Affordable Budget Ideas For A Small Backyard Wedding

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Having a wedding that is remembered and cherished by everyone is what every couple and their family aims to have. It is the foundation, the intention, and the idea with which the whole planning and execution are done. We have witnessed weddings with a variety of styles, themes, and sentiments over our time as an Indian wedding photographers. On the one side, there are stunning fairy tale weddings in dilapidated stone castles, while on the other, there are glitzy tales of nuptials at city hall. With its rustic cabins, the roaring fire inside, the chilly weather outside, and the loved ones huddled together in a wonderful atmosphere, there are charming and cozy weddings brought to life. Well, people have different tastes and cultures which explains it all, however, there is something known as a “backyard wedding” that can actually work for almost everyone.

There must be people who haven’t heard about this yet or the ones who have but do not have much idea about it, keep reading and you’ll know about the best and most affordable wedding type that anyone can choose! For a glimpse, you can imagine, dreamy woodland weddings with wildflowers beneath our toes, waterfalls as the ceremony’s backdrop, and sunshine filtering through the trees are also possible.

Choosing a backyard wedding? Is it a good decision?

As the name suggests, it is held in the backyard. Even if it takes place at your new home as a married couple, having a wedding in your own backyard is a beautiful idea and will be something your loved ones will always remember.

The flexibility to personalize your house wedding is its best feature. It’s unlike anything else in the world to get ready in your old bedroom and descend the stairs wearing your wedding attire. This cuts down so much of the hassle, to go get ready and then travel to the venue, etc.

While we do not suggest skipping the wedding festivities altogether if you have a backyard, consider using it. For multiple reasons, including the fact that they are frequently more romantic and laid back, we like backyard weddings.

Simply said, your location is unique on the planet. It’s a great idea to plan a backyard wedding, but keep in mind that it’s not the same as having the ceremony in a hall or another specially designated wedding spot. You can do this by using your own backyard, the backyard of your partner’s parents, or even the country cottage where your grandparents once lived.

This idea works best for people or couples who are planning a wedding under an affordable budget.

Even if it takes more time and work than you had anticipated, you won’t regret making the effort to exchange your vows in a memorable location.

It’s crucial to be aware of what’s involved whether you’re organizing your own wedding or assisting a friend or member of your family who is. Here are some major reasons that would want to make you consider getting the backyard wedding for your wedding:

  • A smaller guest list:

Especially, if it’s an Indian wedding happening in let’s say, Chicago and there are not like 300 people guestlist (like it is in India), then this option is going to be the best fit. A garden wedding is a great fit for a smaller guest list. It not only makes the wedding more affordable and personal, but it also gives you the opportunity to arrange a wedding that feels warm and personal to you. Nowadays, couples are highly choosing to be smart with money and have intimate weddings, which does make sense! Therefore, go for it if you want an intimate wedding! And your own backyard is the most natural option for a wedding location for a small wedding! Additionally, since you’ll be in a comfortable setting, you’ll be able to really enjoy yourself!

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You can hire an Indian wedding photographer in Chicago to cover the wedding photography.

  • Pet-friendly:

When having a wedding in your backyard, you can make adjustments according to yourself, and definitely, the rules are your own. In contrast to a venue, a backyard wedding helps you to make those minor adjustments as desired.

For all the pet lovers out there, YOUR PET is going to be at your wedding and no one can undo that! We understand how those typical venues restrict bringing pets to weddings and it actually hurts not having your favorite one at your wedding. This implies that your pet family members can genuinely attend your wedding day. There are no practical reasons to keep them away from a significant event in your life. The best part is that you won’t need to pay a deposit or clear it with the venue. Additionally, because they will be in their natural environment, your pet won’t feel anxious or out of place and will be able to retreat to a quiet area if they feel overwhelmed by the crowd.

  • Budget-friendly:

If you decide to have your wedding in the backyard of your or a family member’s home, you will save a lot of money because you won’t have to pay for a venue, rental agreements, or per-person costs. This is the best option if you want to save money on your wedding day and are planning a wedding on a tight budget. You may even use this money for a future honeymoon or for other wedding-related expenses like decor or the menu! Instead, you can get Indian Wedding photography in Chicago done at its best because there shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to capturing the memories for life!

  • Simple availability:

You don’t have to worry about the date being available when you host your wedding in your own garden. This might seem like a little point, but you’d be surprised at how quickly wedding venues book up. Also, no advance money!  This provides you and your spouse complete freedom to choose the day that works best for you two! This is particularly helpful if you’re organizing a wedding during the busiest wedding season or on a day that seems to get a lot of visitors. This is especially advantageous if you need a venue immediately away for a last-minute wedding!

