Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Mexico

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Mexico: Mexico – one of the most popular, highly-rated wedding destinations in the world is home to an array of exotic locales covering cityscapes, landscapes, and waterscapes. The country has a lot to offer such as lush green botanicals, woods, sparkling coastlines, colorful streets, old-world architecture, and exceptional five-star wedding resorts. It comes as no surprise that couples the world over choose Mexico as a hot-favorite location for destination weddings.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Mexico

Unsurprisingly, the country also boasts an array of talented wedding photographers, each possessing the creative mastery to incorporate the magic of Mexico along with the beauty of the love stories. To get married in Mexico is to realize a dream fairytale wedding in a country that is popularly touted as a tropical heaven on earth. It is only fair to preserve the magnificence of the location while capturing the sacred union – a feat only a trained professional wedding photographer in Mexico can achieve.

From the wide range of professionals available in the country, it can be overwhelming to narrow down and finalize the best. To ease your stress, here we have a compilation of the top 10 wedding photographers in Mexico.

Before we get into the list, here is an overview of the wedding industry in Mexico.

Weddings in Mexico: an overview

According to a survey conducted by Destination Weddings Travel Group, Mexico is the second most popular destination choice for international weddings. It attracts couples with its diverse culture and a unique mix of modern luxury and historical architecture that is seldom seen elsewhere. The pristine beaches are another striking factor lending an exotic appeal to the wedding ambiance.

The country has a tropical climate, which makes it ideal to have a wedding in the summer season – January through early May. However, wedding season in Mexico naturally implies higher charges for wedding vendors.

Most wedding resorts in Mexico provide all-inclusive packages that cover a majority of the wedding expenses. Planning the wedding at least 12 months ahead will help sort out most of the challenges systematically and in time.

The country is full of exquisite cities with colorful streets and sparkling beaches – perfect for extravagant weddings. Some of the most popular places include Tulum, Mérida, or the “white city”, Valle de Bravo, Cancun, Sayulita, and Oaxaca. The cost of conducting a wedding in any of these places can be anywhere between $6000 to $30,000 depending on the size of the wedding, the resort, etc.

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There are a few legal requirements to fulfill before getting married in Mexico. Ensuring accurate compliance, and arriving at least a week before the wedding ceremony will help sort out all formalities on time. A good wedding planner in Mexico will be able to guide you through the procedures.

Top 10 wedding photographers in Mexico

Here are our picks for the top-rated wedding photography companies in Mexico.

Shan Photography

Shan Photography is a comprehensive team of wedding photographers in Mexico with bases in several countries across the US. They specialize in western, destination, South-Asian as well as multi-cultural weddings with a diverse team of experts in the craft of documenting endearing love stories. They have dedicated teams to handle regular and destination weddings in Mexico equipped with the knowledge and resources to guide couples in their wedding journey. From choosing photoshoot locations and wedding venues to taking care of legal requirements for a civil wedding, the consultancy team at Shan Photography is resourceful and hands-on with their services. The photographers follow an artistic documentation style for capturing weddings, ensuring that the most genuine, raw, and real emotions from the big day are captured in their truest most authentic form. Their customizable photography and videography packages further ensure that the services are accessible and affordable for all couples in Mexico.

USP: Diverse experience, comprehensive services including videography, dedicated teams for prompt services, customizable packages

Feelm Storytellers

Feelm Storytellers is a full—service wedding photography and videography company specializing not just in weddings, but also other special events. With their team possessing extensive experience in the craft of capturing important and heart-warming moments, the company is known to produce some of the best pictures brimming with life and authenticity. Their packages are customizable and flexible and they also offer extra services such as photo booths and fun trash-the-dress sessions.

USP: Extensive experience, authentic pictures, extra services such as photobooths

Vallarta Photo

Vallarta Photo is a high-quality wedding photography company owned by a passionate destination wedding photographer duo. Their services cover filmmaking as well and predominantly operate in Puerto Vallarta. The team has a flair for producing fresh, simple, and elegant photos that give you fond memories of your big day. They follow a mix of contemporary and photojournalistic styles ensuring the most authentic wedding pictures. Their packages cover a wide range of services including engagement shoots, trash-the-dress sessions, and options for albums, save-the-dates, digital files, or flush mounts.

