What If It Rains? How To Manage Wedding Photography?

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Nature is unpredictable, and people have become quite dependent on weather forecasts these days especially while making plans. In our years of experience in wedding photography, we have seen multiple occasions where the weather really didn’t support the situation but things had to be managed likewise. 

Especially if it rains, where should wedding photos be taken? We are speaking from one of the recent wedding photography that was in Florida. People who know about Florida would also know that it rains a lot over there. Based on such experiences we can surely say on a rainy wedding day, wedding photography is difficult, but we rise to the occasion. We are discussing some points that can be considered on such occasion:

Have a backup plan:

When the date has already been fixed, however, just a few days before the weather forecast is showing rain, it is important to understand that people shouldn’t panic instead should consider plan B for the same. By Plan B we mean things like the location for ceremonies and reception in other possible locations should be discussed as well. 

Although it must be plan B you should be confident about the chosen location as well. You need to ask yourself as a couple, do you imagine your wedding taking place here? Is this a location where you could envision yourself marrying your significant other?

A lot of wedding venues have wonderful plan B settings, and it should be because you never know what’s coming ahead rain or plan A! 

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Yet another major concern about the wedding in such a case is where the wedding photographs would be taken? 

Indoor locations:

There are many indoor locations where the wedding photographs can be taken as well as the outdoor ones, but make sure that you have hired a professional wedding photographer Chicago. One of the best things about photographing weddings indoors is that there are some truly stunning wedding locations with incredible architecture. When it comes to indoor architecture, you can choose a place with creative backgrounds, different setups, etc, There are many people who like to choose places like sculptures and designer setups. You can choose places where some artwork is done as well. 


This is one of the most convenient yet best options! Tents are used for multiple purposes even at weddings as well.  There is something really special about tents, whether it’s raining or cold outside it will always be of best help. It’s not just that even couples love the idea of the tent as for some reason it gives that cozy and romantic vibes. This is yet another great idea in the case of rain, but you should have contact with the ones who provide the tent just in case of need. People know their area or region, so if you’re getting married in your own city and you see the chances of rain anytime soon near the marriage date. Keep the contact number of the tent provider on your phone for sure and also talk to them beforehand in case. 

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Night photos:

One of the solutions that we mostly look forward to in the case of a day wedding is that if it rains during the day we schedule the wedding photography at the night when it usually stops. We understand how upsetting it can be that you have planned wedding photos in the daytime but don’t let the rain take away all the excitement. We are here for you to still keep the game going as it is. We are known as the best wedding photography Chicago and we do wedding photoshoots across all states which brings us to the point that we know how to deal with different situations in different cities. 

Our approach to such situations still remains professional irrespective of the circumstances which means the night photoshoot will be as good as the day one. 

In such a scenario, some people ask about the natural daylight which plays an important role in wedding photoshoots during the day time however, when it rains as well, we have our own solutions (in context to light) which are good enough to maintain a photoshoot as good as the day one. 

Post-wedding session:

If you ask any professional wedding photographer he/she will suggest you this idea for sure. There is no doubt that on the wedding day couple is busy getting photographed with the guests, often they don’t get the opportunity to have their own photoshoot during the wedding. It is quite important to have your own wedding photoshoot afterward where it is just about the newlywed couple. But the most important point here is that in the case of rain, you can actually consider this a suitable option. 

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It’s that simple. We wanted the Day After Wedding Session to be useful for the couple when we first thought of it. In fact, the prospect of a post-wedding session inspired us to create our Together Sessions which are appreciated till date. 

Nature is something that we cannot fight against, we live in and around it that’s why all we can do is find solutions to our situations. Yes, it is quite possible if you are having a grand wedding, especially in an open space then you may have to postpone it. The solutions definitely vary from situation to situation which is why it is important that you consider all the factors.

We at Shan Photography with our years of experience in wedding photography provide you with the best wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots and videos. Our expert team of professionals and updated types of equipment used in the photoshoots makes us one of the most renowned wedding photographer Chicago.  Feel free to contact us and also get a free quote! You can discuss your ideas and thoughts with us regarding the type of a photoshoot you are looking forward to and wait for us to work on it and give it a professional touch!

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