Ideas To Consider To Keep Budget In Check While Planning Backyard Wedding:

  • Budget carefully for rentals if you’re planning a backyard wedding; all you’ll need are things like chairs, plates, tables, silverware, and glasses that you wouldn’t normally require at a regular venue. Visit a local thrift shop to find unique pieces at low prices and a wealth of potential for creative mishmash. Another option for achieving a polished and uniform look is to go with items that may be rented.
  • Decorations:

To decorate your outdoor wedding without breaking the bank, take advantage of your natural surroundings. Take advantage of them when planning the rest of the room’s layout. You could probably save a lot of money on the decor by purchasing it secondhand or doing it yourself. Some of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever seen had elaborate DIY decorations. Arrange flowers in baskets, drape fabric over an altar, or make use of textured linens. DIY a wedding ceremony arch with a little help from your wedding party using flowers from your garden, cloth from a thrift store, and some creative draping.

  • In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, why not ask friends and family to help out by donating their time or expertise? Instead of bringing you more kitchen essentials, why not ask a guest who has a creative talent if they would be interested in “gifting” their time to you and your fiance? Friends that can help with the wedding’s decor, videography, music, cooking, baking, or planning are invaluable. Your loved ones would jump into volunteer to do something like this!
  • Proper lighting:

Unlike other points where adjustments could be made, when it comes to lighting things have to be perfect no matter what! A backyard wedding is so much completed when proper lighting arrangement is done. You can get glossy and fairy lights to get the dreamy vibe to come live.

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Another suggestion is if you could get neon lights. Especially, the ones that are available these days which can be customized. You could also get your combined hashtag name as the backdrop. These entrancing lights can help set the mood for a beautiful and welcoming wedding with their amber glow. Creating the ideal ambiance and ambiance at your wedding begins with good wedding decoration and strategic lighting design. In order to highlight the reception tent’s architectural splendor, string lights can be draped from the ceiling, or you can opt to have your supper outdoors under the stars. Any event can be made more special with the addition of candles and soft lighting like string lights and paper lanterns.

  • Don’t fall short on pictures:

It’s one area where many married couples later express regret. Whether you choose to employ a professional Indian wedding photographer or enlist the help of a committed guest,  the special moments of your wedding day in photographs should be captured in a proper manner! Try to get everything done, from the formal photos to the reception and beyond. If you can’t swing it financially for a professional photographer on your wedding day, you might want to at least hire one for an engagement shoot. If you’re having your wedding at home, you may still get some beautiful shots of the setting without breaking the bank.

  • Preserve their amusement:

Guests at today’s weddings may expect to be entertained in a variety of ways, from full-fledged yard games like corn hole, ladder golf, and outdoor Jenga to wacky picture booths, palm readers, and interactive food stations. Lawn and yard games are a great way to keep the price of a backyard wedding down. The giant Jenga set can be painted to match the wedding colors, and croquet balls can be stamped with the newlyweds’ initials for a unique touch of customization. Try to come up with some creative ideas to occupy your visitors’ time. Trivia games and scavenger hunts may be fun and productive icebreakers if organized properly. Make a mix tape for the newlyweds and hire a sound system for the reception. Just be aware of any noise ordinances in the area.

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Who doesn’t love homemade food?

Make your backyard wedding the epitome of grandma’s kitchen by serving homemade desserts like baked pies, cookies, and cupcakes. Couples looking to save money by forgoing the conventional backyard wedding are increasingly turning to creative alternatives, such as these delicious sweets. Dressing up your dessert table in a fashionable manner can also serve as an idea for outdoor décor. Saving money on decorations may be possible if the wedding cake serves as a focal point for the table settings at the reception and is consistent in color and style with the other desserts.

  • Building a dance floor yourself is a must because a beautiful outdoor wedding reception would be incomplete without some fun and energetic dancing. You may still have a dance floor at your wedding even if it’s being held in your backyard rather than a more conventional location. And if you’re willing to do some work yourself, it won’t cost you anything. Numerous sources recommending outdoor weddings also claim that no time nor money is needed to make a DIY wedding dance floor. Create a fun wedding dance floor area by leveling the ground, using wooden palettes as a platform, or painting a flat surface with vibrant color and design. Be ready to rock n roll!
  • DIY gifts:

While certain do-it-yourself tasks can save you money in the long run, others are only worth the hassle. When comparing the two, how do you identify which is which? Think about what you want to focus on, how much it will cost to produce the products, and which activities you can actually complete. Writing notes on small cute letters and collecting them in a jar, handwritten messages from your closed one, You can get baked food, chocolate jars, handcrafted soaps, and many other things like that.

  • Reduce the crowd size as much as possible:

Since it’s an intimate wedding, keep it that way only. The fewer people you invite to your wedding, the less chaotic and congested it will be, and the more money you will save. To keep costs down, invite only close family and friends instead of asking the whole neighborhood. You may spend more quality time with each guest and cut down on costs by hosting a small party.

To conclude, everyone wants a great wedding but people often drown in the costs that come along with that. When you are smart with your money, you will never spend it on unnecessary things rather you would spend it wherever is needed. Why throw a big lavish wedding party when there is a better option waiting in your backyard? One of the things to make sure of is that there shouldn’t be any compromise done on choosing the photographer. It is very important that you choose an Indian wedding photographer for Indian wedding photography from professionals like Shan Photography. Feel free to connect and know more!

We will be having a series of different topics on backyard wedding ideas, so stay tuned for more!

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