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USP: Fresh, simple, and elegant photos, unique photography style, multiple services

Momentum Wedding Studio

Momentum Wedding Studio is an experienced team of wedding photographers in Mexico, headquartered in Aguascalientes, and Riviera Maya. As masters in their craft, they believe in capturing the delicate and small moments from a wedding to perfection, as it is the intricate details that create the wholesome big picture. They are known for their natural and beautiful images brimming with intimate connections and raw emotions. Their services cover a wide range of offerings including wedding books, digital albums, trash-the-dress sessions, wedding boxes, and more.

USP: A focus on capturing intricate small moments for wholesome wedding pictures, natural and authentic images, wide range of services

Ave Sol Photography

Ave Sol Photography, a passionate and driven team of wedding photographers, having had humble beginnings fueled by a love for the country, was established in 2015. With over 15 years of experience and 900 weddings to their credit, today, the team is known for its high-quality wedding pictures. Their work is characterized by careful refinement and impeccable attention to detail. They do not incorporate generic filters and leverage the creative prowess of their editing team to create stunning pictures with a natural play of colors. Manu of their work has been featured in coveted wedding magazines and blogs, and they boast a high-profile clientele including the likes of Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria.

USP: Extensive experience, refined photos and attention to detail, professional editing, celebrity clientele

Jonhy & Rose Adán Photographers

Jonhy & Rose Adán Photographers is a premium wedding photography company specializing in soft, light, and delicate imagery. The chief photographer Johny likes to use natural light and the glow of the sun as much as possible in his compositions. For the same reason, their photos are characterized by a light feel that naturally throws focus on the couple’s intimacy and connection. The company offers destination wedding photography services throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. They have an array of packages for different wedding preferences and some of their services include boudoir sessions, save-the-date photoshoots, albums, canvases, and more.

USP: Natural, soft, and delicate imagery, ample use of natural light, destination wedding photography, wide range of services

Cristian Pou Photography

Cristian Pou Photography is an expert team of wedding photographers in Mexico specializing in dreamy proposals and beautiful destination weddings. With years of experience and hundreds of celebrations under their belt, the company is driven by a strong love for the craft. Their passion lies in meeting happy couples and documenting their wonderful live stories. Their services also cover couples’ portraits, family milestones, trash-the-dress sessions, and more, and they offer flexible packages with full-day and partial-day coverage.

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USP: Extensive experience and passion, wide range of services, flexible packages

Adan Rebolledo Photography

Adan Rebolledo Photography is a premium wedding photography company specializing in destination weddings. Their work is often characterized by vivid colors, authentic emotions, beautiful memories, and wholesome sensations. They follow an artistic photography style where there is an equal focus on candid moments, portraits, and stills. With a comprehensive range of services covering engagement shoots, bridal portraits, proposal documentation, and full-day wedding coverage, the company is widely popular for its service excellence and image quality.

Photography for the Soul

Photography for the Soul, led by Andrei Mihalache is a passionate wedding photographer and storyteller who loves capturing the essence of moments that transcend time. He believes that every wedding has a distinct narrative to unfold, and he works to immortalize every little detail, and emotion that helps relive the experience. His creativity and meticulous attention to detail are trademarks of his company, powering his collaboration with high-profile names like Ritz-Carlton and Mayakoba. Complementing his passion for photography is a wide range of services including bespoke albums, pre-and post-wedding shoots, digital files, and more, covered in flexible packages.

USP: High level of creativity, meticulous attention to detail, authentic record of precious moments, comprehensive services

Octavio Durán Weddings

Octavio Durán Weddings is a high-quality wedding photographer in Mexico specializing in destination weddings. Backed by 8 years of experience and a keen eye for detail, Octavio Duran is the epitome of creative wedding mastery. He focuses on transforming special wedding moments and experiences into impressive shots using which the couple can relive their big day. He is known for his intensive detailing, which immortalizes precious weddings. His services cover everything from wedding day coverage to photobooks and trash-the-dress sessions.

USP: Keen eye for detail, extensive experience, vivid shots, comprehensive services including trash-the-dress sessions

Wrapping up

Capturing love stories in the beautiful country of Mexico is an art – one that requires equal parts creativity, attention to detail, and an eye for picturesque frames. Each of the wedding photographers in Mexico listed above offers high-quality pictures along with service excellence, experience, and exceptional skills in photographing love stories against the backdrop of breathtaking Mexico. Use this top-10 list as a mini-guide when narrowing down your options for photographers for your wedding.

For hands-on support and stress-free wedding photography and videography services in Mexico, contact Shan Photography.

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