Incredible difference between prior and current Indian Weddings

Nowadays, Indian wedding photo has changed dramatically. Well, Shy brides and impassive grooms have all but vanished. And, in their place are beaming posers oblivious to what has become a daily accessory: the camera. 

Also, wedding photography is no longer just a photograph. And, it’s an intimate chronicle of the loud, colorful Indian wedding: from the poignant to the embarrassing, as of the ephemeral to the staged. Plus, the proliferation of the camera has turned stiff, dazed, even indifferent newly-weds into born posers who don’t hesitate to drape themselves over each other. However, this is the work of a decade; not 70 or 25 years. But, technology, not time, has been the catalyst: from Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook. 

If you doing work as a professional Indian wedding photographer San Francisco City, then you should be aware of the nowadays wedding photography trends and the photo poses of the bride and groom so that the couple should be liked by others on the Internet.

Numerous actions reveal the difference between the past and current wedding changes in India. Nowadays, no one needs to be asked to smile for the camera anymore. Well, so much so that Pavan Mahatta, a professional photographer, believes people are “more conscious” now than ever before. 

Moreover, in the technical era, people are more comfortable with the camera now, he agrees, but they are also always prepared for it. So, Cameras, after all, are a daily accessory now; and everyday moments (and meals) are already scattered across phones, laptops, and the cloud. Thus, this is the reason why weddings need special effort. Importantly, Instagrammed life has turned them into an opportunity for dramatic, stylized photography.

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For the current wedding, photographers used to be thrifty because a roll of film was precious. And, the rest is attitude — there isn’t a moment that’s not worth capturing because, so if you try hard enough, you could perhaps capture them all.

Most popular things for current Indian wedding – Candid camera

Dayanita Singh said that “It’s not just about the wedding; it is an artist who has worked with photography for decades. And, so many other things are revealed. Also, it allows for all the human drama to be manifest. For that reason, it lends itself to a lot of photography.”

To sum up, if you want to become a professional as well as a successful Indian wedding photographer then firstly you should know about the difference between earlier and current Indian wedding shots, so that you may able to work professionally according to the updated wedding shoot.

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