The Mandatory To-do Pre Wedding Preparation List

Keepsakes come in various forms, it can be letters, key rings, clothes but one of the best ways to have something that you can cherish anytime at any point in life is a visual presentation to walk you through a beautiful aisle of memories. Pre-wedding shoots which are also quite famous as Indian wedding photography is one of the best ways to live those memories down the timeline. Honestly, the amount of excitement and happiness that women carry for their pre-wedding is just on some other level. 

Isn’t it true that before the shoot day you have possibly imagined multiple poses that you want to be captured with your partner! Thinking about cute captions and hashtags all these things distract you from the real things that you should actually consider before heading to your shoot location. 

We have created a list of things that you should definitely consider before your pre-wedding shoot or even if you’re preparing for it:

Things to carry: 


The shoot is all about the scenic backgrounds and the couple in the frame. To capture these, a change of backgrounds or places is mandatory. Men are going to wear the boots that they usually do but all brides out there you know you can’t just wear anything. Wearing beautiful footwear is good but make sure it is comfortable as well so that you don’t get tired and have your feet paining. Our suggestion is to wear footwear which is comfortable, however, try to go for a nude color. If you’re wearing something traditional choose something really comfortable and light because your Indian wedding photographer is definitely going to make you and your husband change places, so be ready! 

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Beat the heat:

It is not surprising to know that many pre-wedding shoots happen to take place outdoors. So if you’re getting married in the summer season as much as your husband is important to be at the shoot, so is a mini fan and lots of water! Jokes apart, these mini fans can help you to maintain the makeup and prevent it from melting leaving a mess. Our suggestion is to go for a rechargeable fan or USB fan, those are compatible as well as do not require an electricity supply to run. 

An umbrella:

Talking about the weather, how can we forget rain? When it rains in a movie scene when couples are sitting somewhere that might look good and romantic but in reality, the couple themselves are going to be upset about the rain especially during a pre-wedding shoot. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella to save you from the actual storm. 

Take food:

 These shoots usually take a lot more than just one hour. It’s best to be prepared for the same. Carrying some snacks and refreshments to keep yourself hydrated as well is a great way to deal with the hunger amidst the shoot. Nachos, nuts, sandwiches, etc, are some of the suggested options by our Indian wedding photographer who works at Shan photography, these snacks are not so messy to eat. In addition to the same, it is suggested to carry straws as well to avoid any stains on those fancy clothes!

Props for the photoshoot:

Little things can actually make a huge difference, in fact, they can add more effects to the picture. Props like balloons, flowers, and tag boards. Also, nowadays paper props are also easily available specifically made for pre-wedding shoots. 

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 Beauty preparations:

Beauty sleep:

Beauty sleep is important for you all beauties! A proper sleep will help you to wake up fresh, keep your skin away from looking tired and dull. Also, it will help you in dark circles. Makeup is a good option but natural beauty is unbeatable and that’s a fact!

Avoid hair conditioning:

Although every girl loves it when their hair is silky and shiny, a night before your pre-wedding you may have to skip this. Silky hair makes it quite tough to retain a hairstyle and hold the style itself as well. We suggest our beautiful brides keep their hair dry because it will ease in making a good hairstyle and will add volume to the look as well.

Mini makeup kit:

The base makeup is there to hold your entire makeup but touchup cannot be neglected either.  Touchup is very important between the pre-wedding shoot to retain that fresh and glowy look of the face. 

Hair accessories:

Hair accessories like bobby pins, scrunchies are quite important to carry. As most of the pre-wedding shoots are done outdoors, there are higher chances of your hairstyle being messed up due to the windy weather.


Neat and clean hands are essential especially when you’re getting ready for a pre-wedding. There are many poses in which the closeup of the hands are captured like the rings, holding each other’s hands, etc, It is advised to go for a manicure before your pre-wedding and get those nails a new look, nail art is definitely going to complete the look!

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Outfits are one of the most important things that influence the whole photoshoot. You should plan in advance all the outfits that you want to wear, try them in case there are any alterations required. Make sure you are selecting the outfits keeping the theme of the pre-wedding in your mind. Our Indian wedding photographer at Shan photography already discusses the theme with the couple in advance so that they can plan their outfits in advance. 

Modern times have given this new way of capturing memories and having something that’ll be as special as the bond itself. The gift that can be cherished by you and your generations to come! 
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