Best Colorful Wedding Theme Ideas For 2023

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Wedding day is a day full of dreams and happiness. There is no doubt when we think of happiness and joy we imagine it in a colorful way, so why not imagine weddings like it’s your own color palette?

How would you feel if you walked into the venue wearing your wedding dress and holding hands with your dream partner? Yes, that’s how you’re likely to picture your wedding, rest a professional Indian wedding photographer will do the job. Along with your dresses, the venue, and the food, the atmosphere has also become one of the most important parts of your wedding.

What makes a wedding venue unique and catchy? Sure there must be 100 ways but nothing can beat the basic and subtle style of wedding decor i.e choosing colors from the color palette. A fascinating color theme is what’s popular in decor right now. No matter if you want a royal wedding or a simple one, a fairy-tale theme or a forest or greenery theme, the most important thing is the colors you choose. So, here is a list of wedding color themes that are popular right now:

  • White and yellow:

White is the color of heaven and a symbol of cleanliness. Yellow is a lucky color, and our culture has a lot to do with it. Especially, if you’re planning an Indian wedding. This is the most simple way to put together a traditional Indian wedding. This color scheme looks nice and cool for a summer wedding.

White is unique, and it always makes the color next to it look better. Yellow and white look great together on wedding invitations, envelopes, ring boxes, bouquets, floral decorations, and other things. Bohemian coziness is added by white tables with yellow cloths. A yellow bouquet on the table will add to the look of the lunch table and go well with the gift. Use it in a creative way for signature wedding drinks or on your dessert table for a shocking result.

  • Pink:

Pink is associated with words like romantic, fun, and classy. The pink color theme for the wedding is the hottest because it can be used in many different ways. It’s easy to match and gives your wedding a special touch. A place where everything is pink and full of flowers is nothing but a fairyland. Pink roses can’t take away from how sweet your wedding venue will look. Gift boxes and treats in a beautiful pink that match each other in color will never go unnoticed. Pink wedding dresses have always been a way to show off your sense of style. It is very important that all these efforts are made worth the effort by your pictures clicked by Indian wedding photographer Chicago.

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Tip for men: Men can also add something to their wedding clothes. A classic touch with a twist is a pink boutonniere.

  • Red:

One of the most popular wedding color themes is red, which stands for love, passion, and strength. This color is full of romance and gives your big day a lot of power. Red may be a strong, dominant color that looks good in a room. Combining silver, gold, and metallics gives your wedding a glamorous look. Red wedding invitations, wedding rings, outfits, shoes, and just about anything else are often used to give a very glam vibe. A romantic setting with red petals, candles, and lights along an aisle makes the whole place lively.

  • Purple&white:

When you can’t decide which color theme to go with, go with purple. This color makes me feel like I don’t know what it is. When several shades of purple are paired with white, the ceremony will feel less formal and more fun. There are a few ways to add a splash of purple to your white wedding. Purple lights can be found on everything from wedding invitations to the cake, the centerpiece, and even the wedding dress. Red and yellow flowers are often used at Indian weddings, but a mix of white and purple flowers will make the whole thing look very fresh. Your guests will be amazed by a ceremony space with white fabric falls, a white and purple bouquet, and a purple runner.

  • Multicolored:

When all the colors are in one place, your day will be happy and bright. A real Indian wedding is often made more exciting with a dress code for guests that matches the decor, which is often based on Rajasthani style. This color scheme works well for the Sangeet and Mehendi functions. With colorful lights, all the different colors look really nice. Curtains in different colors and seating arrangements for guests that are the same look great. Many different things can be done with this theme. Small decorative lamps and flowers that hang from the ceiling do a great job of making the room bright and lively.

  • Green-like trees:

Forest green is a great color for fall, especially if you’re having a party outside. Armstrong says that forest green, on the other hand, can be tricky, so you might want to think about ways to use it that won’t be too much. A forest green candle or dark green plates look great with wood or gold that have a rustic look. It can also look lovely with jewel tones like a deep burgundy.

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Colors are not just for the wedding decor but can add so much to almost all of the things like outfits, decor, and whatnot. Weddings are one of the ways to reunite with your family and you actually enjoy it, family, while giving some classic poses for the Indian Wedding photography Chicago!

It is very important that you choose a professional team like Shan Photography who can actually pull up the best version of Indian wedding photography of all time.

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