8 Practical Tips For Shy Indian Couples to Nail Those Wedding Portraits

Every couple wants the best photos of theirs taken on the wedding day; ones that truly capture the love and happiness they share, ones they can frame and cherish forever. However, when the day comes, it is not always easy to consciously pose, relax, and give your best looks.

Especially if one of you, or both of you are shy and introverted, your portrait wedding photography can quickly turn into something you dread, which will ultimately reflect in the most artificial-looking photos.

Don’t worry. This is a common challenge for a lot of Indian couples. And it is understandable that it may be difficult for you to pose for photos when you are too anxious or excited about the big day, and when the rest of the family is looking on.

Here are 8 practical tips for couples, more specifically, shy couples, to nail those wedding portrait shots and take home some of the dreamiest pictures ever.

Find the perfect Indian wedding photographer in Chicago 

The first step is to find the most understanding, patient, and flexible Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. Start by narrowing down a few professionals in the city, and take a look at the reviews and testimonials to see what their clients actually feel about them. You can also take recommendations from your friends and family.
Scan their galleries on their websites to see if their storytelling skills align with what you have in mind.
Lastly, try to contact one or two of them and have a casual meeting or phone call with one of their photographers to see how they work, how flexible and friendly they are, and what ideas they have.

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You ideally need a team that gets Indian wedding photography, the importance of the little details of the culture and attire, and your overall personality as a couple.

At Shan Photography, we truly care about making your wedding pictures as authentically reflective of our Indian culture as possible. We understand Indian weddings more than anyone else, and we make it a point to bring out the beauty of it through every picture we take. We also adopt a unique mode of work, where we like to get to know our couple before we shoot their pictures so that we get a chance to get comfortable with each other. This also allows our couples to feel less stressed during the portrait photoshoot.

Try to have an engagement shoot

It is always a good idea to have a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement shoot a little before the wedding day. This gives you some private time without the pressure of your friends and family’s eyes, with the camera and the crew, giving you ample room to get used to the process. It also allows you and the photography team to see how you mingle and move as a couple, what angles work for you, what level of intimacy you are comfortable with, etc.

You get to find your rhythm with your engagement shoot, which will help you greatly during your portrait shoot. On the day of the wedding, you may already have an idea of how to move and pose, which will give you a lot more confidence, leading to some exceptional pictures together.

Check out some of the best locations for pre-wedding shoots in Chicago here.

Get closer

As an experienced Indian wedding photographer in Chicago, one thing we have always found to magically work is when our couples get really close in their poses. Stand closer to each other than you normally would so that it forms a wonderful silhouette in the pictures. A gap between the two of you causes light to pass through, which is normally unflattering and makes for very subpar pictures. It also messes with the lighting that we already have set up. Include subtle and natural movements while you stand very close to get the most romantic chemistry between you two.

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Loosen up

Couples always tend to get too conscious of themselves, leading to stiff and artificial poses. Instead, loosen up your muscles and relax your mind. If you have already gotten to know your photographer, it would help you feel more at ease with the situation. Try to shake your hands and legs if you feel tension anywhere, and relax. Know that you are with your partner (whom you just married or are about to marry), and that is the best place for you to feel at home. If it helps, forget that there is a camera clicking you.

Go for real intimacy over posing

If posing doesn’t come naturally to you, then all you need to do is focus on having a good time with your partner. A professional Indian wedding photographer in Chicago will be able to tell you the best places to hang out, and he or she will click through your entire time together, extracting some of the best, most romantic, and magazine-ready shots. Hold your hands and walk around, kiss, talk, hug, do a little dance, or do anything else you feel comfortable doing. Your photographer will stun you with the pictures of the moments you shared.

When in doubt, always laugh

One of the best ways to get some good portrait pictures is to just laugh. Tell a joke, talk about the stuff that cracks you up, or just be your goofy selves and laugh wholeheartedly. It will result in the best moments because the emotion of happiness is best expressed through your laughter. And your wedding pictures turn out the best when your natural happiness shines through. If all else fails, try to fake laugh, and we’re sure it will lead to some real laughs too.

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Look up some poses on Pinterest if you need to feel prepared

If you are absolutely lost as to what to do during a photoshoot, look up a few pictures on Pinterest. You will be able to find some amazing Indian wedding portrait photos that you can use as references. Instead of trying to copy the poses as they are, try to keep them in mind and do a little improv. For example, if in the picture the groom is looking into the camera, you can try to improvise and look at your partner. Or you can do both and see what works for you. Similarly, look up some of the easiest poses, so you feel more confident and ready for the photoshoot.

Trust your photographer

Lastly, while it is always good to do your own prep work before your wedding portrait photoshoot, you can also seek guidance from your photographer. They are there to make you look good and give you some amazing memories. An experienced photographer will be able to direct you, give you ideas, and help you get some good pictures, whether you are camera-shy or totally natural.

At Shan Photography, for instance, we have had the privilege of working with multiple types of couples, at multiple locations. Our experience together with our equipment and knowledgeable team of photographers, makes us one of the most well-equipped Indian wedding photographers in Chicago. Hence, you can trust our team and confidently go ahead with the directions to get some great pictures.

Final thoughts

Your wedding is a day that already triggers a lot of emotions in both of you. The last thing you want is to feel too overwhelmed and artificial in your wedding pictures. We have listed some of the best tricks to help you feel at ease and more confident during the photoshoot here. Practice these and you are sure to nail your portrait shots.

Go one step further and contact our team to get the guidance of the most experienced, and understanding Indian wedding photography team in Chicago. For more updates check our Instagram page.

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