This Way You Can Let Everyone Attend Your Wedding Despite Covid-19

As much as we enjoy watching sports live, the horizon for live streaming has expanded in the best way possible. COVID-19 has changed and affected the lifestyle of people. One of the major restrictions that was seen almost in the entire part of the world was limited gathering. Social gatherings being limited to a few people as per the guidelines was applicable for weddings, engagement, or any type of functions in which a number of people can come in contact. As an Indian wedding photographer or wedding planner, he can tell you it seems no less like a gathering of a concert especially, at an Indian wedding. But weddings are incomplete without relatives which is why “live streaming” came into place. 

Live streaming has always been a handy tool for destination weddings but these virtual broadcasts are more popular than ever in COVID times! Whether you’re planning a small wedding or have family members who live abroad, live broadcasting your wedding is a great way to make sure no one misses it, despite the pandemic. 

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What Exactly Does It Mean To Have Your Wedding Live Streamed? 

Putting it in a definition, a live stream is a video recording that is simultaneously filmed and transmitted over the internet in real-time, it’s like watching a live world cup. Your loved ones will feel like they are still present at the wedding. Since this way is quite opposite from one of the major purposes of the wedding (which is to gather your loved ones on your big day), we have mentioned some points to justify the same: 

Your wedding can be streamed live to loved ones who are far away:

Yes, we are in a period where we must limit our wedding guests, which unfortunately means that some relatives will be unable to attend. That may be ideal for those who simply want a small wedding to begin with, but it may be challenging for those with larger families,  especially in the case of Indian weddings. In this circumstance, a live stream at your wedding can help you have the individuals you genuinely want at your wedding while also allowing them to enjoy being a part of the day without putting themselves at risk of getting the virus. 

It’s a great way to reach out to folks who are unable to attend:

Putting Covid aside, live streaming is still a fantastic option for people who were unable to attend your special day for a variety of reasons. Sending them a link to your wedding’s live stream so they can watch you be married is a great way to keep them involved. 

You’ll have a lot of fun and make meaningful memories to look back on in the future: 

Imagine being able to click a button and relive the most important day of your life in 5 or next 10 years. All the while, knowing that the people who mattered most in your life at the moment were also watching. Whether it’s an engagement or wedding, your Indian engagement photographer or wedding videographers are able to record the ceremonies, but they are unable to capture and keep all of the true reactions. As a result, when you live stream your wedding, the raw unvarnished moments come to life.

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It’s simple to share on social media: 

Any event happening these days goes up on social media before even people come to know about the same. If you want to share your wedding live stream on Facebook or Instagram, live streaming is a fantastic method to do so! You can put significant moments on there, such as exchanging vows or throwing up your bouquet, or “phere” if it’s an Indian wedding. 

Having a live broadcast at your wedding will be less expensive:

We all know how pricey weddings can be. Not everyone has a large budget, and not everyone wants to spend a lot of money right from the Indian engagement sessions to weddings including multiple functions. Modern couples instead prefer to focus on their house, family, or even saving up for a honeymoon. As a result, a modest wedding with live streaming for your guests may be the best way to keep costs down while keeping your loved ones included too! 

Request your Indian wedding photographer for wedding to be streamed live: 

If you’re going to live stream your wedding, make sure it’s done right. True, you can choose a particular guest or family to film for you, but there’s always the possibility that something will go wrong. It’s a great idea to hire a professional to look after these things so that your guests can enjoy the day and you can rest assured that you’ll obtain a professional keepsake of your most important day. Ask your wedding planner if they would be willing to host the live broadcast during your event.

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They know what to emphasise and focus on, and you can trust them to capture the most important day of your life beautifully.

How covid changed the whole wedding situation: 

With the COVID-19 guidelines taking place, your family members won’t be unable to attend the wedding in person. Even if you’re planning a traditional wedding, travel constraints or personal safety concerns may prevent some family members from attending. Live streaming allows you to share the most memorable moments of your day with all of your loved ones, even if they are unable to physically be present. 

You’ve had to cut your guest list in half. If COVID-19 has forced you to reduce your initial guest list, a live broadcast is a smart approach to include individuals who can no longer attend in person.

With new variants coming up, the restrictions don’t seem to go out of the picture anytime soon but we can’t stop living our life or enjoy special moments either. If you’re looking for a professional engagement photographer or Indian wedding photographer, you can check our website.

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