Insight Into Wedding Videography Styles

Capturing memories is something that we all are fond of and when it comes to one of the most special days in your life, the memories have to be captured in one of the most beautiful ways. Wedding pictures are important but another great addition to the same is the concept of wedding videography. 

The idea of videography is liked by everyone throughout all these years. It’s like having an exclusive film made on you and your partner as a toast to the love and union as one. 

This trend has been emerging across the world and we’ve seen this happening at almost every wedding of people from the country that has its wedding popular in the whole world, India. Wedding videography has become a must-to-do thing in the Indian wedding videography

What’s more fascinating is that this wedding videography is available in different types and a couple can choose according to their choice. 

Below mentioned are the types of videography concepts that’ll help you to understand this whole idea: 

  • Artistic videography 

Unlike other types of videography, this one is more of a freelance type. The artistic videography style is determined by the couple’s or videographer’s preferences. It does not adhere to a certain format guideline.

 It is essentially a form of freestyle videography in which the aesthetic dimension is not emphasized. Numerous couples love this concept since it distinguishes their wedding film from others. Yet, it is not advisable that the couple just ask a family member to do the job. While there are no precise guidelines for artistic videography, sufficient training and expertise are required. We advise the couple to hire a professional wedding videographer to get this done. 

  • Journalistic Style Of Videography 

We all are fond of watching interviews with our favorite celebrity or any other famous personality that we find interesting. The journalistic style of videography is likely the most popular when it comes to wedding videos. The wedding videographer will record the entire ceremony, from the vows to the reception. It is often referred to as the event’s “documentary.” It will be edited and polished by the videographer in accordance with the real order of events. 

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You must be wondering what is journalistic in this idea of wedding videography. The reason this one is titled journalistic videography is that there are interviews of the bride and groom as well as the family members and guests who are asked some questions for the ultimate content and also share their congratulations in their own ways. 

  • Cinematic Style Of Videography:

 As the word says, the idea is quite based on the concept of making a film. The manner in which the video clips are recorded is comparable to journalistic videography, with the addition of dramatic special effects throughout the editing process. 

We highly recommend you hire a professional wedding videographer for this work as this is definitely not something for beginners or freshers. The creation of a cinematic video involves strong editing software skills and experience to know which thing fits where. 

Colors and contrast may be boosted during editing to give the video a more cinematic appearance. Especially if it’s an Indian wedding, everything is going to be very colorful which is why you need to hire an Indian wedding videographer who can capture everything perfectly and invests his professional experience in the best level of editing for jaw-dropping results. 

Cinematic-style videographers may interact much more on the wedding day, putting up shots and directing the couple or guests similarly to the wedding photographer. Similar to the Journalistic style, Cinematic videos often last between 60 and 90 minutes. 

  • Manner of Storytelling Videography 

Normally, the storytelling videography technique consists of a wedding film or photo montage complemented by narration and music. It can be compared to cinematic videography in terms of its editing technique. In addition to recording and editing the wedding ceremony, the video also includes testimonies and dialogues. However, the testimonials are not required to be recorded during the wedding ceremony. 

  • Traditional Style Of Videography:

Shot from beginning to end with the minimum, if any, editing, the traditional wedding video often lasts between two and three hours. 

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If you want a more contemporary approach but can’t afford to lose a single frame of video, select one of the other styles and ask your cameraman if they are willing to offer you the raw material. Some will, while others will not, but you should expect to pay more for it because it requires more time to make. These could also be considered reasons for the decline in demand for the same amongst people. But don’t take this seriously, as other forms of wedding videography as mentioned above, are no less than having your own movie about your love.

A wedding is an occasion where we see love happening and uniting as one officially. But love should be celebrated, not just on the wedding day but every day even after getting married. This is one of the main reasons you should choose wedding videography for your wedding so that you can celebrate the love with your partner by watching it with him/her even after getting married. Your wedding should be one of the highlights of your life. To capture the essence of the occasion as well as every minute detail, you will need the assistance of an Indian wedding videographer for your wedding. It goes without saying that you should have a photographer at your event, but a photo album cannot capture the memories and emotions of the occasion in its purest form. A photograph is captured at an angle determined by the photographer. But with videos, you can see all the small details that you may not have seen during the event. 

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If you’re looking for a professional wedding videographer then Shan Photography is where your search ends. There is nothing better than getting things done professionally rather than experimenting especially when it is about such a big day!

Feel free to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you! 

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