Tips For Engagement Outfits For Men &Women In 2022

It is said that when two people realize that they want to spend the rest of their life with that person, you can’t wait for the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. Engagement is the beginning of that forever which is why it should be as special as the wedding itself. There are many parts of an engagement that count, however, the engagement photography part has always been and is still considered as a priority in the list. And why not? We don’t realize when occasions come to an end quite soon which is why photographs are one of the best ways to reminisce about beautiful memories. You must know that the kind of photographer that you choose for your engagement or wedding as well, is going to have an impact on the memories. If you choose a professional Indian engagement photographer then for sure the photographs and videos are going to be the best! 

Engagement photography includes multiple sessions like pre-wedding photos, a couple of photoshoots followed by other types of photoshoot as well. This also varies from different types of culture or family backgrounds as well. Rest it also depends on your Indian wedding photographer he/she will guide you through different types of photo sessions. Irrespective of the photo session it is important that you have your outfits prepared to pull it through all types of photo sessions. 

We discussed the same with our Indian engagement photographer he helped us in preparing some important points in context to outfits for engagement which can be helpful for both bride and groom to be. 

Women’s engagement outfit:


Looking good is important, however, what is more, important is how comfortable you are in your outfit. It is very important that you wear an outfit that makes you feel like yourself. 

Because in the end, it’s all about comfort. You should know that if you are uncomfortable with what you are wearing that would be clearly seen in the pictures. In addition to the same, we suggest avoiding any last-minute new outfit trials. This can actually turn out to be quite risky and stressful. You need to be happy inside out in order to get the best of pictures for Indian engagement shoot

The best thing you can do is to know what are the things that makes you bit self-conscious and select clothing that best complements those feelings. When you dress in clothes that make you feel at ease and confident, you’ll appear confident in front of the camera! 

Here are some points that might help you:


If you have heavy arms than wearing a three-quarter length sleeves would work well. You can also choose to wear a stylish jacket, blazer, or cardigan based on the weather. If you find yourself focusing on your arms a lot, skinny straps or strapless gowns would probably make you uncomfortable which is why it is recommended to avoid them. 


 If you’re one of those woman who want their legs to appear longer than you should definitely go for closed-to heels. However, if you do decide to wear peep-toe heels, don’t forget to pamper your toenails before your appointment. 

Women wear heels for two main reasons, first reason is it makes them feel more confident and second is it helps them to fulfill any height issues. 

Hair and makeup:

We suggest all our ladies out there to get ready from a professional makeup artist. Professional hair and makeup might be an excellent choice firstly because it will be done by a professional which means it will actually give that perfect and wonderful look. Also not having the stress of getting ready on your own sounds way much better.

Try to go for a makeup tral before you finalise everything. If you’re wedding is on your head then your engagement session might be the ideal time to perform a makeup trial. In addition to the same, remember that your ring will be in focus whether its the Indian wedding photographer for pictures or your guests, which is why it is important that you should get it cleaned and your nails done as well!

Color coordination: 

One of Concentrate on coordinating rather than matching colors. 

When it comes to choosing colors make sure you and your partner are actually choosing colors not matching with each other. Try to avoid choosing same color. 

Details of your outfits:

Layers and accessories, such as coats, sweaters, necklaces, scarves, and belts, all makes the outfit look more complete. 

Men’s engagement outfit:

  • For the Indian engagement shoot you can confidently choose to wear long pants. Also, make sure to wear close toe shoe that will give you that classy and masculine look. We all know how men are addicted to wearing to shorts and tshirt all the time, due to one main reason, the comfort that it provides. However, this should be completely avoided not just for your pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot but throughout the whole party. 

Suit pants or colored pants are the most appropriate. In addition the same, you can choose brown leather dress shoes go with practically any outfit, whether it’s a full suit, a jacket, or just a collared shirt. 

  • Make sure that as a bride and groom both of you talk to each other about the outfits so as to ensure that you’re both dressed to the same formality level. It’s not uncommon for one spouse to like dressing up more than the other, so finding a middle ground for your engagement photos is quite important. 
  • Layers can add a lot of intrigue and sense to your photographs especially if you wear blazers and coats. 
  • Adding accessories to your outfit like belts, ties and suspenders etc, Can actually add so much to the outfit. 

To sum up, looking perfect isn’t the goal, but looking happy and all set for the new beginning surely is! Your outfit tells a lot how you carry yourself. Don’t do it for the world but for your partner.

In addition to the same, as much as outfits are important another thing that is more important is choosing the right Indian engagement photographer. Make sure that you choose one who is professional, you wouldn’t one someone to explore or experiment their photography skills on engagement. If you are looking to hire the best skilled professional engagement photographer that without any doubt choose Shan Photography.

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