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When you are preparing for your wedding especially, the couple photoshoot, there comes a point when you find yourself in the middle of so many things, that’s where things get in need to be precisely prioritized. With the incredible popularity that Pre-wedding shoots have gained over the years, people do have an idea about what it is. However,  it is not the same when it comes to reception photography. Reception photography is for sure an important part of Indian wedding photography which is why you need to make sure that you and your partner have a proper idea about it.

If you are on this page, then you must be the bride- or groom-to-be looking for tips and tricks for taking candid photos at your reception. Well! You’ve landed at the place that is just so right for you!

Our team has put together a comprehensive guide with some must-try tips and tricks to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems.

  • Classic Pictures of the Groom:

We all can agree on this point, that the most common poses of the groom in the pictures are either the basic yet classic stills or sitting on a big fancy chair. There is a lot more that can be pulled apart from the basic things. Groom’s portraits are so much fun to take if the photographer and the groom get along well. The real candids come out when the photographer and the person who has to pose, gets comfortable in terms of talking. The groom might be dressed in a royal suit or a beautiful sherwani, especially in the case of an Indian wedding. Different angles could also be tried with the groom sitting down and looking away from the camera.

Compared to the wedding makeover, the makeover for the groom’s reception is much louder and has more details. So, when put together with the other wedding looks, reception groom photo poses often catch our eye.

  • Wedding Portraits

The reception look is one of the most popular looks for bridal portraits. From beautiful party dresses and designer lehengas to modern dreamy outfits and sarees, it is so much fun to capture all that grace in beautiful portraits. Clearly, what the bride is wearing is a big part of how she should pose at the reception. To be clear, heavy-studded party dresses and sparkly lehengas should get extra attention when the portraits are framed. And why not? It adds so much beauty and grace!

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Our Indian wedding photographer at Shan Photography always tries to make sure that all the things that go into our frames are in balance. There is no doubt that even though the poses are simple and easy to do, the framing and composition are always unique and sophisticated.

Wedding portraits are definitely used later for creating albums, and couple frames as well. We do our job with utmost perfection so that you’ll be confused about which picture to get framed and hung on the wall.

  • The Big Step Up

At wedding receptions or after-wedding parties, the bride and groom make a grand entrance as a married couple. Especially as a part of Indian wedding photography, it’s a great option to catch the wedding entry of the bride and groom in pure candids, especially when there are fireworks and a lively dance team. The entrance could also be quiet and simple, with the newlyweds walking into the party hall alone to strange music. In either case, the lovey-dovey looks we get to see here are priceless and irreplaceable.

Without a doubt, the other wedding photographers from our team will give proper attention  to the family for the wedding photos at the reception so that we don’t miss the teary-eyed laughs and overwhelming emotions.  The fancy entrance and flower showers can be captured in beautiful candid shots that look real and are truly unique. You can also take pictures of the decorations at a big wedding reception while you’re taking pictures of the guests coming in.

  • The Wedding Ceremony

After the grand entrance, the close family would gather for after-wedding rituals like cutting the cake and tasting the wine. We at ShanPhotography, aim to go cover weddings that have the most elaborate ceremonies after the wedding, where the newlyweds have a great time celebrating the coming together of their families. To be more specific, a very important part of the after-wedding stage will be carefully photographed.

As there is a list of things that need to happen in a certain order, the photographer can set up the crew and be ready to take candid and semi-candid shots of the beautiful moments. Also, games and love speeches from family and friends will follow the events. So, photography at a wedding reception is like a rainstorm of unplanned candid shots that can make or break a wedding album.

  • Couple’s first dance after getting married:

The first dance of a newlywed couple is enjoyed and praised in many ways by everyone. People see the warm and loving glances of the couple. Here, our couples dance together on stage and are always lost in their own love bubbles. As dreamy as it feels, telling the story of a wedding is just as thrilling and exciting. People all over the world look forward to the newlyweds’ first dance at the party after the wedding.

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After that, the bride will throw her bouquet to everyone in the crowd. Clearly, a lot of “first dance” wedding photos have been trending on social media, and this isn’t just for the Christian or English weddings but has also become a common thing as a part of Indian wedding photography. As we’ve talked about in our most recent blogs, low-angle photography has taken over wedding photography as a whole. But when it comes to reception parties, we see a lot of clicks where techniques like the bokeh effect.

  • No more awkward times:

Even though classic portraits and beautiful candids are fun to look back on, it’s funny little things like pictures of simple wedding decorations stir up those precious memories more strongly. Photo booth wedding reception ideas with props and do-it-yourself frames are often used to finish planning the reception. And both the newlyweds and the guests take advantage of these photo booths, giving us some great shots.

As professional photographers, we do understand that having props help the couple to give different poses. To be clear, simple props can be used, like a decorated umbrella for the bride’s entrance, sun shades, a bridal bouquet, etc. However, if the couple isn’t comfortable then we can drop this idea and do something else that’s creative too otherwise. No matter how fun or easy the wedding reception photo ideas viral are, the couple’s comfort is the most important thing.

  • Getting to Know the Place:

Young couples love to have their reception parties in places that look like paradise. Destination after-parties are now a thing, just like destination weddings. While wedding ceremonies are held in holy places like temples and churches with a small number of guests, the celebrations continue at after-parties. Mostly, people choose venues and resorts for the reception. To make our point clear, we are always on the lookout for beautiful nooks and corners at the reception venues so we can take photos that will go viral.

As we always say, if you want the best outdoor wedding reception pictures, you should walk around and look at the event venues. Here are some beautiful portraits of couples, including a semi-candid “mirror showcase” photo, a candid photo taken inside, and a candid photo taken outside. No matter what kind of venue it is, you should always try to find a few good spots for candids and portraits to make the most of it.

  • The Portraits on Stage:

When taking stage photos for a wedding reception, it is very important to include the stage’s lovely decorations and details. At most parties, the reception stage is the place where everyone wants to be. The reason is very simple, the ultimate effort is undoubtedly put into decorating the stage to make it the most photographic spot. The wedding decorator team puts in their best ideas to decorate the stage backdrop and put the most beautiful props. We do have a recommendation regarding one of the best wedding decorators in the states, Foruevents. If you’re sitting with your wedding planner right now, or working on it then you should definitely contact this wedding decorator who is especially known for their professional work.

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It looks like the latest pictures of wedding decorations add beauty and grace altogether to the background and make it stand out in the pictures. Also, different points of view will be tried to get the best photos.

  • Paintings of Love:

We don’t feel like our reception wedding photography is complete without a few portraits that show emotions. Even though we love semi-candids, which require planning and a lot of talks with our couples, we will never give up on expressive pure candids.

What we plan is to capture moments that are a good mix of candid and semi-candid shots. In a more simple sense, these photos show a lot of affection and love that isn’t conditional.

We picture our reception couple poses with the full confidence and surety of our couples, always putting the comfort and priorities of the couple first. The most important thing is that we stay focused and patient so we can catch the right moment while our couple enjoys their big day without stress or worry.

These were some of the best options that we gathered to provide you so that you can plan and even practice if you feel like it, for the best Indian wedding photography pictures. We are all set to capture all types of energies and emotions that the couple and their loved ones would be wrapped around with. We have curated these ideas so that you don’t worry about how it’ll go standing in front of the camera. When the moment comes, keep your head and chin up, smile, and pose gracefully for the day that’s meant to be all yours! If you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, we hope you can shine like a star at your reception party now that you know all the ideas.

We at Shan Photography, are a team of professional wedding photographers that are dedicated to their work and the satisfaction of the clients. We assure the quality and contentment in the work that we provide.

Feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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