photographer in Chicago will likely have full-blown experienced teams with a head and will initiate pre-consultation meetings for them to set expectations right as well.

4.     What happens if you have an emergency or for some reason you are unable to work on our wedding day?

Sometimes, life doesn’t always turn out the way we want, and things that are beyond our control can wreak havoc on our plans. It is always wise to discuss such scenarios beforehand so that you know and can be prepared to handle the situation if or when it arises. A professional photographer will always have a backup or a contingency plan in place with substitute but equally proficient photography experts to cover your wedding as discussed.

5.     How long after the wedding will you be able to provide the photos and how many can I expect?

Many photographers choose to communicate expectations upfront. They will likely inform you of the value included in the package that you have chosen, which will cover aspects like the number of photos to expect. If you cannot find a mention, be sure to ask and set expectations right.

Some photographers provide a few edited pictures a few days after the wedding so that you can use them on your social channels or anywhere else. Others provide all edited pictures and raw files within a few weeks. While there is no ideal answer to this question, it is important to ensure that the photographer’s working model is satisfactory and aligned with your needs.

6.     How many weddings or events do you typically take up in a week or a month?

A wedding photographer’s job is highly precision-oriented, laborious, and draining both physically and mentally. It is important to understand how busy your photographer is around the time of your wedding to assess if they will be able to do justice to your needs. Bigger and more resourceful teams with sufficient equipment can afford to take up more projects. However, smaller teams work best with projects spaced sufficiently apart.

A professional and transparent wedding photographer in Chicago will be open and honest about their work commitments. Assess their efficiency based on the size of the company and the kind of resources they have at their disposal.

7.     What kinds of additional services do you provide as part of your package?

Many photographers provide interesting additional services as a part of their wedding packages such as trash-the-dress sessions, photo booths, printed panels, etc. Understanding what kind of value you receive for your money and whether the additional services align with your unique tastes and preferences as a couple, will help you narrow down vendor options and finalize your perfect fit. Some of the most popular wedding photographers in Chicago even provide fun surprises with their packages, making the partnership more fruitful and successful.

Wrapping up

Getting to know your wedding photographer, and the way they work is crucial to realizing the wedding of your dreams. Establishing a friendly working relationship with them is the key to a smooth partnership. In addition to asking basic questions about their service experience, their prices, and their skills, consider asking the above-mentioned 7 questions to understand your wedding photographer in Chicago beyond their technical prowess. While there is no right or wrong answer to these questions, ensure that their answers align with your objectives, needs, and overall wedding vision.

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