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People these days have a whole checklist of the kind of pictures they’d like to be clicked on their birthday or anniversaries imagine what the scenario would be when it comes to their wedding day. But all the couples out there need not worry, our wedding photography checklist covers everything.

We understand that no one would want to miss any of the special moments that will take place on your wedding day and we make sure of that! Here are some of the great points mentioned in our checklist for wedding photography that would be covered in wedding photography Chicago:

  • Getting Ready Moment:

Getting ready gives one of the most amazing candid moments. It can be impressive how much planning goes into the bride’s magnificent appearance for the big day. The pictures showing the bride getting her hair and makeup done while being accompanied by bridesmaids are a simple approach to get her excited.

  • Bridal Gown:

Bridal gowns are indeed one of the most beautiful things that add charm to the wedding. Have a classic photograph of the bridal gown hanging up in front of a natural light, such as a window, taken before the bride is put on.

  • With parents:

As getting ready comes to an end, ask the mother of the bride to help secure or fix something like a necklace, or take pictures of her father’s first glimpse and the inevitable emotional embrace that will follow. An emotional moment could also be captured where the father must be hugging his daughter before the final ceremony.

  • Getting ready for vows:

This is definitely something very important that we cover in a Christian wedding. The majority of couples will recall clearly writing or reciting their vows aloud before the wedding. All it takes is a picture to take you back to those butterflies! The intense feelings before the marriage ritual are one of the great moments to cover.

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Pre-ceremony photography list:

  • Bride and groom exclusive portraits:

It is important to have the couple’s photos, both together and separately, with fresh hair and makeup and a suit that doesn’t have any wrinkles. Should the couple continue the custom of delaying seeing one another, this can also be done after the ceremony.

  • Invitation:

Save the dates and invitation set counts as important as a part of the wedding. Keep a set of your wedding stationery so you may take a picture of them in the environment they were designed for.

  • First look moment:

That moment when you see your partner in the attire you’ve always imagined is one of the greatest moments to witness. Pictures clicked at this moment can capture a couple’s real response and eagerness at a private moment if they opt to meet before the ceremony.

  • The venue:

Besides the couple and the people, the venue has its own beauty to be covered. Event planners are specially hired to create one of the most beautiful looks of the wedding venue. This definitely shouldn’t go uncaptured.

  • Walking down the aisle:

On our list of must-have wedding images, the bride “give her away” with her most important person or people is the most emotional moment for everyone to see. The bride and her parents will be the focus in this one.

  • Guests arriving and waiting:

The bridal party doesn’t get to see the guests as they start to arrive and locate their seats, so a wide-angle photo of them doing so sets the scene. An enthusiastic smile or a warm hug might convey the joy surrounding the union. Happy faces and the joy in the atmosphere will be covered!

  • Groom watching the bride as she enters:

The moment the groom first sees the bride can be very emotional. This is one of those times where having a second photographer on hand as the first one takes the preceding picture comes in extremely handy! Our wedding photographer Chicago is there to capture the moment both ways!

  • Rings exchange:

The exchanging of vows and rings, which is significant both for the ceremony and the entire day, signifies the union itself. These beautiful moments would be captured from the most beautiful angles by our team.

  • Wedding party or after-ceremony party:

We all know that before families, your friends know about your relationship and they are the real support that you have till the marriage takes place. It means a lot to have the couple’s closest friends present, standing with them on their special day. The entire bridal party will enjoy looking back on this photo because of the synchronized colors, tears, and grins.

  • Family picture:

Gather parents, siblings, and close family members from both sides of the aisle since weddings symbolize the joining of families. This is one for your heirloom album because everyone is in one location. A big family capture is a must to complete a beautiful family picture!

  • Couple with their parents:

It’s wonderful to have a few different parent photo pairings, such as the bride with her mother, the groom with his father, etc, As time permits, think about including your grandparents, stepparents, or other significant individuals in your life which shall also be included in our wedding photography Chicago.

  • Group people shot:

Your group of groomsmen and bridesmaids can contribute to the most expressive photos. Get at least one of each person together and think about creating smaller groups of men or women only.

  • Private moments:

You might only have a moment to yourself on your wedding day during the photos that take place between the ceremony and the reception. Enjoy a break from all of your obligations and take advantage of the calm and peace. It frequently results in some of the most moving pictures of the day.

  • Reception decor:

This portion of the reception always makes the newlyweds feel connected. Don’t forget to have someone record these on camera, as a pro tip! You’ll enjoy reflecting on their lovely remarks in the future by listening back.

  • First dance:

The first dance, whether it is choreographed or spontaneous, is a charming feature of the reception. There will be moments when they’ll be shy and even excited. We are going to cover all those joyful moments!

  • Couple at the food table:

At the food table, there will be moments when your loved ones might even raise a toast which is why we consider it a perfect opportunity to get pictures of the couple at their head table. There is nothing better than the clinking of glasses and facial emotions!

  • The whole dance floor:

The wild delight on the dance floor is unmatched. For their motion, blur, and large smiles, these dynamic photos are our favorites. The dance floor celebrating the union of two beautiful souls will be a wide shot yet full of love.

  • Dance with parents:

Parent dances are some of the most endearing times of the day, whether they are father-daughter, mother-son, or both. A simple photograph that captures your relationship will mean the world to you both.

  • Exit:

One of the more artistic wedding photo options occurs as guests leave the reception. It’s a beautiful way to conclude the day and the ideal way to cap off your album, all while being encircled by a tunnel of sparklers, bubbles, or confetti! The fireworks, and emotional faces of the family and everyone who witness the beginning would give one of the most precious captures of the whole wedding album.

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If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer who wouldn’t even mind going the extra mile to deliver you the best wedding photography and videos then you shouldn’t look further than Shan Photography. We are a team of professionals who are determined to give the ultimate album to our clients so that they can cherish it in the upcoming years.

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