Must Read Points Before Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

With the passing of time, the craze for pre-wedding videography has increased at a very fast pace. Well, that’s a great thing as couples have gotten a beautiful way to share their special and loving moments with their friends and family by posting their pictures and videos. Spreading love is what we all should do, right? This wedding season, we bring some of the best tips that could help you in the preparation of your pre-wedding photo shoot. However, it first starts by choosing a professional Indian wedding videographer.

Indian weddings are known all over the world, not just for the fact that it goes around for multiple days but also for how beautifully it is celebrated like a festival on their own. With such a divine and loving occasion taking place, it is important that no moment is left uncaptured.

The beginning of wedding photography usually starts with the engagement or the pre-wedding shoot. When it comes to engagement, there is nothing much that you have to be prepared for except posing with your partner, however, when it comes to a pre-wedding photoshoot it is important to be prepared to avoid any unforeseen situations.

Here are some of the “pre-points” that you should consider while preparing for your pre-wedding photoshoot:

  • Meet-up before you leave for the pre-wedding photoshoot:

Before the engagement photo shoot, the couple and the wedding photographer should meet in person or at least communicate via video chat. This is very important so that you as a couple and the wedding photographer discuss the photoshoot, for example, the themes and location, traveling, etc., in order to be on the same page. Since most couples have never participated in a professional photo shoot before, this is advantageous for both parties. As a result, people now have the opportunity to inquire about their expectations in great detail especially when it comes to  Indian wedding videography.

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From the wedding photographer’s point of view, it’s important that the wedding photographer understand what the couple is envisioning, as well as their personalities and love stories. Planning a distinctive pre-wedding shoot that truly captures the couple is made simpler in this way.

To get the most out of the initial encounter, many wedding photographers urge their potential clients to complete a questionnaire in advance. You can clear any doubts or ask questions such as whether they prefer an indoor or outdoor photo shoot, whether friends or other family members will be invited, etc.

  • Make a shot list:

During a pre-wedding picture shoot, a shot list serves as a checklist for all the important shots you must take, such as a close-up of the engagement ring.

The wedding photographer will have his own ideas however, it is also important that you create a list of poses and themes you want your pre-wedding photoshoot to be in. We have it in our minds for a moment, however, amidst all the wedding preparations it can easily slip off our minds which is why we encourage you to make a list on your own and make sure to discuss the same with your partner before finalizing and sharing the same with the photographer. You may better organize the session and ensure that you don’t miss any of the key shots by creating a shot list.

A list can be as simple or as detailed as you choose. You can have some sample photos to demonstrate to clients how they should pose and to explain the photographs you wish to achieve. You can get a variety of shot lists for wedding photographers online as a place to start as any couples to choose Pinterest and other social media platforms to have some ideas, do your research well!

  • Choose a location before time:

This is something that shouldn’t be left last minute. The place you pick for the couple you’re photographing must be appropriate.

If they enjoy and are comfortable outdoors, for instance, you may have the photo shoot session in a park. If they like indoors you could even hire a place in a beautiful restaurant for a few hours.

  • Posing in the best way:

It might sound clichè but having a list of poses that you want to be photographed in and also include as a part of Indian wedding videography for your wedding, should be precisely prepared. This is based on experience with multiple photoshoots that we’ve had done in the past that couples go blank after 2 or 3 poses maximum. Remember, the couple and the photographer don’t have straight 2-3 days to shoot the pre-wedding, it’s a matter of some hours which is why you should be prepared ahead of time.

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You could think of ideas like the couple looking at the skyline of the city. Other poses like having them stand or sit next to one other, hug each other from behind, etc.

Waiting for each other is a way of expressing love in the form of patience. To put this in the video, it is intended that they are both looking away from the camera and ahead to the future that awaits them together.

To create happy and fun moments, dancing inspires another pose that can be recreated. If they are timid or don’t know how to dance, they don’t necessarily have to perform it in real life. Few things are more romantic than staring each other in the eyes. You can do this with a variety of stances, of course.

In addition to these ideas, let’s consider a common thing that we see in the couples especially Indian couples, that the groom is taller than the bride. This is a cute thing and should be depicted in the best and cutest way possible! The bride can lean her head onto the groom’s chest and one hand on the chest to display love is one of the most lovable poses of the pre-wedding photo shoot.

  • Candid moments:

To be precise, pre-wedding picture shootings are typically more laid back than wedding photo shoots. It’s not all about striking the perfect stance and having the best appearance, so be prepared to take pictures while the couple is diverted or simply having fun during a break.

  • Solo shots:

Solo shots are really a great way to get comfortable with the camera and pose before getting in it with your partner. The pair need not appear in every shot taken before the wedding. We as professional videographers understand that it is important to give each of them their own particular moment; that is vital.

  • Actively doing something instead of posing in one place:

It is common that become stiffed or glued to a place to bring that perfect picture out. However, our advice is to just loosen yourself up, be yourself and you’ll get there easily rest your can leave on your Indian wedding videographer to capture the best clicks. This is important to keep in mind as the majority of people experience self-consciousness when having their photos shot. Yes, we may frequently take selfies or photographs of our daily lives, but having a stranger point a camera at you is not the same.

  • Little details:

As a part of the pre-wedding photoshoot, there will be pictures and videos included that will focus on little details, such as your engagement ring, the theme, and the background. To pose with your partner for such photos, put your hand on your partner’s chest. Another helpful technique is to place the hand on the cheek. A close-up of the engagement ring is a must for any engagement photo shoot.

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The pictures and videos will be taken considering the theme in mind and also to create a little story. Simply putting up the pictures and videos doesn’t make sense if not backed up by a short story.

To sum up, a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot is something that you do have to prepare for it if you really want it to be perfect. Imagine it will be watched by a number of family members for the years to come, we believe you would definitely want to add more to it.

Another significant thing that matters is the Indian wedding videographer you choose.

Choosing a professional wedding photographer for Indian wedding videography is very important, which is why you should choose a professional like Shan Photography. Our years of experience in this field are the reason for our expertise in this field. You can contact us to know more and also get a free quote!

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